Comments on Privacy Report from my Hotmail Account

Photo Document Privacy Report MSN

By: Qiu Min Ji

May 5, 2013

April 4th, 2012, while I was checking my Hotmail account, I saw the privacy management icon and read it. I decided to photo document it since all my email accounts have been controlled for years.

After reading this privacy report carefully a few times, I saw some of the links related to my computing problems and other addresses related to my three years under tight online control. I also recognized the address that appeared on my Hotmail each time I login. As a victim of Yuan Sun, the bio and cyber terrorist spy for about 10 years, I know his bio terrorist activities, and controls, I know all too well of his computer /online criminal styles. And as I am also bi-lingual Chinese, I understand Yuan Sun's way of thinking in English and even hidden language.

It is urgent to share this incredibly relevant information with the general public before I am killed and the information is lost forever. That is the spy's goal: 1 stone, 2 birds. I hope all my efforts at least scratch the surface, can get immediate attention, and to wake up our leaders.


Comments: Very obvious words: 'Web Security Flash Detection'. Maybe that's why no one has ever found out what's wrong!

Pg.5: Link 1:$Live.SiteContent.Messenger/4.4.1585/release/Empty.js?1

Comment: "js2.wlxrs" jason too browser" add only a few letters, the links already stolen to his own access.

pg.5: Accepted

Comments: The above is probably the dark magick behind the spy's hidden control : To make his own fake" " link accepted so he can conduct his fake logins and bioterrorist activities to disable Microsoft real LIVE .Site Content"

Pg. 3, Link 3:$Live.SiteContent.MicrosoftAjax/3.0.31123/release/json2.js$Live.SiteContent.MicrosoftAjax/3.0.31123/release/MicrosoftAjaxCore.js$Live.SiteContent.Messenger/4.4.1585/Messenger.html$Live.SiteContent.Messenger/4.4.1585/release/Microsoft.Live.Core.Channel.js

Comments:This whole page is loaded with Microsoft live content or releases. With D/F (delete flash) on a Microsoft web browser, Yuan Sun can steal anything and everything while remaining undetected. The spy's first step was the stolen MS" Web Security Flash Detection"

pg 12:

Comments: Links 4, 5&6 are all loaded with word resources. Each link has its details: Apple_Scripts and other resources through word viewer.

Pg.13: Accepted

Comments: The above is a very familiar link, and may be the mailbox I am forced to use so that I can not send out mails .

Comments: The above links are loaded with resources. 'CUI override' maybe means 'override' other content , which can be the top of another word document and cover the intended one. The spy has been doing this to my current website. When I open my Word documents, I see the fonts from tiny bit, tilted to the one I wrote and put on my website, changed rapidly in front of my eyes. Maybe this below link can explain what technic is: pg-23 No. 3 that is the Dot Writer?!

Since Yuan Sun does not like my website to expose him, he has been reverse editing my website, cutting off pages and deleting images, or entire articles or reports. He does not want anyone to see the true information, and exercise all his power of control. So I wonder if documents from tilted tiny dots to my normal writing is an override that can show two different faces of my documents in his will of control.


Comments: How is the spy able to infect any computer like a virus? He has a huge MS computer network, even bigger than Microsoft's own. The code must be his gateway to break into Microsoft network passwords that he can remember. The Lite Fire Ant Network Extension is a Microsoft computer network, since MS updates all the computers. But, since the spy can steal from any computer, he may also have stolen from Apple. And I have used Apple and tried different ones, but the spy does the same, and remotely connects and controls them as a virus.

Pg.17: Accepted

Comments: The above is Yuan Sun's fake login to my Hotmail account for at least 3 years. I've seen it flying by at either my own computer or any shared public computer I use to login.

Comments: The above links, 2,3&4, are loaded with resources, all intertwined with MS Live program. Link 2, shows "login" with "strings-js1033" other two links show his "login-Core" or "Window Live1033". My bold guess is that while " " is his fake Live program, these "" programs may be cut in the real Live programs by using "live.SiteContent.ID" for his access.



https//$Live.SiteContent.Messenger/4.4.1585/release/Microsoft.Live.Core.LocalStorage.IE.js$Live.SiteContent.Messenger/4.4.1585/release/Microsoft.Live.Messenger$Live.SiteContent.Messenger/4.4.1585/LocalStorage.html .Services.Core.js$Live.SiteContent.Messenger/4.4.1585/release/Microsoft.Live.Messenger.Services.Loader.js

Comments: the spy has stolen and continues to steal anything everything from Microsoft. With his "D/F (delete flash) he can obtain any MS Live.SiteContent, Messenger or new releases, and continue tracking all Microsoft new technologies and services, plus he can track all new Messenger releases and keep up with Microsoft development.


