How Elephant tranquilizer Being discovered On Microscope Testing Results

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During January to Early March of 2012, Yuan Sun, his wife, Meng Jia Hu, and his criminal associates arrived in Los Angeles. They came to my apartment building and put wires and sprayed poisons all around. I was forced to escape to different cities at night, go to the library during the day, and only go home to change clothing. There were two occasions where I almost fainted twice. The longest I stayed in my apartment was fifteen minutes. I know I was being seriously poisoned. I used Detox patches as well as went to a traditional Chinese detox treatment at Chinese Gua Sha in February, 2012.

When the Chinese detox practitioner, Linda did Gua Sha on my neck, she said, "Oh, I am feeling vomiting!" So, we discussed how I felt vomiting when the poison on me and almost fainted, but I struggled to get out of my apartment. This must be the same poison came out of my skin when she practice Gua sha on my neck. Then, I thought if I wipe my body while she practiced Gua Sha, I may find the poison that is inside of my body. The practitioner, Linda, used the paper towel to wipe my body. Later, I sent it to my toxicologist for lab testing of all unknown chemicals. I also send in the same blank paper as the comparison of the chemical discoveries.

Through microscope testing, many bad chemical compounds was discovered in the testing results. As indicated by Dr. Hildegard Staninger, Elephant Tranquilizer is one of the very dangerous poison to calm down elephants, and it has been restricted to use on humans. That was the reason that cause me almost fainted in my home, but I was able to recognize the danger and escape in time. Where and How Yun Sun got these restricted medicine?

Another interesting finding from the testing results is the discovery of psychoactive drugs in my system. Everyone that knows me knows that I do not use drugs. I am a firm believer of natural healing and have been living in a holistic lifestyle. For example, After I had my brain surgery, the surgeon gave me forty pain killers. I only took four of them even I was in pain.. How could these drugs be in my system? Since both elephant tranquilizer and psychoactive drugs in my system, it could be that Yuan Sun has planned to kill me and has also planned ahead in case my body is examined. He may have put these psychoactive drugs into my system to make police believe that I was abusing drugs and that I died as a result of drugs use.

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The Spy Must Be Stopped!"