E-mail to Media Being Diverted

Bringing the bio-terrorist criminal spy, Yuan Sun to justice has been a tremendous battle. I created an account with www.ConstantContact.com with the intent on contacting the media via email. I purchased a media list from www.MondoTimes.com and created a press release on www.ConstantContact.com. On September 21, 2012, we wrote a press release titled, "The World Wide Web Has Been Stolen and Manipulated". It was sent to over 2,200 media outlets. Based on the reports provided by www.ContactContact.com only 365 emails were open and 204 were the incorrect email address. I checked my email daily for a response. The address to respond to was stopthespi@gmail.com. I only received messages stating the email address is not correct or out of the office automatic replies. I did receive a phone call from a woman that stated she was a victim just like me, but I lost contact with her after trying to reach her a second time. The peculiar thing is that this woman received my emailed press release, but she was not in the media. How did her email address appear on this purchased media list? It is very strange.

The next press release that I forwarded using the www.ConstantContact.com was titled, "Is the Spy from China Responsible for the Bubonic Plague recently found on American Soil?" This particular press release was forwarded to over 4,500 media outlets on October 28, 2012. I used the reply to email, support@stopthespy.org, since it has my website address in the email and is more professional. Only 656 of 4,524 were opened. Again I check daily for a reply from someone in the media. I still received no response other than out of the office replies and incorrect email address emails. There were 388 incorrect email addresses in this newly purchased media list from www.MondoTimes.com.

My final attempt to send a press release to the media by email was on December 26, 2012. This press release was a copy of our petition to the White House and Members of the 112th Congress of the United States of America. It was forwarded on www.ConstantContact.com to the previous media list we purchased from www.MondoTimes.com. This press release was sent to 4,490 recipients. Of the 4,490 emails there were only 679 that we opened and 477 were incorrect email addresses. I again checked daily to see if I received any reply from the media. There wasn't anything different this time either. Every response was an out of the office reply or incorrect email address email.

I eventually canceled my www.ConstantContact.com account as it wasn't serving its purpose. It seems as if the spy, Yuan Sun, had already had complete control of the content being released and insured that many of the media outlets never received my email and if anyone did respond he made sure I didn't receive their response. I have yet to hear from anyone in the media from the media list purchased from www.MondoTimes.com.

"The Truth Must Be Revealed!
The Spy Must Be Stopped!"