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AT &T Privacy Reports on Oct. 2011 & April 2012

By: Qiu min Ji April 21, 2013

Oct. 3rd 2011, I was browsing through AT&T's web site for help with filing a report on my phone problems. I typed my messages on how Yuan Sun was controlling my phone, etc., but I just could not send them out. I knew that Yuan Sun was in control and saw the privacy manager icon appear at the bottom of the page, clicked it open and saw many web addresses that related to AT&T that I photo documented the whole privacy report. In April 2012 I hand copied as well as photo documented Privacy Report on AT&T Smart phone control web page, May 2012, Again, i photo documented Privacy Report on AT&T Smart phone control web page, I have wrote my comments and posted on my website in Sept. 2012. Yuan Sun has been conducting reversed editing to my website, including deleting many important links and comments on my original AT&T privacy reports documents. This report had to be rewritten with an updated understanding of the original privacy reports from AT&T website of Oct 2011 and April 2012.

Twitter and AT&T

Below are many twitter associated links. What is the relationship with AT&T and twitter? The spy has been using his own multiple twitter receive counts to make phone calls appear like twitter text messages. Even the caller side can hear the dialed number is ringing, but the reality is that the ringing was fake, and the receiver side is never able to hear the phone ringing. It is one of the spy's control methods to make my contacts never able to communicate.

.P.14, Photo 3, #3:

Comments: the spy is able to use twit format call anywhere, and with its code as ID.

P.21, 2,3&4:

Comments: This is the spy's general account with his stolen twitter site (add a word or two, that website becomes his own). What is "callback"? That is the reality I experienced every day. Every day I have so many "missed calls'', but it is the setups that makes the phone never ring. Normally people would have a voicemail saying that "I will call you back" I have experienced this for three years , and have heard hundreds and thousands of this kind of messages and understand perfectly what that call back means. That is a twitter receiving account.

P.21 #3

Comments: All twitter related links with the spy's cyber address location: http%3A%2F%2F. the spy also has AT&T customer paid ID, the "3D21261" and "3D32871" are technical requirement for get phone connected, also in the spy's hand, any time any phone can exerciser his fake twitter, to let you only hear the voice mail , and you have to figure out even if that voicemail is true or not.

Link #4

Comments: The above two links are very similar, as twin links. But there are differences:

The number of the "3D21198 and "3D32828" are the different tech equipment photos for connections. 2. This link also needs map code. Their landing pages are different, and this is an international Twitter Receiver account. When I was in China in 2011, I made many calls, but most of the time, I got the call back twitter account treatment. They all have the spy's http%3A%2F%2F, and they each have their own location at their stolen cyber address with a different ID number.

Link #5`

Comments; Comparison on this link with the link above this, they do have the same mechanical set ups, but this is only for cell phones and mobile devices. This link is considered as the spy's mobile phone twitter receive account.

Page- 9 Link #6

Page 3):

Comments: the above two links are widgets set ups, except the only difference is the two different accounts with a different number ID. " account =vertical" may mean all the AT&T counts are included. That ID is "twitter_tweet_button_0". The spy always uses the most normal common ways, yet no one will ever pay attention to, so he can continually hide his set ups.

Page- 9, link 4

Comments: the above two links are very similar, as part of the widgets set ups. The only difference is that the first link is for text messages, and the 2nd link is used for tests, and each has its' own ID number. The spy has stolen every resource from AT&T; customer ID, URLs and mechanism required to use for connecting to different phones.

Page 6,Link #4

Comments: Compared with the link above, this link does not have url at its' end. Instead, it ends with "information cold". Only by experiencing so many fake messages could I understand that "information-cold" means fake messages. I have left many messages, but I never got a returned call. And later when I checked with these people, they told me they had never even got my message in the first place. One of my important contacts has called me over 40 times, but has never been able to reach me nor receive my messages. I've experienced the same on my side, calling her hundreds of times, but we could never talk because she has been trying to help me to expose the spy's criminal conduct.

