Duplicate and Control any Website

(Meetup) BrickHouseSecurity Privacy-Report-From-Office-Depot-A6 Privacy-Report-Paypal Privacy-Report-Search-Iron-Steel-Shop-May17-2012 Security Camera

The spy, with his underground net work, all recourses stolen from Microsoft, and the stolen, yet upgraded windown32 OP system drivers, stolen remote IP/AR P drivers, protocol drivers, cet magic files, he has the ability to remotely connect into any computer, or equipment I have used, be it private or public, and any lab, camera phones testing equipments instantly, even car if allow remote connection. I have seen hundreds of them. I also have witness hundreds of websites, being blocked, duplicated and controlled. He needs only to add a word or two at the original URL links, and that entire website that he's already stolen becomes his own and then he can use the content as he wishes. Computer specialists, online security experts and web masters may not be able to detect anything wrong since he does not change a website at its' original server nor leave any mark of intrusion. While blocking the real site, he simply and simultaneously controls the fake one. And, his control of a website can be brutal; interrupting sales, causing dropped calls and disconnections of online chat sessions and missing articles or photos so that a website looks like something is wrong with it. However, his control can also be very subtle, with only a phone number, name or postal code missing or even slightly altered, it can be extremely difficult to even detect unless you know the original site well enough to know what to look for.

On this section, I want to present some websites that have been victimized or manipulated while I was searching on their sites. They all crossed my eyes for a reason, and I photo documented them to share.

Privacy Report from PayPal

A friend forwarded a link on Electrical Angel, whose eBook was said to help get rid of electronic harassment. I really wanted to read the eBook, so I decided to go to a web bar to use a guest account. I paid by credit card through PayPal and was supposed to receive a link to download the eBook, but I even I received confirmation of payment, I never get the download link which I have paid for. It was then that I noticed the privacy report icon and clicked it open. Even with untrained eyes I understood that Yuan Sun has blocked the real PayPal and replaced it with his fake PayPal site to control and made the download link not shown.

Meet up - I had been trying to find a local meetup group to discuss my discoveries online, however could not locate a single high tech meetup. Later, I found out that the privacy report showed the spy had blocked my resources.

Google search for Iron and Steel Shop

The same period, I also searched for a local iron steel shop to help me make a mushield vest which can help to shield from EMFs, but I could not find even a single shop through my entire searching. Then I saw the privacy icon and clicked open the privacy report. About a dozen Google sites had been blocked, and he uses a few of his stolen websites as accepted to control the search results. And since I've seen this kind of privacy reports many times, I know he is capable to use automatic input for his stolen website link names as the controlling site. This has been proved by seeing one of his statements on his identity as his "auto column input"

Security Camera on March 19th, 2012

I was searching for security cameras to put around my new apartment inside and out since the spy has criminal coming to the new building day and night, spray poisons at my window and door. Even one time, a criminal, at 4:00 Am open my door, came to my apartment and turned on my light. I confront him, but he run away fast. That was the situation I was at when searching cameras. Hope that I can get good security cameras to record the criminal activities. But I searched for a long time, could not put on any cameras on my shopping cart. And I tried to report to the live chatting person, but I could not reach the live person on line either. Later when I saw the privacy report Icon, I clicked open, I saw that site was being controlled.

Break house-security, March 22, 2012

Under the same situation in research for security cameras. The similar control happened.

"The Truth Must Be Revealed!
The Spy Must Be Stopped!"