How the Spy Alters Our MS Files in the Blink of an Eye

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We know for a fact that the spy has been changing our files and doing reverse editing on the website. We found out that he can edit our saved files and when they are emailed and reopened, they are already changed. I also know that the spy has been trying to get every copy of our created documents in his possession, so I have to be very careful when I save any files. Since all of my flash drive memory cards were stolen by him, I only have one flash drive which is a Kingston flash drive. It already has a symbol on it when I insert it into a computer.  I know that the spy has been using his own CD-Rom running on my computer from startup three years ago. I have also noticed he uses his same old drives to connect to the CNC computers recently. Whenever I start a computer, the CD-Rom drive light flashes even though no one ever put anything inside. When I try to save a file to the computer, the computer sometimes tell the truth by saying, “you have inserted the wrong CD” Somehow the spy has changed computer flash drives as a CD rom and it still recognizes my flash drive saying it is the wrong CD in the drive. The spy has been using the CD drive to replace the computer flash drive. Previously whenever I insert my Kensington flash drive, I saw the red symbol of the Kingston as the company’s trademark. I know it was to save my file. Today when I put my drive in, the Kingston red trademark symbol did not show up on the computer drivers.

I know it is Yuan Sun who created a fake Kingston flash drive waiting for me to save my files so he can do anything and everything to ruin them. I disconnected my Kingston drive. That was the time the computer screen showed a message from Windows File Protection saying, “Files that are required for Windows to run properly have been replaced by unrecognized versions. To maintain system stability, windows must restore the original version for this problem. There is a bottom for detailed information. When I click that button, it says, sys: You have inserted the wrong CD (i.e. a different product CD then the version installed) The CD-Rom in your system is not functioning. Please see my attached photo:  Now at least we know how the spy has been able to reverse edit our files. He put in an unrecognized version of CD-Rom files to somehow run the starting of the CNC computer. Previously he used huge remotre storage that showed on CNC computers, now he may have put information on his remote storage inner servers hidden on the CD-Rom. He tried to use his CD-Rom as his computer to get his hands on my files to save on his drive. Beside operating CNC computer and different versions Yuan Sun’s remote connect on CNC computer have made him the most dominating figure on CNC computers, but he can disconnect at any moment in case people discover him.  Yuan Sun not only switch CD rom files to control our efforts, control internet, he also disable many Microsoft features just to disguise his bio terrorist activities and gains the ultimate control on the internet. Please visit our webpage evidence on Digital evidence; disable Microsoft features” to see evidence yourself.  Yuan sun also switch bad files on Mozilla Firefox, I have seen automatic message and warnings from Mozilla Firefox, I will find evidence to prove it!                                       To be continued…


If I have to die tonight

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My letter to police in the East West hotel–  Feb 28th, 2013

                                   By: Qiu min Ji                           

If I die tonight, the killer is Yuan sun, I have reported him at Olympic station a year ago, Detective Cho received my file, at that time, I did not have as much info as now. End of Dec. I also report at the same police station that my $10,000 at my chase account is stolen by two forged checks. Early Feb 2013, I found out that my chase bank was stolen another 10,000 dollars by another forged checks. These apparently like my private investigator took the money, but he said he and his secretary never received more checks from me and never went to bank for deposit., his account went up and going down, he is also a victim of the fraud. Yuan Sun is the only person who can get in and out of any website, change and fake any records because he uses advanced system intrusion to controls our internet. is my website, I have been taking the lead to put out evidences  prove his bio terrorist cyber terrorist criminal activities against American people and American as a nation. Yuan Sun duplicates any website, and controls, yet his system can show different content then the original website, that can be very confusing, and I try to help bank to understand it. Yesterday I talked with bank manager , he is going to talk with my private investigator, and hope things come to light.

As Yuan Sun is being exposed, he is speeding up his killing efforts to night. He has been  trying to kill me by nerve agents, including VX, Cherenkov tonight since 2:00Am I checked in this hotel, cars vans driving around helping him for the poison to be delivered. By 5:30 Am when I lying down, trying to sleep, I felt a totally different poison remitted through my lymph note and my tough. It made my throat pain like infection, and my tough num. I was alert, I got up spilt out the deadly poison and I saw the color of my mouth water dark color. I use water to wash my mouth, and trying to write down my this letter. But before I finish . the spy already put the poison entry on my skin, face, eyes and ears chest everywhere all the tiny cuts that can be his   entries to my body system. I had to use lemons to wipe all the entries, trying to get rid of his dead poison from entering my body. Then I started continue writing this letter. The spy saw I still alive, he started to put the poisons entry to my deeper throat, I felt the pain, later on my stomach, and my bottom hole area all became the spy’s poison entries.

