How the Nano Bio-Sensor Was Secretly Forced Into My Brain and Ear

Yuan Sun invaded my computer in 2003. He stole my credit card information and money. I reported him to the local police and that is around the time he began attacking me. I ended up in a mental facility with nobody, family nor friends, who understood what was going on. I finally gave up, tried to ignore him and live a normal life by running my business. I knew his computer was remotely accessing my computer and that he was able to receive all of my Yahoo! emails.

In 2008 when the financial market crashed, I lost a lot of money. I decided to keep my Fidelity account and do some trading to get some money back for myself. I did it every day. By late 2009, I was doing pretty well. I almost earned all of my money back. Meanwhile, I began to see problems on my computer, as if it had been invaded. Yuan Sun was going in and out of my computer. It seems as if he was paying attention to my Fidelity account. I tried to find out what he was doing and knew that he uses a flash to take photos of my Fidelity account. I believe he was able to get my passwords. By the end of 2009, I decided to only leave my computer on while in use and turn it off afterwards.

When Yuan Sun attempted to wipe my account clean, it woke me up!

An event happened at the end of 2009 that really woke me up. It was late, about 1AM. I was still on the phone speaking with China and planning concert performances. I was told that the photo I sent was not received and I needed to email it again when I got off of the phone. As I was approaching my computer, I saw strange things happening. My computer screen that was turned off was suddenly on and busy copying files by itself. I had battled with Yuan Sun over control of my computer before and knew that he turned my computer on after midnight while he thought I was sleeping. He may also have copied all of my files off of my computer to form another computer with the same ID so that he can steal my Fidelity account and transfer out of my own IP address. I would have never been able to get my money back from Fidelity since they would not be able to prove that it wasn't me who made the transfer since it would have been from my IP address. So, I pulled the trigger and stopped the computer. I was afraid and angry. I did not know how much he had copied from my computer and if the transfer was done or not. The first thing I did was write a letter to Fidelity telling them that I hadn't authorized any wire transfers even if there were any shown from my IP address. I informed them that a criminal has been trying to do that and that I was writing as a security measure. I faxed the letter to them straight away to prevent any transactions from taking place.

This was the time that I knew I could no longer ignore him. I also felt as if I weren't living up to my integrity and that I should not ignore him and allow him to just steal all of my life savings in a matter of seconds. A day or so later, I asked a neighbor, who is an IT specialist, to diagnose the problems I was having with my computer. He reviewed my computer logs and informed me that someone had been copying my computer files and showed me a list of web addresses. I was very shocked to see the list had my business web address,, with a lot of slashes and other words that I don't recall. These folders were originally a mystery not only to me, but to others who have helped me with web design for a very long period of time. I immediately realised what they were.

In 2007 & 2008, my website,, had many technical difficulties; my header disappeared and the content on the website was not properly aligned. I contacted Tony, my original web designer, and asked that he explain to me why my website was having such technical difficulties. He didn't understand and contacted my hosting company, Ready Hosting, and they didn't understand why this was happening either. But, I was fed up and decided to change my hosting company. Originally, my web designer said that it wouldn't be difficult to move the content from the old hosting company to the new hosting company. Approximately a week later, my web designer stated that it was indeed more difficult after all than what was originally thought because there were a lot of strange HTML codes hidden in the background of the home page as well as a number of empty folders, none of which were in use. We contacted the original web designer, Tony, and asked about the strange content we found on the site. He had no idea how it turned up there, but I knew that Yuan Sun had been invading my website to cause a lot of technical difficulties. He had planned to clone my files to another computer with an identical IP address in order to delete my account within seconds. I didn't go to the authorities immediately, but I was still in investigation mode and contacted an IT professional to install software to set a trap for Yuan Sun as well as contacted the hosting company to request that they view their logs to see who had been visiting my site. I also confided in a friend about how Yuan Sun was attempting to steal my money and how he may have already successfully stolen other individual's money, as well as credit card information without being caught by the authorities.

How did Yuan Sun force a Nano bio sensor into my brain and my ear?

Approximately January or February, 2010 is about when Yuan Sun began his second round of attacks against me with his ultimate goal of terminating me "with extreme prejudice". At the time, I was unaware that Yuan Sun had been monitoring my daily activities. As I sat in my home office, I had a strange feeling come over me and also heard what I believed to be a bustle in the hedgerow outside my home. It is normally very quiet at that time of the year, especially in the evening. I received a phone call from someone I found a bit strange, since he was neither my friend, nor of my family and called during non-business hours, talking nonsense. He was apparently associated with Yuan Sun, trying to make me talk down the phone. While I held the phone by my right ear I felt something similar to the prick of a needle hit my left ear, followed by a painful burning sensation. But, when I turned around, I saw nothing. I touched my ear and again, felt nothing. I believe that to be the exact moment Yuan Sun remitted his high tech Nano in crystal liquid form into my ear. According to Dr. Hildegard Staningner, my toxicologist, that was transmitted by Microwave and by Microwave gun. Liquid crystal nano traveled all the way to my frontal lobe, and the liquid crystal absorbed my one body nutrition and in a short time grew to a fully man-made nano bio-sensor. I knew that Nano in crystal liquid form had used my body's neutrons to nurture itself to grow into a fully functional mesogen and stay where it is as the spy's weapon of torture with his ultimate goal to kill me without a trace of evidence.

The Nano brain bio-sensor, is a fully functional meson. The removed nano bio-sensor could not be cut open with a regular knife, so the lab had to cut it open by diamond cutter. If you pay attention to the opening cut sides, you can see the nano as small black dots inside the bio-sensor. The first page photo looks like a bloody tumor, but hospital testing found no meningioma lines, not cancer nor any tumors. The red color looks like human blood. But it is not, and it does not have in it the most important human blood element --- Iron. The nano bio-sensor is a totally man made object meant to grow inside a human body as a weapon and monitor brain function to destroy and kill . That was an American military invention forced into my brain through my ear, that travelled automatically to my frontal lobe. The pieces in the photo are from my left ear with a nano tube connected from my ear, and the nano brain sensor with a Nano tube. The spy can hear my environment at every second, knowing what I do, who I am talking with and who joined my efforts, then tracking anyone he wants to. The Nano bio-sensor is the first one the spy forced into my body as his secret weapon. In over a 3 year period, Yuan Sun has imposed many more nanos of different kinds, all in different ways and means . He's placed them on my left hip, right knee and lower legs, as well as other parts of my body. (click here)

"The Truth Must Be Revealed!
The Spy Must Be Stopped!"