Qiu Min Ji, also known as Rebecca Ji, is a Chinese born American citizen. She is a professional performing musician, internationally respected educator, and an expert at China performance touring. Rebecca earned

her degree in music in China in 1970; and, for the next decade, performed professionally as violinist and Chinese Erhu player for the Peking Opera and the Henan Province Orchestra. In 1979, she began working in education as a high school music director and as a performance organizer in Nanjing. Meanwhile, she continued her performance career as an Erhu player in Nanjing Chinese Music Ensemble. In 1989, she moved to the United States where she earned a Master of Education degree at Bethany Seminary. Throughout the 1990's, Rebecca gave educational performances before nearly 2,000 K-12 schools and universities throughout the Midwest, introducing several hundred thousand young people to the music and cultural traditions of China. As an Erhu soloist, she has performed eighteen concerts with Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra and three concerts with the Chicago Symphony Orchestra. Rebecca earned the Illinois Art Council Apprenticeship Award in 1996, 1997 and 1998; and, in 1999, she won the coveted Illinois Arts Council Fellowship Award. Beginning in 1999, Rebecca was perhaps the first to organize tours

for quality American High School and University bands and orchestras to perform in China. Her groups have played at virtually all of China's most prestigious venues and cultural events, including the China Plum Bloom Festival, China International Music Festival, and the OlympicInternational Youth Festival. She also took two of America's best marching bands to represent the US among other countries in the 2008 Olympic Festival.

"Performed on tours with the Eden Prairie Community Band all over the world, and our tour to China was by far the best experience that I've ever had. We had a lot of special requests that the capable staff was able to pull off without a hitch. The performances were amazing. we were able to perform at incredible venues with incredible audiences. I don't even have words to describe the experience of our outdoor concert where 10,000 people lined up in the streets to cheer our performance. It was really an emotional and unforgettable evening."

"The hospitality that we encountered, from Chinese officials to school children to people we had conversations with while site-seeing, was overwhelming. We were presented awards, given banquets, and most importantly, began new friendships. What we gained in cultural exchange and as performers is irreplaceable. Visiting and communicating with another culture, especially through common interests such as music, is very healing and exactly what we needed. We would love to return to China."

Marilyn Rateike, Band Director

"What a fantastic time we had in China! We still talk and reminisce about our experiences and memories. The most common statement of the participants was can we go again?! While I have taken middle school orchestras to perform on numerous trips, both nationally and internationally, the China trip was by far the easiest, and least stressful to plan. Once we arrived in China, we were taken care of, 100%! Excellent service! Best and easiest of any trip I have taken! We all have many lovely memories and interesting stories to tell!"

Ann Victor, Orchestra Director

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