I did not call 911. Even I go to hospital ER, they may not find the deadly poison. Because Yuan sun controls Microsoft Library, he can make the poison content disappeared from the lab. Read my  website article; “Yuan Sun manipulates Medical Records, but how The Truth was Finally Revealed!  “  that article address this issue.

But if I die, Yuan Sun will try to erase the website, including all our computer files. My website designer Matthew at Fouts Ventures, 3550 Wilshire Blvd, Suite 106, Mike Lee at the same building suite 105 They all have joint the efforts to bring Yuan Sun to justice. Please protect them, please arrest Yuan the killer to stop him from more kill and more harm to American people who have joint the efforts.

If I die, my will  to sent my petition will want to be continued. Dear fellow Americans, please help me to get 100, 000 signatures and send my petition to the white house. We must stop the bio Terrorism, Cyber terrorism, We must bring Yuan Sun to Justice!

Yuan Sun Attacks Me By Echo Light

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Yuan Sun has ways to catch my image, through electrical lights, T.V. windows, ventilation   As I walk up and down the hallway, he attacks me with the images on my ears, eyes, my head, my neck.  Yuan Sun uses still nerve agents to attack me.  I had lemons and oranges in my bag.  I was able constantly rub orange and lemons on my eyes and ears to feel better.  But since I only have limited resources I did not know when I would get more.  I could not use as much as before, I have to save for the next day.  As I pass by the day room with TV and windows that can see my image.  Yuan Sun sets up those, my head, the upper left side nerve hits hard and I feel a sharp pain.  I believe that he uses echo lights or others.  Passing through the TV dayroom on the hallway, 3 rooms down is the women’s bathroom.  As soon as I open the door, I hear the roaring fan in the bathroom, again, remitting nerve agents to my ears.  I hurry out of the Women’s room but if I had to wash myself often, Yuan Sun or his program is constantly looking for my location so he can electronically hit me precisely. The auto hand wash suddenly switched on, blowing out water with sound.  I did not touch it.  Another time I tried to hide in the bathroom.  Since no one was there, I did not hide.  But Yuan Sun would not give me a break.  Suddenly I heard the loud sound of water roaring.  I knew he was testing me.  When he put the toilet water running sound in the bathroom, no one was in the bathroom.  On one was running the toilet.  The sound is from the vents.  When I heard the sound, he knows it.   He knows I was in the bathroom. The hallway can be seen from outside the windows, when walking through the hallways.  While passing through the TV Room, instantly I am attacked by sharp pain.    When I passed by I felt pain.  I felt the light striking.  At the first night I felt my whole bottom being radiated with pain.  The second and third night from my arm to my leg radiated with pain.   I was fortunately able to get my oxygen for an oxygen bath making me get rid of the toxins that had started another day of being radiated by poison. Then I started to observe how Yuan Sun awakes me at night.

During the day, the sound is like an airplane flying over my room fills my ears.  I try to hide in my room.  He could not locate me I knew that sound was familiar like in war, before airplanes bombed.  I knew that he could not see me in my room with the windows tinted and with curtain covers that was making it hard to see.

The sound must be from Yuan Sun who tries to detect my location, the room, walls, corners, so he knows exactly GAPI can set up more attacks.  So when I hear the sound I quickly cover my ears, hopefully, he cannot hear what I can hear, but it proves that he’s got all he needed.  By the third night when I approached my bed in the middle of the room I was heavily attacked.  I saw light above my bed on me even though the whole room is dark with all the lights off.  Maybe that’s the way he detects the sound of my body movements. He is able to strike me either whenever I am being seen or unseen but when I make any sounds.  I’ll get back to the attacks.   And if I use my hands to rub limes or lemons, my thumbs and fingers are being striked by echo lights on the tiny Nanos inside.

Since I can see the non electricity light that light can see so clearly and obviously when my door is closed or my windows are covered with blinds.  So I decided to switch to a different bed since there is one empty bed.  I was hoping not to be seen on his radar.  I went to the bed right below the yard window to see if I could still see light.  Strangely enough, the square shape of light was dim.  When I moved to the inside of the bed, I saw it as a stream of light; the most important feeling was the   intensity of that radiation. I felt less than the direct square coming down to my bed.  So after a one night trial, I decided to move down to Bed B.

