Associates with Gangs & Triads: A Threat to Americans Who Are Helping Me Bring Yuan Sun to Justice

The spy's has stolen control of the internet, Microsoft resources, as well as other American top technology and inventions. This has given him the hidden power to control any situation. That control includes the brain control he has stolen to make people around me not believe me, isolate me and the emotional damage he has caused to my relationship with my daughter as well as other people when he feels it is necessary.

His 11 sound and 11 image tracking software tracks and attacks me every minute, which has also been extended to the tracking any of my efforts as well as my private investigators, my personal assistants, and anyone who is trying to help me reveal the truth and bring him to justice. He knows who my contacts are. Below a few examples just to show the hard to believe facts: the spy's ultimate power and control on American soil.

Many businesses and individuals who help me to fight for the truth to be revealed and bring him to justice all have been affected, whether they have helped me in printing, writing, website design and hosting, or organize a petition to The White House. Some are more obvious than others. The spy uses every effort to threaten my helpers to stop helping me. Elizabeth and Dominique are professors at a local college. They each assisted me with different task to help me bring Yuan Sun to justice such as writing and recruiting people for PR work. I was told that their computers we being controlled, especially Elizabeth who began having phone problems as well. She later stopped providing assistance to me. I believe at that time the spy left her alone. "T" had been assisting me with typing reports on his computer for months. He told me that a strange date began to appear on his computer with the year 2040. "M" owns a printing shop. Anytime I need color copies his machine would break down, more than usual, and he would have to get it repaired. "K" is a writer and a report. I met her and she agreed to help me combine all of my many reports into one final report. I explained my case to her and she told me that she had contacts in the high technology field that she would have them look into my situation. We set up an appointment to meet a few days later, but each time we were scheduled to meet "K" had very bad headaches and would be unable to meet. This lasted for two or three weeks, therefore we were unable to meet. She finally came to the conclusion and called me to withdraw her offer to assist me with writing my full report to expose Yuan Sun.

Dr. Hildegarde Staninger wrote many reports on Nano Bio-Sensors and found the chemical poisons that Yuan Sun sent to my body. Yuan Sun began to control both her phone and fax machine. Her business suffered as she began to receive fewer calls. When I began to email reports to Dr. Hildegarde Staninger and Shishana, who is also assisting me in writing a book, their emails were blacked out. Shishana and her associates began having computer problems and their computers also blacked out. Their unpublished writings of my book about Yuan Sun's criminal activities were all lost.

Yuan Sun's association with local gangs and triads have helped him by installing copper wire and poison at public facilities, such my apartment, metro buses, and trains. They have also sprayed Nano materials around my apartment building and are following me wherever I go. Even with the Nano Sensor surgically removed from my brain in November 2011; I have been getting exposed to new Nano materials.

Yuan Sun has been sending me poisons through radio frequencies, local power, and sewer drainage systems. I can feel it and know exactly where the poison is coming from because of the Nanos that are inside of me. I have reported this to the police, local and federal EPA, the local fire department, and the LADWP. As of yet, none of these agencies have responded to the matter and have failed to assist me properly.

I was lucky to meet my private investigator, Mr. Gene Iovino, who fortunately has been in the very convenient position to see the evidence because of his own bad experiences. He has also been able to learn the technology of what's been happening to me. As a former Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department spokesperson, he truly does possess the necessary intelligence to understand my dire situation and the advanced technology that other law enforcement official haven't taken the time to learn. Yes, Mr. Ionvino has been diligently working towards getting me the full justice I deserve against Yuan Sun.

Yuan Sun has been able to track all investigations by sound and images. He knows who is doing what and he has already regarded Mr. Ionvino as a threat to reveal the truth and has focused his efforts to get Mr. Iovino off the hot trail of evidence. The sad reality is that Yuan Sun and his gangs are more equipped than Mr. Iovino and have been able to not only locate him and follow him, but have also jumped him and beat up this trained former police officer with three or four of Yuan Sun's associates beating him at the same time. This happened to him twice in a two month space forcing him to remove himself from case.

"The Truth Must Be Revealed!
The Spy Must Be Stopped!"