Stop the Spy is to provide evidence and facts to prove that Yuan Sun, the spy from China has stolen the original http system drivers, upgraded them, and has secretly established his own advanced system that is able to control our system. We’re here to reveal the truth, the evidence against Yuan Sun’s bio- terrorist, cyber terrorism, spy, and criminal activities against American people and America as a nation. We want to wake up our leaders and stop Bio-Terrorism and Cyber Terrorism, and bring Yuan Sun to justice. Support and Send this Letter to your Congressman.

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The Bio-Terrorist spy

The Bio-Terrorist spy forced Nano Bio-Sensor inside of Qiu Min Ji’s brain and many other Nano materials inside her body as weapons to control, to torture, and to kill. The spy has remitted radiation and poison, including Elephant Tranquilizer that was discovered by lab testing. Reports from experts, microscopic labs, and other testing have proven this to be true. The wounds and cuts all over her body are from Yuan Sun. He has remotely placed millions of remote entry spots on her body that leave marks as proof of her every day struggle, the torture, and his goal of killing her.

Yuan Sun, the high technology

Yuan Sun, the high technology spy has stolen the HTTP system drivers, he upgraded them, secretly establish his own hidden control of our system. He registered fake DNS identical with US online companies and is able to hack major corporations and government websites undetected. How is he able to do this? Advanced System Intrusion is how Yuan Sun is able to control our system. He changed internet parental control to his system control. He reset Microsoft Windows research box web trends. Privacy Reports are evidence of Yuan Sun’s control, Yuan Sun uses his secret tilted mapping controls the Home Page mapping, his bi-data retriever to track any data of United States…

Our system control

Our system control is in Yuan Sun, the bio-terrorist cyber terrorist’s evil hands. He can duplicate any website and control. He is able to block Google, controls yahoo, and has stolen Microsoft resources. He has done this to serve his hidden control. He is associated with gangs, threaten beat our investigators, and others. He can change any records, has stolen Microsoft’s library, controls lab testing results, and he can fake anything and everything just to serve his purpose to control.

The high tech military spy

The high technology military spy, has hidden programming to control the websites of the DOD, Darpa, The White House, the FBI, etc. How does he hack in when our government websites are suppose to be the most secure? Advance system intrusion! Every website he duplicates he can control. He is able to access them through the back door. He has been able to steal military storage of Nerve Agents and biological weapons such as Bubonic plague to spread disease. And much more!

How the spy attacks

How the spy attacks an American? It is on the spy’s scripts. Fourteen pages of code show how me manages terrorist activities by blank. Four pages of code explain how he can attack an American by blank. He can hide criminal activities by using his Darla Timer. I have noticed a strange date on my phone many times. It is dated back 32 years ago, with a date of 01/06/80 12:00. Yuan Sun’s hidden control controls our phone system simply because he controls the internet. Dangerous! Dangerous! Dangerous!

The cyber criminal spy

The cyber criminal spy controls our modern communication, with local gangs and criminals Yuan Sun is trying to stop our efforts. Our phones are not working and we have not been able to reach important contacts. Our 4500 emails sent to media have been diverted and we have not been able to reach anyone by email. Our online researches efforts provide inaccurate information. We have had many incorrect addresses, as well as dates and times for meet up groups. The spy attacks our vehicles, flattens our tires, and has put radiation on our cars’ engines to make car on fire. The spy is right here in United States and organizes gangs stalking, remitting more and more radiations. Urgent! Urgent! Urgent!

"The Truth Must Be Revealed!
The Spy Must Be Stopped!"