January 7th:  That night I  was lying down with one eye covering my detox patch, and the other eye opened.  I saw the light waves, like light in the water, expanded from the center of the slim light around deem moon light, expanding its waves following the short wave rhythm  less than a second…BING BING BING BING….The spy may know I notice the light wave .  It stopped.   This sound I have heard before, but the first time to see if he used short waves to send radiation – Cherenkov radiation. I could not sleep; I knew that if I was at that bed, Yuan Sun will use short waves to connect me with radiation.  I tried to see if I had ways to escape the heavy radiation.  My room has a bed.  The only way I could try to move my mattress to the corners is by facing the doors to see that short wave light can detect my new locations.  I So I pulled the mattress to the corner of the ground. I left most of the cover sheet on the bed, but one sheet and two towels were still on the wood bed.  I tried to still lie on the bed first and observe the slim light, bright room and dim light around.  I saw that light change when I moved, either when I moved my head, any position it changed from a long slim to short or like a fist or a big dot.  Where is that light coming from?   The window side or hallway side?  If it’s normal lighting reflection, I am out the total dark side.  My position should not affect the shape of light.  Does it mean the radiation light is on me that reflected on the room ceiling?  Not possible?  I walk very quietly to my ground mattress, hiding down, cover sheet up, and I saw the slim light that was changing to a big dot.  It was small at first, now it’s moving towards the door side ceiling.  There’s no slim light but 2 or 3 squarish joint light spots right at the middle of the ceiling. Meanwhile, I noticed the underneath door  gap light on the door side wall was only at 1/3 of the wall close to the door, but when I came to lay on the mattress,  that reflection on 1/3 of the wall extended immediately to 2/3 of the wall outside of my mattress .  When I lay down, I felt immediately connected by radiation.  I felt that radiation was worse than the one from the center of the ceiling so I jumped back to my wood bed with two towels underneath and one cover.  I slept.

Where I can see Privacy reports on my computer? What is Adults Control?

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Where I can see Privacy reports on my computer?   What is Adults Control?

Privacy reports are from the internet /window Adult control or parental control. Originally each computer has such function for parents to control internet access to their young children by locally set up limitations or cookies to control their children’s online activities.  However, Yuan Sun , the high tech spy after he stole Window Microsoft Http files, he has modified the original function of Adult control to the spy’s control over the original website, and his online set ups is on the privacy reports . But, these privacy reports to control certain website may not show on the control website, instead it appeared on the spy’s advanced system, at his duplicated or chosen website to function his control. That is the reason I was able to see these privacy reports since I was forced to be on his system as  his victim.

How Yuan Sun forced Nano Bio Sensor and other Nano materials into my Brain and body?

What weapons High tech Yuan Sun has been used to torture and kill?

  1. As a low tech civilian, I cannot catch up with what Yuan Sun, the bio-terrorist high tech military spy’s high tech, uses to force Nano advanced materials into me. It took me a long time to search what weapon he uses, but he still have more weapons that I have not figured out. Here I want to describe how he chipped me in recent months. Maybe experts can tell what high tech weapon is being applied to me in my daily life.

I have photos that show all of the cuts and wounds on my neck, ears, chest, legs, finger nails, toe nails, and private parts. Some areas it is hard to take photos. How is Yuan Sun able to cut my skin open and cut me inside out?

  1. Yuan Sun is able to track me by sound. Since he is able to hear my environment, he is able to use very sharp waves to cut my skin with Nanos. He can send them as tiny dots and when I get the cut it just looks as if I have red irritated skin. He can also send the Nanos as paper cuts or bigger and deeper than paper cuts. Even the tiny dots can make an electronic rope when he uses thousands of them. Yuan Sun can use this much Nano advanced materials in a push of a button. I have seen on privacy reports that Yuan Sun has many different weapons. This may be one of his echo weapons that are able to send cuts to me by following any sound that I make and even my movements. He is able to do it while I am at home and anywhere that I go as long as I am the only person that is moving or making noise. If other people are making noise he cannot find me.
  2. Since late October 2012, Yuan Sun came back to Los Angeles with his wife, Meng Jia Hu, and their criminal associates. He uses many innocent people to drive around or sit in the car wherever I go, stalk me, and send radiation and Nano advanced materials to me. When he drives, I feel my head, ears, neck, or feet being badly attacked. By the time I realize that it is Nano chips flying by me, the cars hurry and leave, driver by quickly, or completely vanish. It makes it difficult to get their vehicle information.
  3. Yuan Sun can send cutting Nanos, poisons, and radiation not only when he sees me, but through computers as well. He is also able to use televisions, video surveillance equipment, both public and private, phones, etc. in restaurants, metro stations, internet café, hospitals, on buses, and anywhere I go.  This is especially true for the places that I frequent and is able to get access to new places in such a short time. He has blueprints of every building I have been and knows where their ventilation systems are, as well as their electrical and sewer systems. He can use all of the above sources to attack me or use only one. He sends radiation, poisons, and Nano advanced materials with the intent of torturing and killing me. That is the reason for three years; I feel it is difficult to have any privacy or to feel free of radiation, poison, and tainted air. I just want to breathe freely.
  4. Yuan Sun can send any EMF radiation and poisons to me when he connects to the Nanos inside of me. He converts normal building electrical 110 Volt or AC 60 volt to EMF and can instantly connect to the Nano inside of me to torture and kill me. I have used different testing equipments, meters to find very high levels of Microwave, Tesla, Grammar Ray, Inferred, Ultraviolet Both at high level of magnetic and electrical side.

