Comments on Microsoft Privacy reports June 28, and August 20, 2012

(Photo Documentation Privacy Report June 28th) (Photo Documentation Privacy Report Aug 20th)

By: Qiu min Ji
March 20, 2013

June 28, 2012 report page 2;shared

Comments: Yuan Sun has secretly reset Microsoft as "shared/core/2"system. What is the "Csp; shared"? The first capitalized letter for each word means a lot, by which they belong to Yuan Sun's Csp; that is being shared profile with the normal http system.

Comments: These above two links mean that the screen of en/us site.config, which is the normal http system equal to the PC of "En/us/pageConfig/sitemap.config.xml", which is the spy's system, and they can share "cspMcsomhomepageBase" and "cspMscomHeaders". =cspMscomSiteMap&c=cspSearchComponent;cspMscomMasterNavigation

Comments: The first capitalized letter for each word matters. "cspMscomSiteMap" "cspSearchComponent",; "cspMscomMasterNavigation" "cspSearchComponent;cspNavigation" are probably all belong to the spy's advanced system.

Comments: Yuan Sun has gradually increased his shared contents on his core/2 system from his page config. cspMscomMasterNavigation and cspAdControl. Adult control has been altered for use as his advanced system online set-up, and has also become his system control. What is his his cspMScomSite Map, his cspMsconSite Brand, cspSearch Component, cspMscomMasterNavigation? Their description all in his "scripts/oneMascomMaster.js" see the below MS privacy report June 28, 2012 Page 19 Link #4

Comments: The spy's "oneMscomMaster" is being shared with mscom, which is a normal Microsoft program, but oneMscomMaster is the spy's shared secret products. But since the spy's only changes are capital letters, it's very hard to see any problems.

How I am so sure about his core/2 system? For over three years, every time I am online, I am always forced to use the spy's fake Internet Explorer browser. My online research has been controlled. For almost a year, I was not able to locate even a single high technology meeting group in LA, or find the hidden meaning of all the HTML code abbreviations on his online set-ups, and still have not been able to, even now. When I was able to find a group later on, I was given the wrong meeting date, so we ultimately could not even find the meetings. I have seen so much fake information and telephone numbers appear on his system. He has been using his advanced system for controlling my online activities. He controls all of my e-mail accounts and he disabled MS live features so that I cannot report his Bio-Terrorist criminal activities.

Let's look further into the spy's secret "bi" and "shared" system:

MS privacy Report August 20 Page 3: Link #3

Comments: What is Yuan Sun's ""? From the below links , we can see It's "structure" " exp" and other relateted documents are all in his scripts.

MS privacy report June 28, 2012 Page 19

Photo #1 Link #2 & link #3

Page 18, Link #1

Comments: The spy can track any data US as Government can, plus he has set up to track his own data, so he can erase it to cover his tracks. Since this "bi" "shared" system is his invention, he has documents to describe its structure, exp and specifically has the " jquery.bidataretrevers. attr.js" here jquery has a double meaning. Anything related to attacking me the spy has classified as "jquery". Since he has so much data on his attacking, he has specific programs on it. What else could the spy be tacking? See the below two links:

MS privacy report June 28, 2012 Page 9, Link #4

MS privacy report June 28, 2012 Page 9, Link #5

Comments: Obviously, Yuan Sun can also track data on consumers. His scripts on these bi.dataconsumers are all on his scripts, and these are also called wedcs=we documents . From many of the privacy reports I have been able to read, they're also called dcsuri, meaning documents for you and I.

How important is it to have bi.dataretrevers? can cover all his tracks. the link below may also help the spy for his purpose.

MS privacy report June 28, 2012 Page 19, Link #3

Comments: I have over three years experience being victimized. I know this link is to coordinate his bi.dataretrevers. The override is to erase any content or data to cover his tracks. He has been successfully hiding himself well because no one can find evidence.

When I submitted my AT&T phone problem report on June 2012, I have to tell the time and date of what had happened, and of how my and LA public phones were controlled. I also had more people check on the LA phones as witnesses for the phone problems. But, At&T said they could not find anything wrong.

Another time, both my and my investigator's cell phones had been controlled, so we decided to take them in for a forensic exam, and was confident we would find evidence. But, we were shocked when the result came back that they said there was nothing wrong with our phones and that everything was in perfect condition. We knew in our hearts that Yuan Sun possessed something powerful enough to erase data. Yuan Sun's bi data retrievers cooperate with his override to help him cover any of his tracks and remain undetected. Also, the below link "oneMSComBlade.css" may be another powerful tool for erasing data.

