Torture and Assassinate Me by Cyber Knife RadiationsCyber Knife Privacy Report Cyber Knife

Yuan Sun has been cutting my skin open as an entry for the poisons to torture and assassinate me for many months. In recent weeks, since December 2012, I began to feel sore muscles, pain in my shoulders, and my legs were experiencing cold and hot radiation in different spots at different times. What is this bio-terrorist spy using to assassinate me? I knew that these were different radiations that were not accessible to the spy before. I have felt sharp pain and cold breezes to my muscles. I have even felt sharp cutting pains and my body's muscles flattened and blown away by radiation. I began to search the internet and the Cyber knife website I began to search on the internet. I photo documented that privacy report, which is Yuan Sun's online control.

I can see that Yuan Sun has stolen the usage of the technology that can normally use radiation to cut cancer cells. Yuan Sun uses the same technology on me to cut healthy tissues, my muscles, skin, and organs. I wonder if 'Spray Access' belongs to the government or to Cyber Knife since I have been getting more and more Nanos all over my body. On January 21, 2013, I went to Santa Clarita, CA for an open MRI to check my body. I only checked the different parts of my body that have pain and parts that I know that Yuan Sun put Nanos through his entries in the top of my body. The technician showed me my first MRI which was for my knee. He said he saw strange dots, which I know are Nanos. He also asked if I had a previous leg operation. I told him No. I was able to see what I already knew; that my body had been ruined by Yuan Sun's stolen Cyber Knife radiation technology. Here are the results that the radiologist is able to see. If the radiologist was not able to see the Nano spots, Yuan Sun may have erased some of the images or blocked them from view in their computer system in order to hide the Nanos and affect the doctor's diagnosis. In the doctor's diagnosis I did not see the radiologist comment on the wired Nano dots that were seen during the MRI.

January 27, 2013 is the night the cyber knife radiation attack was extremely strong. Yuan Sun uses my neck and head as his entry point into my lungs. It was difficult to breathe and there was a strong smell of mint. The cars and vans were driving by window all the time with the lights to attack me. I did not fall asleep until 5:00 AM. I woke up feeling an extreme pain on the upper right side of my chest and all of my other muscles felt tight and weak. I was able to clearly feel that Yuan Sun is cutting into my organs. He wants to cut into my heart and now he is able to get closer since he has already gotten into my chest and breast.

If I die at the hands of Yuan Sun, I ask that all Americans request for the police and medical examiner to give my body an MRI, take photos, and count all images from MRI to insure none are deleted. There should be at least two professions viewing the MRI machine when the images are being taken. Write down important findings right away because Yuan Sun, the bio-terrorist spy is able to delete images and able to block the most important images from being viewed. This is my last will and testament. Any extra radiologist can view and be paid from my estate.

Since the bio-terrorist spy, Yuan Sun, has set up all of the choice hotels chain hotels to catch my images, I have decided to stay in local small hotels. We went to my home to retrieve my yellow pages book to find local hotels. Terry called many motels, but everyone told him that they were sold out. I do not believe this is the reality, especially since the last motel he called was answered by someone with a Hispanic accent. I knew that the person working there was Indian. Yuan Sun tried to prevent me from getting into a safer hotel. We decided to go to the Dunes Inn. The criminals had not yet accessed my room and placed Nano there yet. After detoxing for two hours, I laid down on the bed for a short while. I felt the cyber knife radiation was so intense. I was not able to sleep. I went outside to see what was going on, but I didn't see anything that was obvious. While I was inside my room, I could hear many cars driving by fast. I decided to try to sleep in the closet on the floor, but after lying down I began to feel heavy attacks on my breathing system. It was extremely difficult to breathe. I did not know what he had been using. He may have been using poison to block my breathing system. It may have been sulfuric powder.

Jan. 21st, I went to Total Imaging Center at Santa a Clarita for MRI on my leg, my neck and my body. I told the Technician about why I come to them, and if their machine would be able to find evidence. After the first scan on my knee, he showed me the imageries he got on my knees, asked me what are the wire dots , and if I had leg surgery before. Sine we saw these dots. I told him these dots are nano materials that the spy forced into my body that has caused me burning and pain, when being attacked. He also asked that if my leg had operation, I replyedno but I had experienced cold radiations as well as hot ones, my mussels are tight. That may be the cyber knife the bio terrorist used to cut my body and to diminish my tissues. I also did MRI on my lower abdomen, and bottom, the technician told me that he saw wired things going on , and he knows what is going on. He will give to radiologist to read them and results should be given to my doctors in a day or so. But, I visited my doctor a few days later, she had not got any of the MRI results. Untill we called a week later, telling the center we are going there for the results if the email not through. But, we got the results. The problems is: Even I do not understand radiology, I did not see any comments on the Nano dots on my knees. Yuan Sun , the spy can invade any computer, and can delete, changing images and can block them from viewing. He would not want any one see the evidence of his evil conducts, he will interrupt doctors diagnostics.

"The Truth Must Be Revealed!
The Spy Must Be Stopped!"