What is API or GAPI?


How Yuan Sun has been able to control private phones public phones, computer email social media and communication system?

Why our government official not able to see his set up online, his Terrorist and spy activities?

  1. Yuan Sun’s has used his advanced system secretly set up controls on privacy reports. But this privacy report doesn’t show up on government or any computers. Still he is able to control.
  2. Yuan sun uses Darla timer, a date no his computer 32 years ago. Since he controls my phone on his computer, his Darla timer date showed on my phone.
  3. Yuan Sun disguise his criminal activities by using on line alive activities wrappers, music wrappers.
  4. Yuan Sun has set up bi. data retrievers.  He can track his data as well as normal http system data, Anytime I make a report on what he is doing, he knows, and he could erase his data, and move his activities to different locations.


How Yuan sun able to use tracking devices monitor private lives?

Yuan Sun has 11 sound tracking software can track any sound down to the whisper, and he has 11 image tracking soft wares can track any thing he wants through tiny opening, down to the door hole or slice opening of curtain. He has auto coding and decoding system on both of his tracking. I saw on his remote accessing computer info (Photo Link)


  1. How Yuan Sun has been poisoning me through nearby and from afar?
  1. Yuan Sun used Elephant Tranquilizer to kill, which was found out during August 7, 2012 lab testing.
  2. Yuan Sun tried to kill Qiu Min Ji at Los Angeles International Airport in the bathroom on October 23, 2012 by eject VX poison to her private parts through airport sewer system.
  3. On March 23, 2012, Yuan Sun’s criminal associates broke into Qiu Min Ji’s apartment while she was awake. When she came out to confront him, the man ran quickly away from her apartment.
  4. Yuan Sun steals Nerve Agents from United States military storage to remit to Qiu Min Ji remotely.


What is online set ups?


How the Bio Terrorist spy has been a threat to millions of Americans and American businesses?


Killing through image grabber software with local criminals, spies stalking and some innocent

The reality is that I have not been able to stay at my home since July, because my home has been attacked so badly. Yuan Sun has been ordering the whole world radio frequencies and other energy to attack me inside out, and to follow me to other places.  Besides his goals and objective to achieve I see on yahoo, I also have seen his other online configurations for Google to search for poisons. I n order to survive, I have been escape to different hotels, One of my assistant who just lived in my apartment for one night has the terrible experience as feeling being hunted and terrified by the strange energy even he has no nanos in his body, and the picture mapping should not find him as target.  But, even I escaped to different places; I am still being followed and attacked…

As I have been trying my efforts to expose him report him, my situation has getting more and more intensely dangerous. Yuan sun, the spy not only attacking me on cyber or by radiations through radio frequencies, he has been trying to kill me indifferent weapons:

March 2012, he and his criminals came to LA around my Apartment, trying to poison me by my DNA related poisons, later, by elephant tranquilizer.

March 28th, this criminal opens my apartment door at 4: Am when I was on bed awake, I confronted him and he run fast out of my building.

Oct. 23, at LA airport bathroom, Yuan Sun inject VX fro sewer directly to my body private part, and my upper legs.  God remind me It was VX, and I did a toughly cleaning up and survived.

A week later, when came back to LA home, I found out that Yuan sun and his criminal have came to my apartment and changed my shower head, the original shower head became  a tiny hole with extremely strong  flow that cut skins. Till we asked our building maintains, proved no one it is not changed by them, I know why he has done so. After seeing me did not die of his VX eject to me though toilet, he was planning a poison shower with extremely strong  shower head, but since my assistant was in the shower, not me, the planned killing did follow through, and my assistant who saw the cut skin water flow, she avoid the  shower because of that.

