Struggling the Last Three Years

February 8th, 2010 the spy began to attack me, by the Nano bio-sensor weapons he had secretly placed inside my body. The radiation is painful with different levels of radiation also come different levels of pain. Gradually, I began to recognize by the feeling the different types of radiation being sent to my body; microwave, Tesla, gamma ray, ultra-violet and infrared. I tried to find and use any countermeasures I could.

Yuan Sun remits radiation to my left frontal lobe using high frequencies such as Gamma Ray, Infrared, and Ultra-Violet. When he does this it causes me to not be able to function properly nor think properly. I feel as if my brain is complete useless and I have even experienced a loss of blood flow. He tortures me in this manner mostly when he becomes aware that I am writing report to expose him or attempting to locate him. Yuan Sun also uses radiation as a sort of electronic whip causing me migraines and acute pain in my ears and the rest of my body. As a counter measure, I protect my brain and eyes by wearing a lead apron over my head when I anticipate radiation by Gamma Ray. I also at times use a self-made magnetic hat to cover my head when I feel radiation that is of high frequency or Infrared. The counter measurements only help for a brief period, but as Yuan Sun upgrades his attacks there is no way to keep up with the advanced technology.

At the advisement of Dr. Hildegard Staninger, my toxicologist, I went to have a Brain Map completed. The results showed that my brain had sustained multiple injuries and I am experiencing a continued lack of oxygen to my brain, which was the cause of my short term memory and the inability to remember event sequences. Upon observation of me, one would be left with the impression that I still have normal functioning brain since I am able to concentrate for long periods to research and write reports.

Yuan Sun is well aware of my brain map testing results and takes advantage of the knowledge he has gained. Due to the fact, that he now knows my weak points he continually attacks them. He has already blocked oxygen from getting to my brain as an attacking method. At the time, my ears felt so clogged from the alternating high low frequencies, I imagined need a drill to release the pressure from my brain in order to breathe again.

On November 7, 2011, I had an operation to remove only the Nano Bio-Sensor (Meningioma) in my brain, after the removal of the Nanos from my ears during a procedure a few days earlier. There were three large pieces of Nano that both MRI and Red-CT failed to identify and therefore were not surgically removed, there are 3 large pieces of Nano that both MRI and Ref-CT failed to indentify and, therefore cannot be surgically removed. The Meningioma in my brain that was removed gave Yuan Sun more of an opportunity to torture and kill.

Immediately after my surgical removal of the Meningiona, Yuan Sun moved one of his Bio-Sensors to the exact location on the left side of my brain to replace the one that was removed. He was also able to blow small Nanos and Nano particles from one part of my body into my head, directly where my stitches were from the operation. It was the most unbearable pain. Once a few grew out I was able to remove the Nanos by hand. Three weeks after my surgery I began thinking about creative ideas to remove more Nanos from my body. The difficulty in that would be identifying them and stabilizing them.

Immediately after my surgical removal of the Meningiona, Yuan Sun moved one of his Bio-Sensors to the exact location on the left side of my brain to replace the one that was removed. He was also able to blow small Nanos and Nano particles from one part of my body into my head, directly where my stitches were from the operation. It was the most unbearable pain. Once a few grew out I was able to remove the Nanos by hand. Three weeks after my surgery I began thinking about creative ideas to remove more Nanos from my body. The difficulty in that would be identifying them and stabilizing them.

" My Efforts to Report Him to Authorities "

Based on the compound found inside of the Nano Bio-Sensor and the eighty to one hundred blood tests I have had, I am being poisoned by metal chemicals. Dr. Hildegarde Staninger was able to determine that the type of Nano Bio-Sensor found in my body was used in a project credited to an American university funded by DARPA. With this solid evidence, both my private investigator during that time, Mike Dematteo, and I felt confident that the FBI would investigate this matter and that Yuan Sun should be arrested. Although we had initial difficulties, Mike Dematteo was able to contact and deliver a report, along with removed Nano Bio-Sensor materials to the Los Angeles FBI office in late November or early December. Two to three weeks later, we still had not heard from the FBI. On December 19, 2011, I contacted Dr. Tara O'Tool, science & technology department, via fax. I contacted Dr. Tara O'Toole, (Science & Technology department) via fax. I later spoke with her secretary to confirm delivery of the report. I now knew the faxed documents were received so proceeded to contact Carolyn Wagner, Homeland Security, Office of Intelligence & Analysis, via fax and was able to speak to someone in her office as well in regard to faxed materials. It was very difficult to send out each fax since Yuan Sun monitors my life every second and monitors those surrounding me that are assisting me. He uses every effort to disrupt my communication.