Inter click links:

Page2 links 1 & 4:

P-23, Photo 1, link 5&6:

Comments: The first time you read these privacy reports, you certainly wonder why these non-AT&T-related links would be there. These are the spy's own websites pages with codes that inter-click with AT&T. The spy has been using his own web pages to inter-click with Yahoo! and Microsoft and be able to put his own links inside the privacy reports to legitimize his activities and made his links a part of Microsoft, Yahoo! or AT&T so he can hide his criminal activities. Below are more of the spy's private links and similar website addresses I have seen on many privacy reports, including Yahoo! and Microsoft. These inter-click into the main web trend system and certainly regard as part of any mainstream website activities.

Page 11,Link #1

Link #4

P-17, # 3

Comments: The above three inter-click links, each with a code, no one knows what is the content just by glancing at it. I have noticed that the spy will often put the most secret documents, such as my body parts or images for his torture and killing plans as " Liver maps'' or "Brain map" with my body cuts and poison entries. He always uses code protection that files might be hosted in his server only to provide his set ups to his necessary mechanism to hit to execute.

Page 15 & Page 16, Link #5

Comments: This "" I have seen all major websites, it is the spy's website. What could be "md=1317582273338"? Since I know the spy uses mind control through AT&T widgets, md may means mind, related documents, photos scripts located at "1317582273338' it looks like a China or Hong Kong telephone number.

Inter click links for attacking purpose

Comments: the spy has stolen everything from AT&T. "dcsdat" means "Documents data", located at 1317582265931. "dcsip" is, while "dcsrui" means "documtnes for you and for Me", which is located at AT&T general landing pages. "dcsqry"is paid cusomer ID and related to "3D3309". The rest of the tech setting is even more obvious to serve the bioterrorist spy's daily attacks: "" is 12, is 32 is 1024x768, which is the widget to hit a human being. "" means "Widgets joint" = yes. This shows how the spy has been controlling AT&T websites and phones, not only control communication, also using AT&T facilities to torture me for over three years.

The spy's dark secret :

Compare the normal http system and the spy's controlling system, and find out .

Normal http website address:

The spy's controlling address:

Normal http system address:

The spy's controlling system:


Through reading thousands of privacy reports, I have discovered that a slash at the end of the registered address is part of the control. Since he can control the system, once he put the extra slash at the end of your registered address, he can put anything there and it is hard to recognize if that link belongs to Yahoo!, Microsoft, AT&T, or if it's actually the intrusion into your system. Since no one would ever assume the intrusion of the system could exist, no system networking experts doubt the extra links or check on how to identify the extra links on their websites. Plus, the spy would not let experts see his set ups anyway.

P.14, Photo 2, #5:

Comments; the same as this link, it is the "global/scripts/jquery.min.js" that makes this link work for the spy's system. Both scripts relate to me, as the spy uses jquery , the double-meaning tech term and my last name

P-14 photo 1, # 3

Only when one has tremendous experience as a victim of the spy's attacks, would one be able to understand what this link means. Flash is the spy's weapon. He uses the flash for sending poisons and diseases. When he uses flash to run AC /RUN activities, different "flash" combined with different poisons or different weapons create cuts, wounds and pain. When AC electrical is converted into Flash activities, the flash travels so fast and becomes very strong, like a blade cutting into my skin.

Page1. Link No. 4

comments: this above link is used as the spy's Yahoo! Flickr service " feeds/photos-public.gnr " to hide his own format, and his callback twitter receiver related account, which is jQuery, jQuery15205285320817844655_1317582257322&_=1317582266525.

P.19 link 5

Almost in every privacy report, the spy has his set ups. Who is the spy's "webclient" or: Googleapis.client-plusone? I am the primary one, but there are others as well. The "api" means the exact geographic location, and since the spy has a tilted mapping, his api is different with the normal http Google mapping api, So, the spy got both his MAPPING with his GAPI and the normal mapping. That is why he has "gapis" in his hands. Yuan Sun has been using Gapi to chase and locate me every minute, in order to attack me, to kill me by any and all weaponry he's stolen from the United states.