Oct.30, when I felt that there is not even a corner in my apartment I could hide, I know Yuan sun and his criminals may have put nano inside my room. Suggested by expert, I bought a black light. When in the darkness by black light, D and I saw the yellow tiny dots spots glowing all over my walls cabinets. That is nano materials that have been placed by Yuan sun and his criminals, they made it connect me any place I sit or passing by, and connects my instantly at my room.  I hired T to help me clean my walls in order I can survive.

The spy is in LA, numerous times,  I saw his van driving around the block sending flying nanos to cut my ears,  my hands my ankles, I saw his car parking outside of the hotel 20 feet  away from the room  I stayed and remitting nerve agents through the fire alarm system right above me, on the ceiling near my bed.

Nov. 9th, I was heavily attacked by nerve agents; I switch to different parts of the hallway, trying to do my reading on the privacy reports…

Nov. 10 night, I was being attacked so badly, my vents came out all the poison signals, I saw the spy’s car parking inside my neighbor building, the space between his parking space and my apartment only 20-30 feet away, that is why he can use  weapon came out as strong killing signals.

Nov. 12 at internet café, I felt extremely strong killing radiations coming, gamma ray and other bad coming through the air to my body. I tried to ignore his continue writing, but I could not stand the killing signal that can put me down, and I would never able to continue expose him. So I came out, and saw a van parking I in front of the café’s garage entrance with his back light linking, I wrote down his van ID, I did not have a camera with me. When I went to buy a camera and back to take a photo, that van was gone, and another car was there doing the same thing, his car license number is DCH label. I went to looking for the spy’s vehicle and came back, thought I should take a photo on that car no matter what label he has, but that car was gone, and another car came did the exactly the same with his car light blinking , I wrote the car ID, and going to take photo, but, the car left.  This is just one of the description of how Yuan Sun can use his system to sometimes making his grand stalking organized as a normal traffic flowing.

Dec 30, 2012 Professional military spies killing signal stalking on US high way:

Evening started my assistant was putting gas in his car, 3 vehicles with bluish extremely bluish lights shinning on me. I started to take photos, but my camera was shut off remotely by the spy. Even I did not take a photo of his car, the Asian man jump out, obviously he did not know that his comrades has turned off my camera, and he trying to threatening me to call the police since I took photo on him. He is one t have joined later high way killing, he also trying threatening. I since was not able to capture his image, not involved police, we off on the high way to seal Beach.

On the high ways, I felt extremely high level of Cherenkov radiation from back of my car, from side, I tried to take photos, but not possible, highways was dark, and their radiation light was bluish bright.  I realized immediately that this is not just like other road stalking. Yuan sun has done before. He has organized gangs stalking criminal stalking innocent drivers on the road, passing be on another. This is Military sty killing by radiation. I could not sit straight, I bent down on the 2nd row to avoid the bright lighting shining on me, and I noticed the cars vans around me with the same bright ness radiation lighting, and they have occupied the position of my car  front and my car back, and also each side also have three or  cars , and we were forced to keep the same speed with them and the intensive radiation around, not a breathing moment.  That moment I would never forgot because it looks like jet air plane flying over the sky keep the same speed, but one in the middle is being hijacked.

Jan. 2nd, 2013:  At Del Amo hospital

Jan. 12 Double tree Commerce Criminal spy put nano materials on the stair way from first floor to 4th floor, and all the way to me room door front I felt intense heavy radiation shooting felt liker at my door but, I did not see him now his fellow criminals are when Ai get out of m room at4 Am. Later I checked the stair way found nano materials on stairs to 4th floor where I stay, Nanos found in front of 412 the room I was at.

Jan. 14 2013, holiday In Express;  Yuan sun has set up local hotel use local image grabbers to catch me, using High frequency to burn me I went down to hotel computer saw his program running on hotel computer. A week later, I saw his setup on his system on choice hotels and on newseeker website.


Yuan sun used nerve agents to attack me, plus echo light.