Comments: This is the link that he put "Live Site Content"on his stolen Explorer, and on his own website address = http:%3A%2F%2F with all the sign-ups.


"No.1; for over 2 years he has been using popover to block any site content I want to see. The most recent incident I recall was 24 April. I was searching on a library computer at AT&T trying to learn how cell phone support system works so I can understand it and report to AT&T with some knowledge. But all helpful information was blocked by his pop-up, covering all content. I checked the web page address and it showed:"


Comments; not only can the spy get in any Microsoft webpage by Delet Flash Live Site, he's also stolen Messenger Service configuration.

Pg.20: Accepted

Comments: This above link relates to my experience; when I need to write important e-mails to report Yuan Sun's illegal activities or when I need to chat online with a live person through a chat window, it just does not work. I still recall the recent incident that happened April 24 while at AT&T when helpful info was blocked by popovers. I tried to communicate with 'ask Charlie' the live chat module. Even though I was able to type in 1 sentence quickly, I could not type anything further and the cursor disappeared. I checked the address:


"No.'s 1-6 are loaded with resources 1033, very similar with pg.13. But pg.13 is word-edit, while pg.21 is word-view".


Comments: Full/InboxAll1.oreie9.css seems to associate with my previous experience. Yuan Sun was able to control my inbox mail not be sent by the same MS website address.

August 2011; I tried to send out very important e-mails regarding the exposing and investigation of Yuan Sun. When I hit 'send', both that and 'save a copy' were in a pale colour (url links were cut-off?) and the e-mail just could not be sent out. Even more strange was seeing my 3 different e-mail accounts

(Google, Yahoo! & Hotmail) all were brutally controlled by the same internet address:


Comments: this may be the spy's upgraded internet explorer, he refer as " pre ie 9.css."$live.controls.images/cp/Search.png$live.controls.images/cp/SearchCancel.png

Comments: The above entire page has many detailed stolen MS resources and functions of control and maybe they all belong to his pre IE 9, the stolen and upgraded Explore for controls: "live Controls.images/cp/Search" " live .controls images /cp/search channels"and the many elements that can make his ability to control my online research results in fake phone numbers and addresses, control my emails not sent or received. Remain under his controls to force me on his fake system, not able to report his to Microsoft, Google, or Yahoo!. Yuan Sun has his control in Word editing. He can disable function of copy, cut and paste, making them in a pale color , and not work. And I spend hundreds of hours at C&C Cafe going through hard editing created by the spy who has been trying to attack me to prevent my efforts to report him.

Pg.29: The first photo isn't too clear, so, it is instead written as a reference:$live.controls.images/webim/win3.png$live.controls.images/h/s7.png

Comments: These above first two links are the spy's live control at web images. Other links are associated with phone control that I have been experiencing for over three years. The spy not only controls my phone, but many people who have joined my efforts. I know for a fact he controls my phone and public phones, and I have checked LA public phones with witnesses, but still AT&T did not find problems. I know, and we all know the spy has stolen MS Windows phone technology, and his evil technique in manipulation has been ahead of Microsoft and AT&T, plus his advanced system control, still remain undetected.

No.4 is regarding Windows phone technology literature. No.5 is also regarding voice mail. Link 6 is regarding phone fabrication.