January 4, 2012 - I was able to visit an officer in LA FBI. He did not take any of my materials but told me some one will contact me to come inside and present all my materials to the investigators. No such call was there after received. I called two weeks later confirmed that no one assigned to my case.

January 17, 2012- I submitted a letter to the office of the FBI in regard to not receiving a response to my very important information.

February 6, 2012- I submitted the evidence I had to the FBI via mail. I still received no response from their offices.

I later found that my incoming calls on the dates of January 16-17th, had been compromised and blocked I decided to contact Joe Grafalo, Homeland Security computer specialist. After informing him of the espionage and controls of the internet and phone systems by Yuan Sun, he told me someone from a local office would contact me. I have yet to receive a response.

I decided to contact Joe Grafalo again. This time the number I contacted him on previously was no longer working. The line had been cut by Yuan Sun. I was no longer able to reach him. I was instead forwarded to Romeo Smith. He was very alert and stated that my evidence would be submitted to Joe Grafalo. After it was submitted I had high hopes of getting assistance from the government, but never received a response from Joe Grafalo

My private investigator and I reluctantly gave my case to the LAPD. After trying to make a report with them three times, Detective Cho, of the LAPD, accepted my file. After weeks of filing reports with him including letters and photos of Yuan Sun's associates license plate number. He still did not help me in any way.

March 28, 2012, 4:00 AM- Yuan Sun's associate opened my apartment door and turned on my light. I awoke and confronted him but he ran, too fast for me to follow. I reported the incident to Detective Cho, once again he neglected his promise to call me back. Since then, I have not relied on local authorities because they wouldn't even assign me a case number.

I was able to contact Kenneth Moran with the FCC, public safety, and homeland security directly in early 2012. He informed me the government was seriously looking into my research and findings. I sent him my updated reports in late May, but after contacting him and leaving several voicemails I have yet to receive a response from him.

June 2012, I got a response from DOJ explaining that they understand I am being attacked by a spy and if I am not satisfied with their investigation I can submit my documented evidence to the FBI corrupt unit for further investigation. I sent it immediately, but have yet to hear from them.

Since May 2012, I began typing reports about Yuan Sun stealing the World Wide Web and sent the new reports to FCC, FBI, The Department of Justice, The White House, and the Federal Protection Agency. It is very important that my discovery of Yuan Sun's criminal activities is known to the general public. I have printed thousands of photo documents and reports with hopes of enlightening our government on the terrorist acts. I want Yuan Sun brought to justice so that our nation is safe and I could return to my life safely as an America citizen.

On July 12, 2012 when I returned to apartment, I noticed a note on my door. It was from Homeland Security and the Federal Protection Agency. I was very excited since I had been patiently waiting for a response from any of our government agencies. I thought I finally had someone that would help me. I called the next morning and I also went to their office to visit the agent, Lai Nhon, Inspector United States of America Department of Homeland Security. Lai Nhon explained to me that the agency had received my materials, but had decided not pursue and investigation. I was told not to send any additional documentation to them or I may be arrested.

Due to the fact that Yuan Sun monitors my daily activity he knew that I had no assistance available to me from our government and had not fear of killing me and getting caught. Since mid July, the intensity of Carbon Monoxide being remitted to me has made it difficult to survive. Therefore, I must wear towels soaks with liquid oxygen on my entire body, including my head throughout the day and night. When I try to expose the spy by working on my website, writing the White House, starting a petition, I begin to have problems with my skin becoming swollen, red, and dry, tearing with pain and irritated. Not to mention the other biological weapons being used cause me to have hot flashes and high fever from time to time. Yuan Sun in trying to give me a deadly disease to kill me as well as nerve agents, elephant tranquilizer and later on use even VX.

