Disable Microsoft Program Features(Photo Documentation)

During the last three years, I have hard time to use internet researches, and as well as using Microsoft. I no longer use my own computer, but only use internet cafe's. Still, the spy is right at the computer I am at. he can switch attachment when I am saving it. When the email receiver open up the file, she/he would not know the comparison and take the old file I have attached. It is happening also when i try to save documents as well. My assistant and Ii have hard time to save files for our website. in Microsoft words. Even give me another 10 pages, I would not able to finish how much controlling the spy have on my computing, but, I never able to report him on line, all the reporting him features are being controlled.

August, 2012, I accidentally saw a popup on the computer i was using, I clicked around, and saw he has disabled Microsoft program features. I photo documented these to share with all American, and private citizens.

"The Truth Must Be Revealed!
The Spy Must Be Stopped!"