How Has Yuan Sun Been Threatening Many Americans?

There have been many people throughout the years that have helped me in my attempts to bring Yuan Sun to justice. I have been working with patriotic American heroes who have continued to help me even while they are being threatened. Below you find a few examples of the experiences we have been forced to endure. To protect the privacy of those assisting me, I will only provide their initial in this written report. These are actual individuals and if you are interested in investigating, real names and contact information will be released upon request.

Liz is a college professor that has assisted me with writing proposals, hire assistants, and locate volunteers. Her computer began to act strangely and showed privacy control icons. Her phone also began to not function in a normal manner. She knew she was being monitored and controlled. The same situation happened to her colleague, D, who tried to assist me with writing press releases. She felt as if her computer had been monitored and controlled. They both withdrew their support..

K is a journalist. She promised me to help me tell my story to her high technology connections and stated she would be able to get someone directly from Microsoft to assist me. We booked a time and date to meet. She called and told me she didn't feel well and that she had a severe migraine and needed to go to the emergency room. She had to reschedule our meeting. This continued to happen three or four times whenever we were scheduled to meet. She was never well enough to come. She finally figured out that she would not be able to assist me.

S attempted to assist me in her Minnesota home. She also invited a University professor to help me type my journals in an effort to prepare a book to be published. On one occasion I emailed them my USB drive which was about my part of the book to save them time and effort. When they received it the USB drive didn't work. It may have contained a malicious virus from Yuan Sun. It erased all of their computer files, including my typed book. S, a professor, lost 15 years of teaching material and it affected her career tremendously. Both of them withdrew their support in helping me write and publish my book.

D is a 28 year old young woman who has joined our efforts for several months. At times she has been followed by numerous cars after midnight while alone. Her SUV was remotely installed with radiation and her alarm system didn't function normally on one occasion. Her new tires were being damaged and her battery completely drained, although it was purchased only two or three months ago. She sometimes would feel overwhelmingly nauseated while being in my apartment a few times and once it was extremely bad when we left the hotel. We both had the same sick feeling and look on our faces.

T was a 23 year old young man that had joined our efforts. Radioactive materials were put inside of his car which caused his engine to sound strange suddenly. His newly purchased batter, one month prior, was completely drained and the car would not start. A brand new car battery is supposed to last for three to five years.

TT joined our efforts about two months ago. Her brand new tires were slashed. They were cut three times within a three week period. Her brand new batter was completely drained. When I told her aloud that I would take a taxi somewhere, her car suddenly started after nearly an hour. The battery was back to life!!! The bio-terrorist spy didn't want to me take a taxi because he already had radiation for me in her car. He did stop me from getting to the University as planned.

M is a business owner who joined our efforts over a year ago. His business has been tremendously affected. His computers began to act strangely and his printing machine didn't function properly. It interrupted his normal business activities.

K only joined our efforts recently. He has been extensively affected. He has been attacked at my apartment severely, which was also witnessed by my assistant.

Dr. Staninger is my toxicologist who has helped me to find the names of the materials that Yuan Sun uses and has been writing a lot of reports related to her diagnostics. Her fax machine was being controlled by Yuan Sun. She had a fax confirmation to prove that she faxed documents, but they were never received by the intended recipient. Her phone is also being monitored and controlled. She is getting less business calls. Her email is being controlled and when she checks her emails she said her email account is blacked out.

G is my private investigator who has studied Nano technology. He witnessed the copper wire on my vents and water pipes in my apartment. He also has seen them on electrical lines and his phone has been controlled. He has decided to help bring Yuan Sun to justice. He has been harassed electronically and beaten up twice by three or four gangsters. They jumped him and put in the hospital twice.

"The Truth Must Be Revealed!
The Spy Must Be Stopped!"