Battling for My Life, Struggling to Reveal the Truth

Even if I were to write a one thousand page report, I would never be able to tell you how much I have been forced to suffer at the hands of Yuan Sun. I suffer physically, emotionally, and physiologically. I have never given up hope, nor have I given up my will to fight for my freedom, my life, and to expose the modern day high technology form of Hitler. I see the real threat to myself and everyone around me, as well as our nation very clearly. The ultimate invasion and control that Yuan Sun has over my life and the destruction of my body have created a record for our entire human race. I want to give my audience a broader understanding of my everyday battle and my living environment. I want to discuss what is happening now at this very moment and how torturous my life has been in recent months. I want the American citizens to view my website, study, learn what this technology is, learn how it can destroy someone's life, and stand up and fight against a technology that is destroying not only my life, but many lives. It could be your mother, your child, someone that you love. THIS COULD BE YOU!

Dear America,

I want you to know that this spy, Yuan Sun, has stolen from Microsoft. He is able to dominate the Internet. He is able to use high technology to control, steal, destroy, and KILL! I never want to hear of anyone dealing with such an atrocity as this. Our government needs to wake up. They need to fight this battle for our nation, for our American people. They need to protect us from such evil. Wake up and educate yourselves. Do not fall victim to high technology. All of the money I spent, all of the suffering that I have endured, and even if I lost the battle and lost my life, it would all be worth it if the truth is revealed.

Below you will find a few clips of my life now, a few days later, and even months later. I have been fight for justice, fighting for my life, fighting for freedom, and fighting for the truth to finally be exposed. I am guided by God, I am encouraged by God, and I am enlightened by God. God has given me the understanding, sending me angels, and helps to deliver a message and to carry a mission. I WILL PREVAIL!

At This Moment...

I am at the internet cafe; a place I visit very often to use the computer and internet services. I can feel the strong radiation down in the basement coming from the ceiling direct to the floor I am located, and through the metal chair that I am sitting. The radiation is targeted directly at my behind, upper legs, and torso. For the last two days, I have been feeling that the spy is targeting me on my left leg and left side. He is sending more now. My whole behind felt hot, inside and out. It seems as if there is an x-ray being conducted and that my flesh and bone are all being scanned by radiation. As I sit on the rolling chair, I felt hot and was in a lot of pain. The spy began attacking my head, my eyes, and my ears. I have been using cilantro to wipe my ears and calm the burning sensations. I later used bay leaf water to wipe down my entire head. The killing signals got stronger and stronger. Much higher than usual. I went down to the basement to check my surroundings. The strength of the signal was much higher than normal. Yesterday, I saw a few cars rotating shifts in and out of the Internet Cafe's parking entrance. The cars were stagnate with their hazard lights blinking on and off.. I just knew they were associated with Yuan Sun, the evil spy. They always stay connected to his signals. He always stays very close but out of sight, not to be seen or heard. I decided to go upstairs where I saw a car parked outside of the internet cafe. At that very moment, I saw a man walking out of the parking garage. As I search in my purse for my camera, he got into his car fand scurried away. It was a black car that I have seen drive around my apartment building before. I went back down to the basement parking area to check if there were any signs that the spy may have left some of his torturous products behind for me. I wasn't surprised to find wires hanging down from the ceiling. I knew the spy was there to send more chemicals and radiation to my body. My assistant, Terry, saw more wires hanging down on a different portion of the ceiling. I began to check around to search for more. They were everywhere. So many wires just hanging down inside of the basement parking garage. I knew that the spy had planned an attack. With all of the wires hanging from different locations in the parking garage, the spy could connect to any spot I was sitting to connect to my body with his wire amplifier and send the killing signals to torture and kill me. I went back inside of the internet cafe. I needed to continue working on my website, and write enough information for our web designer. After sitting for a short while, the attempted attack against me made it very difficult to stay and made it impossible for me to work on my website. Later on, I came back. As I sit next to my assistant, who is an Angel sent to me from God to help expose Yuan Sun, the evil spy, I wrote each section as she worked on the editing. I was not able to sit on the chair. I had to stand there most of the time just to continue with my writings. Now it is 2:30 AM. I am exhausted. I can no longer stand. I begin to use my knees to support my body for a short period. The things I have to endure just to be able to finish one section to provide enough material for my web designer on Thursday.

Recent Days

I have been dedicated to fixing my website,, that I launched many months ago. I was told that it was hard to view the evidence I have of this great invasion on our nation and on me by the spy, Yuan Sun. After viewing each page on my site more carefully for editing, I realized that my writings have been altered as if I were speaking nonsense. The words were not in order, incorrect grammar, etc. to make it look as if I am not mentally capable to do anything and that my website content is not worth anyone's attention or time. Ever since I discovered the destruction of my site, I have been dedicating all of my time to correct the content that has been tampered with and provide updated information. My assistant and I have no office nor a home that we can work out of. Our numerous suitcases are basically our basically our mobile office. We have to drag extremely heavy bags from location to location because they are full of documented evidence we need for our writings and ideas to update the website and provide accurate information to the American people and our government. We have spent countless hours and days verifying the accuracy of the website, rescanning files, redesigning the page, buttons, and overall structure of the site to ensure people find it easy to navigate, view the evidence, and understand the mission.