Link #2

Link #3

Link #2-7

Comments: the above three links are all Facebook related.The spy has moved Face book's url to http%3A%2F%2F, his own cyber address. Since he has the hidden power, he is able to move Facebook as "transport "or "parent transport'

the same page, link 2;

Comments: The spy has download all AT&T wireless costumer Ids. Download everything to his own cyber space that proteted by his code: 1317582266510.

Comments: Yuan Sun has different ways to access AT&T resouces and to asssure he has gotten all resources downloaded at his cyber address. "AT%26amp" may be the AT&T Amplifier, and the end of this link is Information _Cold. What is the relationship between the two? When information-cold shows with no url, it means that is not for phone use, and the spy uses AT&T amplifier to attack to torture and to kill.

Yuan Sun has stolen Microsoft Window Phone technologies from its' early design stage, and has been tracking it's development and catching up the same page . However, the spy is abusing his stolen window-phone technology, and used it in a reverse way . The wonderful technology has been abused by his control, as his weapon to control Americans freedom and my efforts to reveal the truth. Below are just some links as examples to show the fact that the spy has stolen Windows phone technologies as shown on MSN privacy report.



Comments: This is related to "literature window-phone002'">


Comments; Literature related to Windows phone technology on fabrications

Comments: This is related to "literature home-notifications", which I believe is voicemail related set ups technologies


Comments: from the sample links we can see that above links, especially "Styles Base/Full/windows Phone Control.preie9.css" is the phone control technology, literature that the spy has stolen from Microsoft and has been abusing it to manipulate and control our phone system.

Links from Privacy Report on April 2012 from AT&T Webpage: Smart Controls:

Background information: I happened to check into Smart phone control webpage to see if there are different privacy report set ups, but I did not have a camera with me, so I was only able to hand-copy a few. The following 7 days I checked into this page daily and saw error messages at almost every page. I knew that the spy was manually holding his Privacy report icon, not showing it, which had created errors on many pages. The same happened for a few days. It is after over a week, On April 22, 2012, I logged onto the smart control page and I saw the set ups again, and photo documented it. Maybe since the spy knows I have AT&T website privacy reports he moved it to different pages as part of his reset ups. Each time when I figured out what the spy is doing and intended to put it in writing, he would move or change it right away to make it so that no one can find evidence. And it took me so long to do research to learn to figure out what he is doing, and when that happens, the cycle of a move would be different and say restart again.


Comments: the spy has stolen everything from AT&T" customer is=attwireless, code =www the end of this link "3Bfromimd " I believe that means" 3B from mind" and the following "3D1901"is the brain map. This whole link may have mind control documents photos, etc. The other similar links with almost the same set up contents except the red heighted, and both of these similar links are related to mind control technical settings.



4. accepted

Comments: This link is the spy's fake yahoo analytics. As normal, the spy would only add the letter "a" and the Yahoo! analytics becomes his, and he has been controlling all my online activities, It is within recent months I started to figure out that he uses different analytics in order to not expose the true information which I have been searching for to expose him. This long code is his fake yahoo analytics and specific set ups, and he has requested to accept it.


This is the spy's web page that used to inter click AT&T website. "purl points to the spy's cyber address: http%3A%2F%2Fwww. This link not only relates the mind control settings. It also more specifically points out whose mind - that is the "sitecat%3d2009" "catid%3d0 "3Dsmartcontrolcat", etc.

Why is the spy so interested in the cat, that he feels is worth his efforts to put cat on his set ups? That's the victimized cat, that is the captured human in his electronic cage for years, who has lost her freedom, who can not protect her own body and brain from being attacked and from being controlled non- stop for over three years. The planned electronic assassination left marks in brain and body with wounds, cuts and poisons hurting every minute. The spy takes advantage of the technology he has stolen from US military, all through the air since the spy wants to kill without being identified himself as a murder. He then still can have his cyber empire hidden to control the internet.

That cat is me who does not agree with the spy' plan, even suffering every minute, but is determined to reveal the truth, to expose the bio terrorist spy and to bring the master of cyber slaughter spy to justice.

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