Yuan Sun manipulates Medical Records, but how The Truth was Finally Revealed!

Detected Elevated Heavy Metals Unused Detox Patch Used Detox Patch Poison Control Center Privacy Report Time Magazine

The spy controls and manipulates of any record and data as he wishes. I found out tha the began to manipulate my medical records on July 10th. I was heavily poisoned by Mercury and Iodine. It was even hard for me to walk. Since I was told Los Angeles County Hospital's ER had a Toxicologist from a previous clinic, I decided to go to their ER. I was waiting in their emergency room since 10:00 pm. The next morning I asked the nurse if I had been registered and why haven't I been called? During the entire time I was waiting I had only left once to grab a bite to eat and she explained that there were a lot of people that needed to be seen. By the next morning when I didn't see the nurse I had previously spoken with, I asked a different nurse to pull my record. She told me that the record showed the patient left and refused to talk to a doctor, and also refused to speak with a psychiatrist. I explained to them that it wasn't true. They asked me to re-register and I did. As I was completing a new registration with one nurse, another nurse came along and said that she saw the patient, Qiu Min Ji, was released. Who would have the advantage to manipulate an online record so easily if they didn't have the World Wide Web in the palm of their hands as does Yuan Sun?

On another occasion at a different emergency room previously when I was heavily poisoned by Mercury, Nerve Gas Poison, and Nephlim, I felt as if I were going to die right then and there. I struggled to get out and call a taxi to go to the hospital. I waiting a very long time and the doctor didn't give me any treatment. Instead, they sent a psychiatrist to speak with me. The nurse told me that the blood test showed I had a perfect lab result and the doctor was unable to help me. The reality of the situation is that I haven't had a perfect lab test result since last year in July and previous to that time, heavy metals such as Mercury was at an all time high. With the symptoms that I had been experiencing, it just isn't possible that I had perfect lab results. Yuan Sun was able to manipulate the test results to avoid being exposed for poisoning me and instead made me look crazy and expected me to be placed in a mental health facility.

Thus far, Yuan Sun has been successful in covering up the truth, but God has been continually directing me to expose the shocking truth. I have found in privacy reports that Yuan Sun, the savvy window broker has stole Microsoft library and control of the library he adapted by using remote access.

View the Privacy reports from Microsoft and Time Magazine Technology, and www.techland .com to further prove that our system has been manipulated and controlled by Yuan Sun, the bio terrorist and military spy. He is controlling the testing results of the poisons that he sends to my body in order to prevent him being exposed and being brought to justice for using bio-terrorist weapons and Nerve Agents to remit to my body.

Time Magazine Page 12: Link #1


Comment: His control relates to his weapon content and devices, such as his adapted library assets. This was meant to be used as a weapon "plugins.min" and "min" is double meaning words. It is a high technology term, but it is also my first name. The end numbers are the location of his file. Whenever he knows which lab is doing the testing and the true results will expose his terrorist activities and lead to his arrest, he remotely plugs in his own library, which restricts his weapon content and forces the lab to give false results.

Time Magazine Page 4: Link #4


Microsoft Privacy Report August 2012, Page 1: Photo 3 Link #5


Microsoft Privacy Report August 2012, Page 7: #5



Comment: Yuan Sun also has his own adapted library, which he can control to make some of the words not appear in lab testing results. I know this because I have been suffering from his fake testing results. Even when I was heavily poisoned and went to the ER, the doctor was unable to find any poison in my body. They said I had a perfect blood test results and did not know what else to do with me other than recommend that I be committed to the psychiatric ward.

Yuan Sun's World Wide Web, computer, and phone control have extended to my daily life. Since he is in control of the online system, he is able to easily change my records to agitate me and show me his ultimate power. Below are a few more examples of how Yuan Sun is able to abuse his stolen hidden power of control.

Since the summer of 2012, Yuan Sun sends more and more poisons. He switches from genetically made poisons such as Carbon Monoxide, Nerve Agents, and the Bubonic Plague. I have been trying to expose his bio-terrorist activities by doing lab test. I was confident that the results will be the truth since doctors and patients trust the computers used in the laboratories. In August 2012, I sent detox patches to Avomeen, a laboratory based in Ann Arbor, Michigan. I spoke with the laboratory testing personnel a few times and explained to them what has been happening. I mailed a package of my detox patches that weighed over ten pounds. Approximately one month later, I was shocked when I learned the results. There had been no poison discovered in the huge quantity of detox patches. My toxicologist normally does the testing for me. She told me that the laboratory that she works with uses different ways to extract and test the poisons. In order to expose the truth, I paid another laboratory to find the unknown poison for testing. Meanwhile, I asked Dr. Staninger did she find out that he lab testing results have any discrepancies according to the wavelength chart I showed her. She wrote a report for me based on the wave length chart to reveal the truth about the testing results not being accurate.

Approximately a month later, October 2012, the second lab testing result came back from Dr. Staninger's laboratory suggested Laboratory found some poisons here and there, but did not find the main heavy metals,and nerve agents we were looking for. Even Nerve Agents was not found, although it is very obvious that it is coming to my body daily.