In recent days here are some details on our difficult journey to expose Yuan Sun:

October 23rd, 2012 - Los Angeles International Airport. Yuan Sun attempted to kill me by VX Nerve Agent by injecting it into my private area and my upper legs using the airport's toilet sewage system targeting the specific toilet I was using. (Please view the "My Efforts" tab and click the link to the report, "The Spy's Attempted Assassination at LAX Airport Letter & Samples with Documents Sent to CDC, Readiness").

A week later at my home on Kingsley Drive in Los Angeles, my assistant was taking a shower. She felt as if the water from the shower nozzle was extremely strong and sharp as if it were small micro cuts slitting her skin. She no longer wanted to take a shower at my home. I went to the bathroom to check my shower head. I discovered that the shower head had been changed without my knowledge. The water was coming from a very tiny hole, but who changed it? The very next day, my toilet drain was blocked and the toilet would not flush. I went to the manager's office to ask them to take a look. My building manager informed me that they never sent anyone to my apartment to change the shower head. The maintenance man explained that the shower head removed was not a shower head they have ever used or installed in any of their units. The maintenance man then began to use a snake on the toilet to try and push whatever was blocking the drain out to the sewage system. He push back and forth for nearly thirty minutes trying to push something down. He told me that there was something blocking the drain like hard plastic, maybe a toy. He explained that he would come back the next day to repair it and if they find something that isn't suppose to be there I will be charged for labor. I agreed and explained to him that if anything is pulled from the toilet that I would like to see what it is. The next day, two maintenance men came to my apartment at approximately 10:00 AM with their tools planning to repair my toilet. An amazing surprise to us all was that my toilet was suddenly in perfect condition. There was no longer anything blocking the pipe and I was now able to flush my toilet. My concern was, what was inside of my toilet? Who could be watching me at every minute of the day? Who had complete access to my apartment? If there wasn't hard evidence, why would they take the risk to come back and remove the item from my toilet? What was their purpose of changing the shower head? I believe that after Yuan Sun realized he couldn't kill me at Los Angeles International Airport with VX by injection with their toilet system, he was planning to shower me in poison with extremely strong injection points using the sharp micro cuts from the strange shower head. The only problem is that it was my assistant that was in the shower, not me. The planned killing was not triggered because it wasn't me in the shower. It was my angel, who may have saved my life that day.

Yuan Sun, the evil spy from China, is in Los Angeles, CA. I have seen his van driving around my block numerous times. I saw his car parked outside of the hotels I escaped to each night to hide from him. He was injecting Nerve Agents through the fire alarm right above my bed.

November 9th, 2012 - Los Angeles, CA. I was heavily attacked with the use of Nerve Agents. I changed my location in my apartment building to different parts of the hallway trying to avoid the extreme attacks against me. I continued to try to read the privacy reports.

November 10th, 2012 - Los Angeles, CA. Nighttime... I was being attacked very badly. The vents in my apartment were spewing poison signals. At that time, I searched by building and the surrounding area trying to locate Yuan Sun and his associates to obtain more photo evidence of their criminal terrorism against me. I saw Yuan Sun's car parked inside the apartment building directly in the rear of my building. The parking space where he was parked was less than 30 feet away from my apartment building. This is the reason that killing signals are so strong from the weapons he chose to use.

November 11th, 2012 - Los Angeles, CA. In the morning... I felt the same strong Nerve Agent come from the building directly in the rear of my building on Ardmore Avenue. I decided that this was an opportunity to again get evidence against Yuan Sun and his associates and catch them red handed. Just before I arrived at the garage door of the apartment building on Ardmore, I saw a van come out of the building. It was a very familiar van that I have seen many times circling around my block and even at times following me around the area. I still decided to get the evidence. To prove that I am right. As I entered the parking garage I began to smell an extremely strong odor that began to connect to every part of my body. It was NERVE AGENT! The van had just left prior to me arriving. I knew at that time that it was Yuan Sun driving a rented van or a van that he was switching with others to hide his identity. I could not stay there any longer. I left the parking garage as quickly as possible. I decided it would be best if I were to write a letter to all of the residence of Ardmore Wilshire Apartments about the incidents I have witnessed. I advised them to take notice of the air, pay attention to the odors, and I left the letter at each residences' door with a brochure . As I attempted to deliver the letter, the spy tried to kill me in anyway that he could, but I AM A SURVIVOR BY THE GUIDANCE OF GOD!