I have spent many months contacting each and every lead I was able to find within our government to expose Yuan Sun. Why does every agency choose to ignore such deadly advances on American soil by a spy from China? The Federal Protection Agency even told me that if I continue to contact them it would be considered harassment.

On July 13, 2012, I went to the Los Angeles County Hospital Emergency Room because the poison being remitted to me was at an all time high. I waited in the waiting room an entire night into the next morning. I then realized the registered nurse had already left, but my name had still not been called. I asked why. The new nurse explained to me the record showed that I had been seen and refused treatment from a doctor and refused to speak with a Psychiatrist. I hadn't seen anyone. I had been waiting all night. I began the registration process again and another nurse stated that another record showed that I had already been released from the hospital. I knew the spy had already manipulated my medical record. I wasn't aware that the emergency room they had me waiting for was the psychiatrist unit and they were attempting to retain me for a psychiatric evaluation. I believed they would find that I was in excellent mental health, but I overheard them state the doctors were trying to commit me to a mental health facility. I was able to escape while the lead emergency room doctor was on break.

At a later date, I went to Sacramento Health and Environment Safety Department to make a report in regard to the online terrorism. When I arrived they requested my ID. After checking my name they asked if I knew Lai Nhon because he is on my file as contact person and may be trying to commit me to a mental health facility. It was odd to me that Lai Nhon was able to link to my background check although he isn't family or a friend.

I continue to struggle daily to survive and expose the spy's Bio-Terrorism on our American soil. I am not against our government in any manner. I am 100% patriotic! What I have done is collect information on an important matter that needs to be exposed to our general public and the government of the United States. I am embracing my right to freedom of speech to bring knowledge to our country and the citizens of the United States. My findings may be very sensitive and the government wants to keep me quiet but how could they allow a spy from China to get away with such criminal activities on American soil, how could not considering our national security being endangered? I am asking you the public, media, and government to evaluate and ponder on the evidence I am providing and start our own investigation.

" More and More Evidence on the Spy's Dark Secrets "

Despite all the attacks, FBI ignorance on my case, I continue to see and find evidence, I do searches. I realized that what I see may be other professionals cannot see. And I must keep collecting evidence, from my experience and what the spy have left evidence in my hand I know I am doing the right thing not only for myself but for our public. Here is the chronological order of my findings.

July 2011- I have found out he fake registered many DNS names that similar to US big online corporations, I have photo documented some of evidence and hand oped some as well. I have seen he was able to manipulated FBI homeland security website, even the Whilte house website. I was able to video document some of the site.

December 2011- Dr. Hildegarde Staninger and I found from multiple lab test results he has stolen America's advanced technology, new inventions, and military secrets.

October 2011 to March 2012- I have seen hundred of websites being blocked, duplicated, and manipulated. I have photo documented many Privacy Reports such as AT&T's website, as well as,,, and I began contacting these high tech companies but was unable to reach anyone due to the control that Yuan Sun has on the phones and emails that I use. I have spent thousands of dollars to send out packages with colored copied privacy reports to prove that their sites are being stolen, but have yet to receive a response.

April 2012- I found out that Yuan Sun has hacked into MSN's website, stolen MS files and resources, and upgraded MS Operating system files in order to control the originals. I was looking through 950 photos I had taken August 2011 and by the grace of God, I was able to recognize the photos with Http:// system drivers, remote IP ARP drivers, etc running on his computer which is not open to the public. I concluded that he is able to secretly invade website such as DARPA,, and the White House. Yuan Sun has hidden his stolen secret resource tags within his stolen http:// system's privacy reports. I also proved he controls my phyone on his computer with his stolen windows technology. I have seen privacy reports and I have complete control over my phone including a strange date that appears 32 years ago, Jan 06, 1980 every time I start my phone. I have taken photos because I believe this strange date is on his computer.

