Privacy Report on AT&T's website and My Comments - The Spy Attacks by Phone through AT&T

Privacy Report on AT&T Website May 2012

My Comments on Privacy Report

Yuan Sun has launched cyber attacks to my head, body, ears, and eyes by using innocent users who touch the public recognized figure on their phone screen. Yuan Sun has stolen the original images, blocked the original and switch the original url linked to his scripts, setups, and by using AT&T Assets to torture me by poisonous signals. Details listed below:

Page 4, Link #3

Page 5, Link #5

Comments: Each webpage content, scripts, or inquiries relate to targeting me. November 7th 13 & 14 in particular "Lia-scripts-common-min" may be the poisonous data which also may be associated with my DNA. "Lia-scripts-body-min" may indicate all the name locations inside of my body. "Lia-scripts-head-min" means the Nano's location in my head.

2. No. 8, Yuan Sun uses T5 to amplify signals. js

Comment: Yuan Sun can locate his scripts documented through his tags.

Page 5, Link #5

Comment: Not only does Yuan Sun launch such an attack by US phone users, but also trigger global customers. Since he can get in any website and steal any resources, I have been attacked daily and heavily day and night time.

Page 3, Link #3 and Link #4

Comment: This describes his rebrand/stolen products; switch them to his link that can target me.

Page 2, Link #1 & Link #2

Comment: Yuan Sun blocked the original product page, but still uses the same public recognized figure, the images that are identical; no one would ever be able to tell the difference. The only difference is that I am being attacked whenever people touch the figures on their touch screen.

Page 7, Link #1 AT-amp-T-smar.js

Comments: It is a more complicated page to direct search engine onto his documents date "dcsdat"=1336261220546. His documents scripts IP "dcssip" His document for U and I "dcsuri" located=t5/AT-T-smart-controls-8480-smart/great-new-site/td-p/2531893 his documents refer "dcsref"=http%3A//, which is Yuan Sun's address, and accepted.

Page Number 1, Link #5

Comments: "scripts/foresee-global" means scripts on eyes global customer."forsee-surveydef.js" means "eyes_ears". This may be scripts for targeting my eyes and ears by using survey def. My eyes and ears have been attacked very badly.

Page 1, Link #6<=312&cdn=0&tl=c%3D31%2Cm%3D375%2Ci%3D375%2Cxm%3D687%2Cxp%3D687&pi=1&

Comment: The technical setups about signal locations: output and input "uid" mean "your ID" where the signals come from "rev=receiver " "PC=men" normally these signals released or received by PC but since his receiver is a human being he has to put "PC=men". The last two lines seem to describe the 3D object and where the 3D object located which is at & fp=t5%2FAT.

"The Truth Must Be Revealed!
The Spy Must Be Stopped!"