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You can help! Anyone can help us! Word of mouth can help us to make a huge difference! Our phone and our emails have been controlled. We cannot succeed without your help!

For over a year, we have been fighting for ways to contact many organizations where we have seen Yuan Sun�s privacy report and share the fact that their websites have been used to control our internet system and to host his bio terrorist criminal spy activities. We would like to contact them and to verify the facts that their website has been victimized and is being used for the spy�s control. We would like to make contact with computer information system and network professionals to tell them about our system intrusion. For over a year, we have been trying to contact media, journalists, reporters, investigative news, environment editors, and opinion editors who can write about our findings and bring attention to our public. For over a year, we have been trying to contact many other organizations who can support our mission and help us to gather over 100,000 signatures for our petition to the White House. Since our communications has been controlled, our limited efforts could not win the spy�s control. Our emails were diverted, our phone calls do not get through, our postal mail may get to someone, but since phone and emails are all controlled we never hear from anyone. Yuan Sun still has hidden control of America and is secretly attacking America.

1. Below is a list of corporations we have attempted to contact, but have failed miserably. If you have a better way to communicate with these companies or can find others to so, we would really appreciate it and it will make a huge difference in our efforts.

The websites below are website where Qiu Min Ji was able to document their website privacy reports. We encourage visitors to contact the companies listed below and inform them of Yuan Sun�s system control. Show them their website�s privacy report and ask if someone in their company if their website is setup as stated in their website�s privacy report. Yuan Sun is able to use websites as his hosting site to commit his bio-terrorist activities without their permission. View each of their privacy reports on our website, study them, call and request to speak with their webmaster. Ask if they have such links on their privacy report such as the links listed. Ask them to investigate and find out who put them there.

1. Bing


2. Home Depot


3. Office Depot


4. Microsoft


5. MSN


6. Yahoo


7. PayPal


8. BrickHouse Security

(212) 630-9936

9. Craigslist


10. Vocus


11. oDesk


12. Center for Democracy & Technology (CDT)


13. Poison Control


14. AT&T


15. Time Magazine


16. The White House


17. Department of Defense

(703) 571-3343

18. Africom

(314) 430-1110

19. Space & NASA News

(801) 394-3265

20. Google


21. Federation of American Scientist


22. Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency

(703) 526-6630

2. Contact media, reporters, journalists, and editors who want to write the truth. There are many reporters and journalists, but we are looking for media personnel that have a good heart, who stick to the truth, willing to take on challenges to report the truth and make the public aware of this serious threat. We do not currently have a list, but anyone who has a friend or family member with such character, please contact them for us.

3. Please help us to contact Computer Information System/Networking professionals. We have been trying to do so locally in Los Angeles, but our efforts failed. We have been trying to find security specialist through meet up groups, but we only see false information online. If you know about any of these groups around LA, please pass our information to them and drop us a note about their meet up time, date, and location.

4. We need help gathering 100,000 signatures. We need help from many organizations that can help us to gather enough signatures for our petition to the White House. Do you belong to a membership organization that can help? Do you belong to a woman�s organization or are you a member of a church? Is there a church conference we can to give a presentation and gather signatures? Can we share our concern in your church? Please help us to market the truth. We need more volunteers to help us gather more signatures.

We want to contact human rights organization such as Amnesty International and the Civil Liberty Union. Please help us to brain storm more ideas where we can find more people to sign our petitions to the White House.

While I would like to be interviewed or meet, just to contact us you will have to use different methods. While you can still attempt to reach us at 424-21-NOSPY and 847-364-0162 for an interview and additional details, you cannot depend solely on contacting us by the above email or phone number. Due to the control of my phone and email communications I would prefer if you send a letter by certified mail with a signature required to insure that I receive it.

You may forward the letter to: Stop the Spy, Attention: Rebecca Ji, 3550 Wilshire Blvd., Suite 105-114, Los Angeles, CA 90010. It is best to reply with a letter that includes a specific appointment time and date or the best time for me to walk-in for an appointment to discuss further since I am having trouble communicating by phone and email.

You may also come to the above address to leave a note or request an interview with the owner, Mike Lee. Additional evidence is available including thousands of photos and many many more reports. Copies are available upon request and they can be mailed or pick up if you are local.

I am available to meet for interviews and I welcome anyone that would like to spend a day with me to see what my daily life has become and how I struggle daily to reveal the truth and fight to live.

"The Truth Must Be Revealed!
The Spy Must Be Stopped!"