MS privacy report June 28 Photo #5,Link # 6

Ms privacy report, June 28, 2012, Photo #3, Link #6

What else is being shared in the shared system? MS privacy report August 20, 2012,

page 6 Link #2,~/shared/templates/components/mscomViews/hero/hero.js&v=743108056

MS privacy report August 20, 2012, page 6 Link #3;~/shared/templates/components/mscomViews/hero/hero-css.aspx;~/shared/templates/compo

Comments: Who are the "mscomViews/hero/hero-js" or" mscomViews/hero/hero.css.aspx" ? who would need to be viewed and also deserve that attention that has to be on the spy's online set-ups? Again, only someone who has been victimized for years and has photo documented so many privacy reports could know the true meaning behind it. I have seen the similar online set-ups, where I was being called as view " cat.js" and other different names to be viewed on different websites. Either he called me cat, or hero, but he has been monitoring me every second and focusing all his efforts to kill me without exposing himself. Yuan Sun not only monitors me, but also many Americans who've joined my efforts. Not only monitoring their private lives, but also attacking many Americans trying to expose him and bring him to justice. This list includes my private investigator, who has been beaten twice by Yuan Sun's thugs. Another link below also is another location that the spy uses to monitor my daily life and efforts to bring him to justice.

MS privacy report August 20, 2012, page 17 Link #6

"jaction"=J is my last name. action is my daily life that is devoted to exposing him and his monitoring and attacking many patriotic Americans who have joined my efforts by his viewing my daily activities through "UMIFY_FY11_Home_Page". This above links also showed the spy's watching my daily life at certain cyber locations.

What else in the spy's "bi" system and how to share the "control"?

MS Privacy report, Page 3: Link #4

What is the spy's BiMapping about? I was not surprised at all when I saw the spy has his own tealed Mapping, and not surprised when I saw the below link:

Comments: Capital letters mean a great deal in the spy's online settings. "gv=BiMAPPING" controls " bimapping". Yuan Sun is the high tech and military spy intent on controlling any US high-tech and military operation. Yuan Sun has his own tilted Mapping, which has been a great tool for him to control my communication. I normally would not be able to finish even 10 pages to talk about this. Here are just a few examples in my years of experience: The spy controls my phone by his own computer, as I am forced to be on his system. I have alerted the White House and US military, trying to report him, but was never able to get to speak to the right person, and my phone would reach a voice telling me that my call had been diverted. Also, when my friend or even my daughter would call me, my phone showed the call orgin as different from where they actually lived.

Sept. - Nov. 2012, we sent 120 emails to major newspaper opinion editors, but all of our emails had been diverted to different email addresses. Only one person returned our email, but she is not an editor, but a victim who happened to receive the diverted email. Oct. And Nov., My assistant had sent out 4000 emails twice to media, except we got a few automatic responses saying they were out of office, we did not get anyone's email in return.

Below is an example showing the spy's online set-up for attacking me on Yahoo! Finance privacy reports. My apartment at postal code is 90020, but the spy put in 90028. It has been working for him, as my apartment had extremely strong negative energy from the online attacks that made me feel could not stay there, forcing me to constantly move from one temporary location to another. Even my helpers staying there for the night also experienced bad attacks. The actual zip code is 90020, and Yuan Sun's titled mapping is 90028. How many degrees has his tilted mapping has been calculated? Since the spy knows I know this, he probably has changed it again already.

http://,&yTb=2878;5143;5O459;5539;6306;6415;7801; 7881;9555;9609;10058;10K484;1I0649;600L470;71;6005020;6L005920;600Y6461;600O7350;60U!07353;6007509& (accepted)

MS privacy report August 20, 2012, page 13 Link #5 ACCEPTED

Comments: For years, each time I signed into my Hotmail account, I knew Yuan Sun was there. And I had always guessed that " wsignin" meant "we sign in". I know he has set up to sign in whenever I do, but without passwords. Yuan Sun has been using the same or similar methods, successfully controlling my Yahoo and Gmail accounts, deleting any emails he wants, stealing all my personal private information, and prohibiting my inbound as well as outbound emails. Yuan Sun has disabled many Microsoft live programs in order to control my computing and researches, and makes it so that I can not report him on any Microsoft set-up error report programs online. The links below show that even though it is the correct Microsoft address when I sign into my account, the email account id actually being redirected at inter click= 1033 id=285275 and other preset up locations, and he requests that this set-up is being accepted.

Yuan Sun, the spy has disabled many Microsoft features on my or any computer that I often use at C&C Internet cafe. For example, he has disabled blogging and e-mails with Windows Live, and Translate with Live search. I have many photo documents regarding this matter, which are under the "digital Evidence" tab," Yuan Sun disable Microsoft features"

Yuan Sun, with one hand redirected my log-in email to 1033, may be MS Live section, on the other hand my computer Live features being disabled, how could Microsoft ever find his bio terrorist activities?

