How Yuan Sun Cut our Communication

We have been working around the clock to contact the media and the government. The government has elected not to do any investigations of the bio-terrorist spy. He is getting bolder and bolder with his open public attacks. Our communication to the public and the media has been cut off. Here are a few examples that we recall and have experience through our daily life and daily struggle. There is nobody that could understand unless they have experienced it themselves.

In September 2012 we sent out over one hundred emails to the media newspaper editors. We didn't receive a single response since Yuan Sun diverted the emails with his own tilt mapping with a different API. Yuan Sun can divert phone calls and emails to unknown addresses. Our purchased newspaper editors all went to unknown addresses. One lady called and she was not an editor, but she received an email. She is a victim just like me, but when I tried to reach her again, the phone was cut off.

October 2012 we sent over two hundred postal mailings to media, but received very few responses.

November 2012, we sent out over 4500 emails. We received only a few responses stating the recipient was out of the office. Only two people responded to the email. One response was from Spike Esrin. He emailed me with his phone number which is 215-625-6562 and told me that would like to interview me. I have called him approximately 10 to 20 times and left messages, but was never able to get into contact with him. Another person who called was from Dallas. We were able to exchange emails at the beginning. Once "N" was offering to help, our emails were cut off and I wasn't able to reach her by phone, nor by email.

On Jan 15th, 2012 I received an email from "N" unexpectedly after weeks of not being able to get in contact with her. She told me she will be in Los Angeles, CA and have found someone who would be able to professionally assist us to obtain 25,000 signatures for our petition to White House. I emailed her back right away with joy. After I emailed her, I checked my sent folder. I was originally able to see my email to her was there, but then within seconds it disappeared. I asked my assistant, De'Lisa, to insure my email was sent to "N". I then realized that the email that "N" had originally sent to me had also disappeared from my inbox. I do not believe that "N" ever received my response to her email. She stayed in Los Angeles for one week and we were unable to communicate a time to meet. I requested that several of my friends to call her to no avail. I even resorted to using public pay phone and call from a blocked number to attempt to reach her at least on ten different occasions. Many of my friends and even strangers contacted her and left voicemails in an attempt to assist me in locating her. We never received a call back. Her phone is obviously being controlled by the spy's computer. I used all of my efforts to search for her in Los Angeles, CA. I even placed an ad in two local papers with large distribution channels.

"The Truth Must Be Revealed!
The Spy Must Be Stopped!"