I however learned that Yuan Sun can control any lab testing result if he knows you are forwarding the poison he is remitting to a particular laboratory. I decided to do myself justice by not mentioning who or where I am sending my same detox patches. I sent the detox patches to the Larson Company by using a third party. There was a person I have never met and did not know. I put together the package and explained in writing to everyone where I want the package sent and that it should only be discussed in writing. Never speak. I enclosed a check for two tests and ensured that the package wasn't in my name, but a name that I wasn't aware of.

THE TRUTH WAS FINALLY REVEALED! I did not know that the two tests were supposed to be three tests because they also needed to test an unused detox patch for comparison during the testing. So the unknown chemical testing was not performed. Still the truth has been revealed.

This PDF is a single used detox patch that found high levels of heavy metals while the unused detox patch found no poison, nor heavy metals. On one hand Yuan Sun controls the lab testing results by his stolen MS library access, the other hand he has been controlling the poison control website to make all useful links being blocked. I cannot contact anyone for information. The attached privacy report reflects Yuan sun's control over the Poison Control Center's website and I could not find any useful contact information. I have been fortunate to be able to work the best Toxicologist, who was able to guide me by natural products to use for extracting out the poisons coming to me every minute.

High elevated metals detected in lab testing result. How much heavy metals are flowing out of Qiu Min Ji's body? The PDF documents at the top of this page are based on one unused detox patch to be comparison of one used detox patch and lab testing results. Among them twenty-one heavy metals were discovered. More than half of them are highly elevated based on a single patch test. Qiu Min Ji uses 20 - 50 detox patches every day, and has used over 100 pound of detox patches.

Do the math:

A. Qiu Min Ji uses detox patches to soak out the poisons coming to her every day. She uses a minimum of 20 detox patches per day. The fact is that a single detox patch found these amounts of elevated poisons. By averaging 20 of them per day at minimum, how much poison is going through her body, yet not being detoxified. When you multiply the testing results by 20, almost all of the heavy metals are highly elevated as follows:

Element Amount Found Normal Amount Calculation for 20 patches
Lithium 58.2 ug/L 200 ug/L 20x58.2=1160.4
Beryllium 0.03 ug/L 2ug/L 20x0.03=6
Aluminum 4.123 ug/L 30 ug/L 20x4.123=80.246
Chromium 333.1 ug/L 40 ug/L 20x333.1=6620.6
Manganese 16750.0 ug/L 1 ug/L 20x16750.0=35000
Cobalt 140.8 ug/L 2 ug/L 20x140.8=281.6
Nickel 63.1 ug/L 4 ug/L 20x63.1=1260.2
Copper 610.7 ug/L 75 ug/L 20x610.7=1221.4
Zinc 1113.0 ug/L 1300 ug/L 20x1113.0=22260
Arsenic 34 ug/L 35 ug/L 20x35=700
Selenium 13.1 ug/L 200 ug/L 20x13.1=250.2
Silver 1.5 ug/L 100 ug/L 20x1.5=30
Cadmium 15.5 ug/l 3 ug/L 20x15.5=310
Tin 31.1 ug/L 17 ug/L 20x31.1=620.2
Antimony 4053.0 ug/L 3.6 ug/L 20x4053.0=8106
Barium 20,310.0 ug/L 20 ug/L 20x20310.0=40620
Platinum 1.0 ug/L 0.03 ug/L 20x1.0=20
Mercury 16.0 ug/L 20 ug/L 20x16.0=320.0
Lead 113.6 ug/L 80 ug/L 20x113.6=127.2
Thorium 3.4 ug/L 3.8/L 20x3.4=60.8
Uranium 5.7 ug/L 0.3 ug/L 20x5.7=114

How did Qiu Min Ji become exposed to such high levels of heavy metals? What military weapons Yuan Sun has been applied on her that contain these metals? How Yuan Sun remit to her body through remote? Please view the analytical report in the above PDF file, by a licensed toxicologist, Dr. Staninger. We may also need expert from military knowing all the weapons contents.

I still have not done the testing to reveal the truth about the Nerve Agents that are in my body. I am here to request of anyone who can assist me with information. I am looking for a laboratory that does not use computer technology to complete research and test. I am looking for a laboratory that uses traditional testing methods to find the poisons that are in my body since the lab testing results can be controlled. I may not be able to play the same games sent by computers. I will also use a laboratory that is willing to examine their computer system and MS library to insure that it is intact and accurate. Please help me to reveal the truth. More and more toxins have been remitted by Yuan Sun including VX Nerve Agents and other poisons. I still have over 30 pounds of detox patches and would like to challenge anyone who can do the lab normal testing for me by old traditional ways that do not involve the use of computers in order to ensure the results are not being controlled by Yuan Sun, the bio-terrorist spy from China.

"The Truth Must Be Revealed!
The Spy Must Be Stopped!"