When we finally get off the high way on the local road with light, I stared looking for these vehicles to take  photos, but I could not see them around. Till I got to the hotel. Not see any of them at our front t entrance. We got to hotel, Hampton Inn at Seal Beach: The room we stayed previous night was a handicapped room, when the spy attacking me by radiation, their system tells the front desk something was wrong and front desk called. That may be the reason the spy make that room unavailable

But, I kept getting bad attacked heavily from the back side building while I was standing at front desk. I found out that back side of the hotel building have place they can pretend t be customers and hide. When hotel front desk signed me a room a window facing back, I refused to take.  I asked for the disabled room, was told that room labeled on line as not available. I told his we lived there before, and no issues, he told me that since that room marked unavailable, he cannot check me in. Actually the spy is in control of that room afar. I saw Yuan Sun’s online set ups about the “disabled room”

That was one of the worst night. Very bad attacks. I felt my room was a Military target.  There is not an single inches in the room I can hide. I have to use mates to block the window for heavy radiation, I stayed against the wall on the tab made bed use another mattress blocked the radiation light, still felt heavily radiated. By 5,, the killing efforts was still going, I felt I may not survive. I may die quietly, I thought about who will handling my body, how to find out how I died, I was very worry about my body may be handled by police without thoroughly check, and the evil say may attacking my assistants, and friends who have been helping me to bring him to justice to make them shut up, not say anything or attacking them as attacking me. I was thinking that I cannot die quietly as that, all I have been suffering, all I have been doing would be in vain, which also means I brought trouble to many people who would suffer as me.

I knew to contact the police is not the best choice but, When I thought about I could have a chance to explain what is going on to police community, that may be a chance for them to understand what s going on, and they may join  the efforts to hunting the spy . That is why pick up the phone, called the police by 911. But I, end up to get the 5150 on hold. Very heavy radiations coming to me. Like on the war zone.

I am being tortured, every minute, the spy has broken into my assistant ca, I can feel he put radiation on the seats and floor that I normally setting. My whole bottom and upper leg all feel being burning radiated. I continue working on my website writing, hoping this message will finally get to our public.  I know if I can not expose him now, it will be almost impossible to expose him later with his evil control and growing rich, powerful that the stolen internet can provide. And no one ever met him, will never think this is even possible.

The everyday intense killing never stops for a minute.  Here is what we have done so far to try to submit our proposal to White house:

We were able to simplified Yuan Sun’s profile, for normal people easily understand after previous high tech terms have confusing people.  Matthew had a hard time, but able to put his photos up on our website;  I received heavy metals testing results found shocking highly elevated heavy metals in my body, results being analyzed; able to finally put Yuan Sun’s   Transitional Scripts scanned, together with  the Privacy report from my yahoo email account load  on our website.

Since early 2010, Yuan Sun the Bio-Terrorist, has been forcing different Nano advanced materials into my body secretly by using my backyard, sheets, telephone, public park, etc.. Since he is using the military high technology, very seldom people have heard of this type of technology. The police do not understand and no one investigates him. He gets more and more aggressive in his efforts to chip me in order to torture and kill me. He is in the United States and doing these types of criminal activities underneath the nose of the United States government. There is documented evidence of how Yuan Sun puts different Nano advanced materials inside and outside of my body.



Thank You for Your Support

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Thank you for visiting We are working around the clock to ensure our site is informative and it is easy to understand the comprehensive issue. We try our hardest to keep the site as accurate as possible in order to present the truth. The issue we face is that Yuan Sun, the Bio-Terrorist we are trying to expose, has been altering, changing, shutting down, and putting restrictions on the website. He copies all of our files, even while we are typing on our computer. The reason we know he is a copying the files as we type them is because his privacy reports show our web hosting company. It has been since September that we have found out that our website content is continually being altered. Yuan Sun changing the spelling and the sentence structure so that our reports of his criminal activities does not make any sense as if I were mentally unstable and just rambling. The photos on my website would not appear as they were supposed to. Some photos had black lines added to make them look blurry and not clear. To open photo documented reports and images it is one hundred times slower than opening any other page. When we opened privacy reports we realized that the page numbers were cut off and some pages were missing. Some privacy reports simply disappeared and others had blurry images unable to view. It takes hours for some of the privacy reports to download and open.

Yuan Sun does not want you to see the facts and tries with every effort to prevent people from reading the truth about his criminal activities. It is his mission to make people believe that the evidence against him is crazy in order for his criminal activities to remain undetected. His goal is to make the general public believe that we are crazy so that you will stop reading the facts that this website is presenting and the truth will not be revealed.

From the end of October through end of November we spent over one month rescanning and reloading our photo documentations and rewriting the reports on our website. We found out that one of our web pages were missing and some of the content had misspelling and the site was continued to be automatically altered in an evil way.