Comments: both of the above links 2&3 are the spy's stolen upgraded literature on his phone control at his pre IE 9. Yuan Sun controls my phone & AT&T's phones, including erasing memory logs and much more. Only when you read my AT&T phone problems and my investigations, will you understand how I can come to this conclusion.!4bpfGPND1tR4ZA/jquery-min.js

Comments: the spy uses "jquery-min", both a high tech term and my name as his classification. Any programs,researches files, weapons , or anything relating to me and my efforts for the purpose of destroy, poison, attacking and kill and remain his control. For his convenience of exercise his control.!ncvNG!u5J4CnCj8PQacJhujVW3LJxfq9YAi!plpUfkh6qINLrYBNVEezFtvmS3kHA/Base/16.2.4515/NYKpPzcj59cwlx_adcontrolui.css?ZfDHJ0

Comments: Link No.2: "w/x_adcontrolui "means web browser adut control for you & I. Yuan Sun has altered the functionality of the original adult control to his advanced system Control. And that's where I observed thousands of privacy reports and photo documented them as his controlling digital evidence.!ncyNG!u5J4CnCj8PQacJhujVW3LJxfq9YA!plpUfkh6qINLrYBNVEezFtvmS3kHA/Base/16.2.4515/NYKpPzcj59cwlx_webimui.css?ZfDHJ0dwkwflMoja3-R7w

Comments: "Both link 2&6 refer to his stolen web browser. One is specifically for his NEW UPGRADED Adult control, and the other "webimui " means web browser image for you & I" . This is consistent with the spy's setups on Microsoft Privacy reports about his "bi" "shared "system I photo documented in June and August 2012.

Pg. 23, link 1:

Pg. 24, link 2:

Comments: both above links start with ""and " ADSAdcliet31.dill? GetSAD" I have seen this in many privacy reports, guessing what that is . I eventually figured out that these are the Spy's interclick links to Microsoft. PN =MSFT , MUID may be Microsoft Universal ID? Yuan Sun has used the MUID for all my images to post them everywhere on the internet with Microsoft ID. The spy has stolen Microsoft ID to interact with other Microsoft set ups, to legalize and hide all his bioterrorist activities . Besides or a, Yuan Sun also uses many other interclick links. The below link is another example:

Pg. 23, link 2: http://;;wi.160;hi.600/01?click=

Comments: This link is the spy's monitoring widget with specific numbers. From here he monitors me 24/7 day and night and he also monitors from at, the same way he is using interclickable links to legalize his activities, making them go unnoticed.

Pg. 24, link 3:>

Comments: This is another example of the spy's own website or stolen website address he uses to interclick with Microsoft, and legalize his bio terrorist settings:

"ubox/image? mbox=ww_external_ads "mboxdefault=http%3A%2F%2Fcimage"

The bottom line is that these images I saw all at the spy's cyberspace address: http%3A%2F%2F, and that address is not included in our normal www.http system, as Microsoft http system drivers do not automatically recognize them, and only show them in a very pale color. Yuan Sun post my images on Bing, on his spinning banners. But none his images are open to public, each with his protected code, which looks much like a phone number from China or Hongkong.

What is the "cimage"? My years of suffering from being targeted, monitored and poisoned naturally led me to think how the bio terrorist spy would know my physical body structures from such a far distance. And I know clearly that the spy has been trying to damage me by experimenting with all the attacks at my different body parts, organs, blood vessels and bone joints. This link provides me some info I have investigated. The spy is able to not only see me as a photographer would with common eyes but also see me as "Cimage", which is Ct cat scan images that can be read through Adobe, assuming he would have to use the complicated equipment to spy on me 24/7 to torture and to kill me .


Yuan Sun Does not invent anything, nor does he own any part of any American companies. All he has is to rely on his evil cruel nature of stealing to bully Americans and the whole nation. By stealing Security flash detection, he obtained whole Microsoft resources: IDs, net work, and of course the magic file of http System drivers.

By upgrading his http system drivers, coordinated with his upgraded IE9, he obtained the ability to cheat, allowing him to control Cyber American. Invention is hard work and it takes time, but stealing and upgrading is sudden. Since the spy has upgraded his stolen http drivers as a programmer, he is ahead of the game more than anyone else.

That is why he is able to control all my activities online, i.e. computers and phones, and is trying to assassinate me, and it took me three years to finally figure this out. If you understand this document, its' urgency and significant historical position, please take patriotic action immediately by reporting to government agencies or professionals if you can. Please help to bring out the truth, and bring the bio terrorist, cyber terrorist spy to justice.

Qiu Min Ji ( Rebecca Ji)

3550 Wilshire Blvd, #105-114

Los Angeles, CA. 90010

Tel; 847-364-0162



"The Truth Must Be Revealed!
The Spy Must Be Stopped!"