May to July 2012- I have photo documented many more privacy reports including the US military's website and found that Yuan Sun has stolen usage of military facilities from the DOD commander's page. I documented privacy report from Microsoft website and saw how he was manipulating Microsoft's web browser through his online set-ups on MS privacy reports. I also photo documented knowing that he has stored many of my images with coding that have never been accessed by the public. There are not normal photos, but photos of thousands of Nano spots, my nerve joints, organs, location maps for remitting attacks and poisons through Google search. I have seen codes such as demands to "catch rapidly and to burst", which I painfully experience daily. I have photoed documented, Yuan Sun's online set-up wit the Google search showing Nerve Gas Poison. I have documented with Google search showing mercury. I have been able to document with Google search requesting Carbon Monoxide. I have document the DOD military commander's page which shows a specific date and time Yuan Sun requesting the usage of military storage. I have documented his Yahoo privacy reports showing him upgrading and continuing his efforts using Yahoo as his hosting website and setups by using all normal online activity links for his planned attacks. I have documented many media and phone company's websites with his setups to use their facilities' to attack me without anyone's permissions such as ABC News, Fox News, Federa Media Network, AT&T, T-Mobile, etc. From the vast number of privacy reports I have read, I finally was able to figure out that he is using IFRAME advertising technology to attack me and spread his whole online setups individually onto separate sites. Yuan Sun is has so many criminal aspects to his activity it is difficult to fit in one or two reports.

Since July 2012, I have put efforts into finding professionals that are able to help me deliver the message, but the spy controls everything. I have had a web design company to design, but Yuan Sun has been manipulating their website and servers and extensively controlling my website. I have documented him controlling my site by taking photos of his privacy reports. When I use Craigslist to find professionals and technical writers Yuan Sun controls my efforts and I am able to prove it with photos from craigslist privacy report. When I tried to place an ad on oDesk it never appears on their listed jobs. I also photo documented the oDesk privacy report. I was searching for helpful info on poison control I was able to see the CDC website being manipulated and their phone number disappeared. When I contacted Vocus, a PR Web firm, for assistance with marketing the truth, Yuan Sun not only controlled the phone communication, but also manipulated their website to control my account. I have been attacked many times by nerve agents of different kinds. I have documented privacy reports on and saw that Yuan Sun has stolen US Military storage nerve agents to attack me. He also has stolen military storage to give me the disease. My documents show specific dates, ways and means of how he access to military storage facilities. Yuan Sun's continued killing efforts have been a threat not only to me, but our whole living environment, and the consequences are serious.

Everyday I am battling a spy who is hiding in thin air, monitoring me, and trying to kill me and prevent me from exposing him. He sees all of my efforts and defenses against him and is able to switch poisons instantly. My defense against him is purely instinctive and guidance by God. If I am wrong in my instincts, the price to pay would be death. I travel heavy daily with bags filled with products to countermeasure the attacks that Yuan Sun is sending to me. I can't stop fighting. I can't stop reporting. I have to get the message out to our government and the general public.

Once I began typing my letters to our government instead of handwriting those Yuan Sun began to attempt to kill me intensively. He began using Sulfuric Acid in large amounts. I used natural products to countermeasure the large amounts of Sulfuric Acid being sent to my body, yet, my skin was torn and I felt a lot of pain. I took photos of my injuries. When Yuan Sun realized he wouldn't be able to kill me with Sulfuric Acid he began trying to kill me with various other poisons. On July 9, 2012 I began to feel a different poison that I had researched online. After carefully researching I realized it was Mercury and Iodine. After figuring it out he switched to another poison. When I checked online I saw that it was a nerve gas poison. He began switching to Nephilim.

I believe that God is with me and calling me to carry this mission. God has been encouraging me and guiding me as to what to use to survive these intensive attacks against me. I use up to 50 detox pads every day to drain the poison from my pores that are being remitted to my body 24/7. I also use the natural sources that God created and reminds me they're available to provide me comfort. Each day it is more difficult to survive. The spy has complete control of my apartment and my zip code, 90020. The spy has thousands of my body images and head irritation with maps which have made it difficult and dangerous for me to stay home. I no longer stay home. In order to survive I must stay at a different hotel each night in order to have only a few hours of comfort.

