Hospitality Brought Life Disaster

In Early 2003, I worked with Meng Jia Hu through Gate Way Travel, a travel agency located in downtown Chicago. Meng Jia Hu was a travel agent that booked international tickets for my American band traveling to China. Although we never met, we would chat over the telephone quite often. Meng Jia Hu was new to the United States and it had been nearly 15 years since I had arrived in the U.S., therefore I was more established than she. I invited Meng Jia Hu to my home at which time she confided in me that she was dating and her boyfriend had recently come to the United States from China. I also learned that her boyfriend, Yuan Sun, was former Chinese Navy Military Intelligence personnel in the United States studying Computer Science to obtain his Master's Degree. Meng Jia Hu asked if she could invite Yuan Sun as well, I agreed and replied, "Well maybe he can help me with my computer as well." At the time I had considered connection my home and office computer in order to access them both remotely.

Meng Jia Hu and Yuan Sun both came to my home and after dinner I allowed Yuan Sun to check my home computer and copy the serial numbers, IDs, etc. He also checked my router and stated that he would need to take it home with him. I reluctantly agreed. The next day my router was returned to me but he never explained how my home computer and office computer are connected for remote access.

During the next few months I began getting error messages on my home computer every time I would turn it on. On one occasion, I printed over a hundred pages of error messages. At the time, it seems to me that Yuan Sun has put something onto my computer. When all of the errors began appearing, my computer did not recognize Microsoft OS. I would only get a message that said "Error". After a while my computer became mute. Yuan Sun may have altered my operation system to remotely connect to his computer for his own evil plans. I contacted Meng Jia Hu by phone but didn't get a response. I was not aware of her whereabouts, therefore was unable to locate her. Upset and frustrated, I filed a report with the local authorities in Arlington Heights, IL. Police were able to contact Yuan Sun, but he refused to admit to any wrongdoing. The attacks began.

"The Truth Must Be Revealed!
The Spy Must Be Stopped!"