Yuan sun's control over our efforts to expose him

Here are a few examples I have to share. Hope someone can help.

1. Emails are able to disappear in front of our eyes: My three major email account are all being controlled. Yuan Sun is getting more and more aggressive since there aren't any official investigations against him. He is able to cut any email that he wants. Yahoo, Google, Hotmail are all under his control. Many of my contacts are unable to receive his emails. I am no longer able to receive any emails except from very few friends. On November 5, 2012, my yahoo emails in my inbox and sent folder were both cut off. It appeared as if someone sent a solicitation email to my family and friends to request money as if they were me and I were in trouble in a different country. The email was sent from qiuminji@live.com. I later found out that the email address was still associated with my account. Yuan Sun has been operating Yahoo login using my email account. My email account has been used to send spam to others and maybe bad links for his criminal activities. My yahoo mail is very important to him and I was able to see his scripts with his deep dark secrets. I was able to see how he operates a fake yahoo login and how he is able to attack me by writing his different scripts on my Yahoo login. In January 2013, I have not been able to login to my yahoo account. I have filled out the password reminder forms many times. When I was able to finally login, I found out that over 8,000 inbox and sent box emails were deleted. There were only 60 emails left on my inbox yahoo email account. Yuan Sun also has been interrupting and erasing my Gmail account since October. He has cut off many of my emails and made it to where my friends' emails to me do not appear and I miss very important messages that would assist in bringing him to justice. My email with N has been cut of many times. Recently an email sent to me from her, but her email disappeared in front of my eyes after I was able to return her email, within one minutes of me replied her email. But she never able to get my email, and we were not able to get in touch, till this day, still not able to reach each other since her phone also been cut off by the spy.

2. Online search results with date, time, and addresses, but when we print the information nothing shows up.

We have been looking for high technology, computer securities meet ups, and LA local Amnesty groups to share our situation and look for help. We were able to print meet up info, but when we go there we find out there isn't a meeting. The information on meet up is false. We continue to search for meet ups in hope of finding the right information. The spy now knows that we write down what is happening. He is more careful about the pages we print because it is solid evidence. Recently when we search for Amnesty's next meet up on the internet and tried to print a few pages, the date, time, and address did not show.

3. Our Microsoft Word documents can be altered. Our perfectly edited files are secretly reversed and unedited by Yuan Sun, the bio-terrorist, to make our reports be interpreted incorrectly. The altered reports have bad spelling, important words deleted, bad grammar, and just doesn't make any sense at all. For instance, in our Threat to Our National Security page, I have written many links to add comments to and address the issue at hand. We have two people that write and edit and a third person review the report. We have discovered that the photo we inserted had been removed and some links are missing. One of the missing links was most important because it proves to our general public about his use of "Bubonic" in his privacy reports. Yuan Sun uses his reversed digital technology in Microsoft Word and is able to reverse edit to mislead visitors to our site and make our presentations sound like non-sense. He makes our website un presentable and not able to understand by the general public.

4. My cameras are under Yuan Sun's control: During the last three years I have purchased about ten different cameras to photo and videotape all and any evidence I am able to. My cameras have all been invaded and controlled by Yuan Sun. He controls the setup features, is able to shut it down remotely, drain my batteries, new sd cards only able to take three to five photos, and makes it nearly impossible to get a photo or video recording of his criminal activities. Yuan Sun uses infrared to make my photos distorted and unable to view and my setup features disappeared from me. Yuan Sun shuts down my camera when I need it most to obtain the most important evidence against him to insure his capture. This does not only happen to me. K has used my camera, the same things happened to him when at critical time te camera being shut down.

Even if I did catch evidence on my camera, Yuan Sun still has his chance to erase them. Feb 2nd J download all photos, and I later on download on M's ciomputer for our website upgrading, But The next day, two of the most important photos were all became solid dark rectangles , The photo I took on that man was his hired stalking guy, who folowed me around, and I took a photo of him. Hope he will speek up what he is doing. However, Yuan sun knows the danger for that photo, he erased all of them.

Yuan Sun makes my video recording functions completely dysfunctional. He makes my video clips unable to show. When I took the memory card to a local printing shop to download my video images, the owner told me that all of the video images we deleted and read as photos. The tom & tom video program only remained on my card, but we were not able to view it. It has made me wonder if Yuan Sun has stolen computer intelligence that helps him to do all reverse searches to help him find ways to digitally dismantle video features to make them not work in order to hide his criminal activities. Yuan Sun has been doing anything and everything evil and since there are many more things happening, Yuan Sun has been able to remotely access all of my cameras and control their functions at the most important moment. He also can get in any photo printing machine and ruin photo sequencing, blacken them, duplicate more images to make it looks as if they just disappeared, but leave the total number of photos accurate.

"The Truth Must Be Revealed!
The Spy Must Be Stopped!"