MS privacy report June 28, 2012 Page 19, Photo #4 Link #5

Comments: " surveycookieutil" it means "survey cookie utility" this is the link about Yuan sun's fixed utility, direct energy to attack me. As I have been suffering through over three years of attacks by all different direct energies, lethal and non-lethal radiations of all different kinds, plus biological weapons the spy has stolen from the US military, and his ability to turn any American high tech invention into his deadly weapon. I'm always wondering just how he can switch to and from different weapons in a second with the push of a button. I had seen the word "util " on Yahoo! privacy reports, and talked to one of Yuan Sun's subordinates, who was trying to use his device to amplify the attacking signals. He saw my sincerity and was able to tell me the name of who recruited him and wrote his password on paper, which is : " utile it " that has helped me to understand this word in the privacy report.

Yuan Sun has incorporated his utility, direct energy weapon to media. He has been attacking me through telephones, both landlines and cellular, as well as through televisions where he can place all manner of radiations on screens and computer monitors. With my camera and testing meter I have documented the high levels of direct energy as gamma ray, Tester, inferred, microwave, Carbon monoxide, high electrical level and magnetic levels converted from AC into my living environment to torture and to kill me with the push of a button.

Comments: The above link further proves that the spy does have his fixed location and his scripts that he can transfer any power from AC to RF signals, by which he by which he connect nanos inside me and in my environment to torture and to kill.

Ms privacy report June, 28, 2012, Page 18

Link #2
emap.aspx&ts=1340954084196&sr=1280x1024&bs=1130x823&ms.gsfxversion= ACCEPTED

The spy controls my computing. "tz=-7" or "en-us". Always I have to get in separated lines no matter what I tried to do. I guess maybe these are sensitive words, when separate in two lines, people can not easily read the lines, and therefore not notice the true writing and understand the true meaning. I can see that in this link, Microsoft .com's cyber address is at http%3A%2F%2F, which is the spy's cyber address.

MS privacy report June 28, 2012 Page13 Link #5 26a15ap&si=1&sv=4.0&fi=1&fv=10.0&cnt=lan& ACCEPTED

Comments: the end of this link, """ that is obvious the spy's cyber address.

" event id"=71c1780c-.." What are the spy's events? That is the attacking events by all different ways by online set-ups. One time I was able to see 15- 20 of the similar set-ups just as below, each has its own way of meaning to attack me. Even these event set-up on Yahoo!, but the

Execution is throughout the web. http;//l.yimg/zz/combo?yui3.4.0/build/event-resize/event-resize-min.js http;//l.yimg/zz/combo?yui3.4.0/build/event-hoover/event-hoover-min.js

These set-ups also mentioned about 3.4.0 document, which I think is the same as the below MS reports Scripts/3.4


Comments: the scripts on that are on 3.4 or 3.4.1, common, code, or webtrends are all related to the spy's set-ups on Microsoft. He is able to legalize all of his bio-terrorist activities.

Page 1: Photo 3 Link #5

Page 7: #5

MS privacy report August 20, 2012, page 16 Link #6

Yuan Sun not only stole all the resources from Microsoft, he also broke into Microsoft library, making it part of his access and fake medical lab testing results.

Time Magazine Page 4: Link #4

Time Magazine Page 12: Link #1,/wp-content/themes/vip/time2012/library/assets/js/plugins.min.js?m1350855999

Comments: "library window broker" and "library savvy broker". The spy has broken into MS library, undetected, and made MS library as his own access. I know this because I am suffering. Even when I was heavily poisoned and went to the Emergency Room, the ER doctor was unable to find any poison in my body. I was told their lab testing showed that I had a perfect blood test. The ER doctor did not know what else to do for me. Even though my detox patches sucked poisons from my body, lab testing could not show the true results simply because that Yuan Sun hears my daily life every minute, knowing my every move, and is able to plug-in his own adapt library remotely to any lab computer and he can control to make some of his weapon contents, the poison he sent to me, not appear on any lab test results.

After a few times , I had learned my lesson, and was able to fight back by sending a package through a third party without talking. I sent the same detox patches to Caslon company and packed everything, asking everyone handling it without talking. About a month later, the true test results were finally revealed: Almost all the heavy metal in my body was a few times higher than the set highest limits. The heavy metal, Uranium in one single patch is 5.7 but the highest set limit is 0.3 in just one single used detox patch. But I use 20-50 detoxed patches daily. The poison coming to my body daily has been a few hundred times higher than the preset highest limit That is why I know for a fact that Yuan Sun controls MS library. For more about the lab testing, check my website under medical evidence: "Yuan Sun manipulating medical records, but how the Truth was finally revealed!"

Link #6

the spy do to make his criminal conduct legalized on Microsoft set-ups?

Privacy report August 20, 2012, page 3,Link #3 .