We want you to know that every page of this website is being written and edited by a minimum of two to three educated professionals and editors to ensure that each page is accurate. If you find any mistakes or obstacles preventing you from accessing the evidence on the website, please contact us at or send a certified letter to explain your difficulties in viewing the website to: Stop the Spy, 3550 Wilshire Blvd., Suite 105-114, Los Angeles, CA 90010.

We thank you for your support and thank you for visiting our site and spreading the truth.


Team @


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December 16th, 2012 – Radiation Kill

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Monday, December 16, 2012, De’Lisa’s family was preparing for her Grandfather’s funeral. I waited for her to arrive until 10:00 pm, but did not receive a call from her. Later, I found out she in fact did call back, but was never able to reach me. I decided to find a hotel by myself. After checking a few, I decided to go to Van Nuys Holiday Inn Express. I took the metro train to North Hollywood train station and from there called a taxi to take me to the hotel. Yuan Sun and his criminals followed me every step of the way.

Approximately 1:00 AM, I arrived at the hotel. I checked in and went to my room on the 7th floor. I completed my regular routine which is to quickly unplug any and all electrical connections, block ventilations, and insure that curtains are closed as tightly as possible. I do this to prevent any poisons from being remitted to the room. I had already begun to feel radiation coming to the room from my window. I even taped the heavy curtains together, the door frame, and even the peep hole. I still felt the radiation and the blue light. I knew this would be a tough night. I went downstairs to speak with the security guard and front desk. They know exactly what I was talking about, and agreed to keep an eye on my room.
It was approximately 2:30 AM and I decided to walk around and check the surrounding areas. I checked the front and back parking area. I knew the criminal was around somewhere. As I went to the Denny’s parking lot, which is adjacent to the hotel, a car moved out very quickly before I even stepped foot on the parking lot. The minute I arrived, I felt the strong radiation on the Denny’s parking lot. This must be where the radioactive sources are connecting and sending the attacking signals through to my window.
It is approximately 3:00 AM, the security guard came and asked that I return to my room and promised me that he would watch my room, number 715. I came inside and turned off all of the lights. I still felt the radiation coming through my window from the Denny’s parking lot. They must be back in their position now that they know I went back to my room. I tried to go to bed, but the radiation lights were still penetrating through the tiny open spaced between the two sets of curtains. I tried to stay awake so I could see the blue light. I fell asleep, but work up after a short while. I felt the radiation on my left hip, my left arm, and then I surprisingly saw a light coming from the seal of the door. I quietly went to the door in the dark and found a tiny hole where I put a thin piece of paper to stop the radiation from coming. The evil terrorist can shine radiation through the window and door even if my door is inside of the building. That is why my sofa is still able to get radiation light. I decided to move the sofa and use the back of it to block the radiation light from the door. I also put another layer of paper to cover the hole. I slept another hour or so. I woke up, tired and exhausted.
What kind of weapons that really is? Even my quiet movement on my room he knows, can sent radiation following the air move to me at almost totally darkness!

December 16th, 2012 – Radiation

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Yuan Sun has been using X-Ray on me since October. Sometimes I have felt a warm feeling on my left leg all the way through to my shin bone. At the time, I didn’t believe that it was X-Ray since he cannot carry around an X-Ray machine. How could it be X-Ray? Since November, he has been using ultraviolet to make my body feel very hot, like a burning sensation, especially my eyes and ears. I have to use slangtia to shield me from the ultraviolet and calm down the burning sensation. I also use cilantro on my entire body for the same effect as the slangtia. I look very weird having to use the blue leaves all over. It is very difficult to determine that it was ultraviolet and X-Ray that he was using, but I finally figured it out.

From his online setups, I was able to see that he is able to use animation X-Ray technology on me such as, “…animation_xy…”. I have read this setup many times, but did not understand it until after I started feeling the effects of the radiation by X-Ray technology. Whenever I sat at the internet cafe, I felt my left side getting radiation by X-Ray technology. I later began to feel it on my finger, right hand, and my wrist. Also, he was able to put high quantities of radiation inside of my assistants’ cars. Therefore, when I would sit in their cars I would feel the X-Ray or Ultraviolet.