November 12, 2012 - Los Angeles, CA. As I tried to write at the internet cafe, I felt extremely strong killing radiations such as Gamma Ray coming through the air to my entire body. I tried to ignore his killing signal and continue to write. I have to expose him. I have to reveal my knowledge to the American people and our government. I cannot allow his killing signal to paralyze my efforts against him. I decided to search the perimeter to see if I can locate where the killing signals were coming from and get more evidence against Yuan Sun and his criminal associates. When I came outside, I saw a van parked in front of the internet cafe's parking garage entrance with his hazards lights blinking on and off. I wrote down the license plate number since I did not have my camera with me. I decided to hurry and buy a camera from Radio-Shack right down the street. Maybe a two minute walk at most. I had to get more evidence. When I got back the van was gone, but another car was parked there and had their hazard lights blinking on and off. His license plate tag has the letters DCH in it. I decided to walk the perimeter of the building to see if I can locate Yuan Sun's vehicle. I didn't find him so I went back near the entrance of the parking garage. I decided that no matter what the tag is on the second car I should still take a photo, but when I got back the second car was gone. A third car came and did the exact same thing as the van and the second car. The car was parking in front of the internet cafe's parking entrance, with the car running, and their hazard lights blinking on and off. I didn't hesitate one moment. I wrote down the car's license plate number, grabbed my camera to take a photo, but the car sped off. I know am more aware of how all of the cars in Yuan Sun's organization know exactly what to do, know to do the exact same thing, and obey Yuan Sun's orders every single minute.

I am an American citizen being tortured every minute of every day. The spy has broken into my assistant's car. I am able to feel the radiation on her seats and floor where I normally sit. My whole behind and upper leg all feel as if they are being burned by strong radiation signals. I will continue to work on my website, I believe that one day soon my message with finally reach the American public. I know that if I am unable to expose him now, it will be almost impossible to expose him later with the ultimate control that he holds. He grows richer, stronger, and more power each day with the stolen internet resources. There is no one that ever met him that will ever believe that this is even possible.

Today, Yuan Sun has been in Los Angeles, CA for nearly three weeks. He has been stalking me wherever I go and is monitoring my street and neighboring streets daily. As my assistant and I continue to work on the website writings and updates as quickly and accurately as possible, his killing efforts have tripled. Using his cold heat spy expertise to kill, Yuan Sun plans to get away with murder. He is more careful than usual since I have sent out numerous letters to The White House that include evidence against him and my private investigator is on his trial. Yuan Sun understands what to do, when to do it. Since the huge transfer of internet data may be detected he came local to Los Angeles to kill me. The killing signals are more intense and it is even more difficult to escape with all of his associates lingering around watching my every move. Since the beginning of February 2012, I am being heavily attacked, stalked everywhere I go, and Yuan Sun has one goal. It is clearly to kill me so that he and his associates remain undetected in their criminal activities against me and our nation.

Recent Weeks

I live life on the run. Day in and day out, I live in fear. I am living out of my suitcase with no place to call home. Why? Yuan Sun has made my apartment unbearable. It is a torture chamber. I am never able to stay home longer than a few minutes before I feel the walls closing in, the poisons being released, and the need to escape as fast as I can. At times, I need to go home to pick up important documents, clothing, remedies to fight the attacks that Yuan Sun is unleashing on me 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. I barely make it to the parking garage before feeling the strong attacks, the odor of the poisons, the cutting inside my body, and Yuan Sun choking me to death and I begin to gag and hold on for dear life. My assistant drives me every night to a different hotel. It always has to be a different place than I have ever been before. Why? If I have been there before, Yuan Sun already has his targets ready for me before I even arrive. If I try to stay in the same zip code twice it is torturous. I have been to so many different places in Los Angeles County and Orange County and I have begun to run out of hotels to escape to. What makes it more difficult is finding a place with small windows, not open, hidden, discrete, and in a zip code I have never been.

Location and a small window are only the start to the solution to avoid the heavy attacks Yuan Sun sends to me. I find myself having to build a barrier inside of the hotel room; to protect me from the signals, to ease the pain. I have to use zip lock baggies and tape to seal the vents. I have to make sure there is not direct energy able to flow through the room, therefore the curtains but be think and closed tightly at all times. I have to change the location I sleep in the room several times a night, at times sleeping on the floor on the side of the bed, in a closet, or building a tent using the mattress. I do whatever needs to be done to survive. The first thing I do when I arrive in a room for the night is close the curtains airtight. I then unplug anything electrical because they are used to attack me with the killing signals Yuan Sun sends to me. I unplug everything such as refrigerators, televisions, microwaves, alarm clocks, lamps, blow dryers, and even once found a way to unplug the fan in the ceiling of the bathroom. I find myself taking several baths throughout the night to wash any poison off of my skin and to detox my body. I use nearly 50 detox patches throughout the day to drain the poisons that Yuan Sun has remitted to my body.

"The Truth Must Be Revealed!
The Spy Must Be Stopped!"