MS privacy report August 20, 2012 Page 7 Link # 1

I do not know much from technical set-ups. Yet, I did notice in the above first link, cd=0, qos.n=onload. The above 2nd link, cd=1, qos.n=init

Comments: I noticed these due to my experiences. Yuan Sun has been using remote access to invade any computer that I use. 3 years ago I saw that my computer had been initiated by CD. Each time that I would start my desktop computer, through remote access it would run through the spy's CD init. For over a year,

I have been in LA, and using C&C Internet Cafe since I cannot keep or use my own computer. Now, he uses remote access to connect to computers at C&C, which is where I often go for my computer usage, and the spy has been using the same set-up as with my personal computer at home. He is also able to use a USB drive as his CD to plug-in to computers at C&C so that when I have to use the USB drive it will show as a CD drive instead, sometimes prompting an error message that I have "put in the wrong CD". Also, in this way, he gets any of my saved documents automatically. And he has been reverse editing, switching and changing my documents and my website to make any collaborated efforts have bad writings by deleting my website files or cutting off pages and paragraphs to make the website writing not even make any sense. It is with this set-up that he can easily remotely access any computer at any time. I know for sure he has invaded other people's computers when they joined my efforts.

MS privacy report August 20, 2012, page 13 Link #3

MS privacy report August 20, 2012, page 16 Link #4

Comments: There are many reset boxes on Microsoft Privacy Reports. But, I am not sure that these are all reset by Microsoft or by the bio-terrorist spy himself. The Above 2 links have something to do with Google. My experience as Yuan Sun's victim leads me to believe these are links set-up by him. I've documented about 100 Privacy Reports and have seen that Google has been requested to search for Carbon Monoxide, Mercury, Plutonium, Uranium and Thorium to coordinate with the spy's Scripts and attacking set-ups. I have seen that the spy requested Google to search my images, to grab with the poison being searched with rapid, as well as burst when hitting my image. These different poisons coming to me through online every day every minute cause my life great pain. Even though I am working with the best toxicologist and detox everyday, my health is being damaged, and my life is still in danger every day.

My experience as his victim also leads me to believe that the spy has his hands on Google. He has been able to manipulate Microsoft Word and Library and has been interrupting our computing by way of hidden reverse editing on all our Word documents as well as at my website. When my assistant began using Google Drive to avoid any of my documents being edited by the spy, he was able to circumvent that by using MS Internet Explorer as his browser while the assistant used either Chrome or Drive, both Google products. I discovered this from a pop-up message while using Drive. The spy has been trying every which way to torture, kill and prevent me from writing this analysis on Microsoft Privacy Reports while being careful not to expose his methods.

MS privacy report August 20, 2012, page 16 Link #5,2500012843&pr=iag.tfid,3921&

imr= image registration worldwide, this link with prefix "secure-us"page link may already becomes the spy's stolen access. This link is about the spy's technical set-ups. Why Yuan Sun has to put such a inter click link in the Microsoft set-ups? As the spy's victim for years, I have always wondered how the bio-terrorist spy can attack me so heavily just through the air and why no one can see his criminal activities. Through photo documentation of many privacy reports as well as reading line-to-line the spy's set-ups, I have seen so many on images, and understand that each of my images needs to be seen by his mechanical electrical tech components, in order to be searched and hit by direct energy or poisons. These images he registered or put in different websitse are not just my body or face images, they are nano bio- sensors he forced inside my brain, and other nano materials inside my body. Their locations called "his map". These are my body organs, nerve systems, joints, blood vessels, and millions of skin cuts as the spy's entries to my body to torture and to kill. I have seen my images set on DD, MySpace, Bing, and AT&T. Here are just a few links about my images handy from to share that one can guess from the link description:

imr= image registration world wide, this link with prefix "secure-us" this page link may already becomes the spy's stolen access. This link is about the spy's technical set ups. Why Yuansun has to put such a inter click link in the Microsoft set ups? As the spy's victim for years, I have always wondering how the bio terrorist spy can attacking me so heavily just through the air, why no one can see his criminal activities. Through photo documentation many privacy reports as well as reading line to line the spy's set ups, I have seen so many on images, and understand that these of my images need to be seen by his mechanical electrical tech components, in order to be searched and hit by direct energy or poisons. These images he registered or put in different websites are not just my body or face images, they are nano bio sensors he forced inside my brain, and other nano materials inside my body, their locations called "his map". These are my body organs, my nerve systems, my joints, my blood vessels, and millions of skin cuts as the spy's entries to my body to torture and to kill. I have seen my images set on, my, Bing, At&t. Here are just a few links about my images from handy to share so that we can guess from the link description:




These above examples to show that the spy's image registrations are in different files and at certain locations looks like a telephone number.

another questions I always wonder: How the spy to do his PR work to let my images being seen without exposing himself? How many computers really have involved in his attacks? Since the spy put my images links everywhere through out the web, still none sees

"The Truth Must Be Revealed!
The Spy Must Be Stopped!"