Yuan Sun's efforts to kill me are not only by the air, but also with him being locally involved as he is associated with local gangs and Triads. During the month of April 2011, there was at least three occasions where I was able to discover gas compounds and footprints surrounding my home, including chemical compounds on my driveway. Although, Yuan Sun had already strategically placed Nano weapons into my body, he also wanted to occupy my lungs by placing Nano in the chemical compound for me to breathe in. My blood tests have shown many chemicals, heavy metals, as well as high levels of gas. The reason I had these types of results is because Yuan Sun had put Nano inside of the gas residue and it caused me to breathe in both elements. Tiny Nano particles began moving around my skin and even secrete of my arm where an IV needle was inserted. I applied gauze to prove that Yuan Sun was remitting more Nano weapons with the same purpose as before; to kill me silently and leave no trace of evidence. With no bloodshed there would be no one in the world able to find out why or how I died.

After the Nano Bio-Sensor was surgically removed from my brain Yuan Sun, his wife, Meng Jia Hu, and their criminal associates came to Los Angeles to kill me. I was unable to stay in my apartment. My private investigator and his partner witnessed the newly installed copper wire he put in my building, on my vents, and water pipes to amplify the signals. They also put Sulfuric Acid in the street underground electrical and sewer system so that I would feel pain as I walked down the street. I reported it to DWP, but no one took me serious. Gene Irvino, my private investigator and his associates saw that 1:00 AM a man was around my apartment window facing the dark alley. When they approached him he ran away fast. They had been using elephant tranquilizer to kill me and it showed up on the microsopelly testing results from the paper towel I used to wipe my body. They made my home so dangerous for me that I was forced to leave home and stay in different hotels each night. They follow me wherever I go to continue their efforts.

When I escaped to Long Beach, they followed me to the public beach area. I saw Meng Jia Hu's car spray Nano enhanced materials on the beach park. When I left to go to the hotel they followed me. They sprayed the same Nano enhanced materials on the hotel lobby entrance and also on the street where the hotel was located. They wanted to make sure it reached my body. The pain was extreme. They not only sent the Nano particles to me but everyone that walked down the street where they sprayed it. March 28, 2012, Yuan Sun's criminal open the door to my apartment while I was sleeping. I awoke and confronted him and he rain away very quickly. October 23, 2012, while I was at LAX airport, I used the bathroom. Yuan Sun was able to shoot VX through the bathroom drainage system to my private area and my upper legs. I saw the amber oil floating in the toilet with small droplets on the rim of the toilet seat. I wiped them off from my body and later realized that it was VX. I used soap and water to clean myself thoroughly. I sent one of the wipes as a sample to the CDC, Attention: Ali khan. I know that Yuan Sun is in Los Angeles, but there is no government agency willing to take action against him.

Yuan Sun is able to extend his tracking to any investigation that he feels will expose his criminal activities. He is able to control phone, email, websites, etc to anyone that is seeking justice against him. He has used his local gang and Triad associates to beat my private investigator twice in one month, which forced him to quit. He has controlled Dr. Hildegard Staninger's phone and fax because she is the one that found the chemical poisons in my body. Communication via email with Dr. Hildegarde and Shishana about writing a book the emails are sent blacked out. Shishana and her associates have had their computers go completely black and all of my writings about the spy were wiped out. Elis was trying to do PR work and recruiting people and her computer and phones began being controlled. She later back out as well. These are just a few examples of how the spy has extended his control to prevent being exposed.

Fellow Americans and professionals, I have tried with all of my ability and knowledge to report Yuan Sun to authorities, but no action has been taken and he continues to torture me daily. His efforts to kill me have multiplied to silence me through his stolen World Wide Web resources and facilities.

"The Truth Must Be Revealed!
The Spy Must Be Stopped!"