The Spy Tried to Kill Me at LAX Airport

October 23, 2012

I arrived at LAX Airport at approximately 11:30 am. I immediately went to the restroom while my assistant waited outside. When I was nearly finished urinating, I suddenly felt a sharp pain near my private areas. I wiped myself with toilet paper and saw Amber Oil. I then looked inside the toilet and saw a small amount of the Amber Oil floating on the surface of the toilet and a few small droplets on the rim of the toilet bowl. I immediately realized that the poison was being ejected from the sewer system directly to my private parts through the toilet I was using. Before I could think what it was, the toilet flushed automatically and the floating drops of Amber Oil were gone. I began to feel dizzy and my heart beating rapidly as I wiped my upper legs and whole bottom many times. There was still Amber Oil on the toilet paper. I then used the oxygen water to wipe myself. I continued to feel weak, I knew this could kill me and I should get a sample so that people will know the cause of my death. So I pick up one of the wipes and put it in a plastic bag. I then went out and asked my assistant to come to the bathroom to see what’s going on. I was not able to explain it to her very well and she believed the spot of Amber Oil came from my body and was Diarrhea. She was not shocked, nor surprised when she saw small droplets of Amber Oil I showed to her.

We both came out of the restroom and checked out luggage. We then went upstairs to go through the security checkpoint. While waiting in line, I felt the attacks on my head, similar to the attacks I had before. I felt the same very strong headaches while I was in the restroom. I previously read a report on the CDC website about Nerve Agents, VX, is Amber color and is in the form of oil. The spy is trying to kill me with VX by injecting it to my private parts through the sewer system at LAX Airport. I knew that I needed to report it immediately. I needed to send a sample to someone. I explained to my assistant that I wanted to get my luggage back, but she didn’t understand why. I asked the TSA agent with Homeland Security if there was a nearby United States Postal Service Office, but was told it was not in walking distance. My assistant and I then went downstairs to retrieve our checked luggage. Instead of getting my luggage back, because I would miss my flight if I did, I asked a TSA agent to view the Amber Oil on the toilet. He called the Airport Police for assistance. We waited ten minutes. By the time the police arrived and went with me to the restroom the toilet was clean. The Amber Oil was gone. I checked the disposal box in the restroom stall and the wipes were still there but the Police, nor the TSA agent with Homeland Security were unable to see the Amber Oil or did not believe what I was trying to explain to them. They did not want to pick up any samples of the wipes.

I continue to feel horrible. As I realized that the Amber Oil was VX, a nerve agent, I went to the bathroom to wipe myself with soap and water. The cleaning woman was curious as to what I was doing but the 2nd cleaning may have been what saved my life.

"The Truth Must Be Revealed!
The Spy Must Be Stopped!"