Just a few days before Thanksgiving, every day I would have De’Lisa and Terry to assist me with driving me to different locations to write for my website, as well as to mail out letters and distribute fliers. One day as I sat in Terry’s car, I began to feel different. The radiation and the ultraviolet were so intense that it burned me. I knew Yuan Sun and his criminal associates had put radiation related chemicals inside his car, so I decided to walk to Mike’s printing shop instead of sitting in his car unless it was absolutely necessary to do so. I had to endure the burning radiation on my body. I especially felt the burning on my bottom and my left thigh. I always have my coat in his car and since I have left it there many times, I knew there was radiation on it so I decided to throw it away. Even if I would have washed it there was just too much radiation on it for it to become clean and okay for me to use again. I also believe that the purse that I bought with my black coat has radiation as well. I want to throw it away, but I have nothing to put my things in, in order to do so. I keep that purse with me at all times.

Just three weeks later, as of December 12, 2012, I found a big hole at the bottom of my purse. It looks like it was burned from a cigarette, but everyone knows that I do not smoke, nor play with fire. It is the radiation related chemicals that burnt a whole in my purse. SEE PHOTO.

More radiation – We saw radioactive materials underneath the dumpster on Normandie Ave., near Wilshire Blvd. in Los Angeles, CA.

December 10th, 2012

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De’lisa could not be with me due to her grandpa’s health situation. Terry dropped me off at Howard Johnson on Vermont and New Hampshire. After going back and forth I was located in a 3rd floor room window closed facing an exit stairway. I know it’s going to be a tough night. I need to write my advertising ad for LA newspaper. The spy knows I have some professional hackers contact numbers. He will be soon exposed. He really wants to kill me for months. He will take any risk.

10:30-11:00 I got in my room very soon. I felt a sharp pain in my private part. The kind of pain reminds me of LAX since I did not go to bathroom it can’t be physically injected from bathtub. It must be millions of hit at my private parts the same time so the area got lots VX. Even tiny bit for hit all together made it so painful. I started to put grounded orange peels put on toilet paper and use as diaper but it didn’t. I suddenly thought about my LAX experience I had to wash by water and soap in order to get rid of it and I started to use lemon since orange peels didn’t work. The lemon has created a burning sensation feeling. But it works I endured  I then use soap and water to take a bath felt much better it was quiet for a little while. I started moving the furniture then I planned where I would sleep. I felt radiation come to the room. Since I’ve seen what the spy put under the dumpster I knew his capability to use radiation radioactive materials. I started to sit in the hallway by the exit door of 3rd floor. But radiation the same feeling but stronger than at the internet café. I knew I cannot sleep nor sit there. I’ll be killed by that strong radiation. I need to go down to see where he put the radioactive materials and take photos. So I came down to the street. The grey car and the black van each parked at corner of the street when saw he came out of the building and fled so I could not take a photo I walked to the outside stairs of the exit area checking the unusual substance. But this time I didn’t see any glowing bottles. Instead I saw a plastic trash bag on the stairs and when I got close I felt the radiation and knew that trash is wrapped with radioactive materials. I came to hotel personnel he was going out with me to remove it but the security guy came and said he would call the police come see it. The security was rude when I asked him to remove the garbage he refused said he was security not maintenance. He insisted I should go back to my room not even allowed at garage. I came to front desk told the night shift gentleman about it he was nice told me if I go upstairs he’ll remove it from the stair exit. I thought that’s a middle way situation. I went upstairs to feel it the “trash” been removed. He did keep his promise. I felt much better in my room. That’s about 2:30-300A.M.

I could not sleep I continue writing my advertising for the LA Times. The evil tried to make me sleepy. I even want to sleep I cannot because he may put a similar radioactive materials while I sleep and I never get up again I drank a coke to stay awake. About 3:30am I heard a liquid splash on my window at that time I have I have moved both my mattress and bed support  to cover the window and make the window side have less radiation and poison. The spy also penetrated my left thumbnail making it so painful. At the beginning I used kelp wrapped by detox patch but that didn’t work I suddenly know its VX. I use lemon put my fingernail inside it’s painful but I’d rather have this pain to cover the VX penetration pain know this pain inside the lemon can deduct the VX can detox. I uncover the corner of the thick curtain peek at the window glass saw the liquid I heard splashed still dripping down. I covered the window wonder what it is by guessing that liquid may be nano enhanced materials to connect his poison signals to me and felt connected by poison signal already. I stayed till 5:00am use bed to cover almost the whole window I slept only 4 hours got up tired as I wonder where that trash put away. I walk on 3rd floor at middle to exit when I tried to go down I again felt the radiation at the downstairs assuming that’s where the trash through away place. But who will take my word seriously even I told them should be handled by Fire Department?

December 19th, 2012 – New Poster – Image – PDF

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New Poster for supporting Stop the Spy – Download ImageDownload PDF

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