The Shocking Facts Must Be Revealed

Yuan Sun, the spy from China, has totally intruded on America's major corporations, such as Microsoft, Yahoo, Department of Defense, DARPA,, etc. He has been able to hack into Yahoo using his massive database of website interlinks, which allows his own websites to blend in with the original Yahoo and interact with Yahoo, making Yahoo his hosting site by which he is able to gain a solid foundation in his intrusion to many other major websites in the United States.

Only because of the Yahoo privacy reports, I have been able to see that by using Yahoo as his hosting site, he can put in orders, goals, strategies, and his ways and means to attack me. I am the only person in the world able to see his secret http system and I have take photos as evidence to reveal him in any way possible. He has stolen http system drivers, upgraded them in a way that he is able to secretly control the normal http system. He has secretly reset Microsoft search boxes and web trends secretly making his own mapping and forcing the internet to accept his governing BIMAPPING over the normal http bimapping. He forces his DEFENSE over the normal http US Defense. With the ways and means that he has established, he has the ultimate hidden control over the internet. Not only has he stolen the original http system, he has stolen Microsoft Windows phone technology and has been controlling my efforts to reveal him and any efforts that assist me to reveal the truth. He not only controls my email, online activities, and monitors and attacks me every minutes, he also controls my phone and other modern ways of communication. The fact that he has setup a way to control the internet means that it doesn't only affect me but America as a nation. Our communication system and access to our military and government have unforeseen consequences.

Why do I believe this? I invite you to check the shocking facts. View his privacy reports that I have seen and photo documented ever since I was forced onto his http; which is how he controls all of my online activities.

Please prepare yourself to not see any contents when you click on the live links. Why? Since all of these secret web pages or links show his efforts and contribute to his secret control and ability to track and attack me he will not want to show his real web contents. He uses these secret web pages or links to access and alter America's high technology military secrets or weapons that he has been able to apply to me in the most evil form and have been able to use to cheat the world.

I know that these are facts because I have been receiving the end results of his attacks with different weapons and poisons. I know these are facts because my online activities have been controlled and I have been unable to make any reports to Microsoft or Yahoo. I later found his control on Microsoft privacy reports and his ability to disable Microsoft program features. I know these are facts because I have been experiencing his remote accessing computer management information on my computer and any computers that I use. I eventually was able to see his remote accessing computer management information in August 2011 and November 2012 and was able to take more than 950 photos which show he has Microsoft http system drivers. I know these are facts because my yahoo and hotmail email are being brutally controlled and I have seen the spy's massive weblinks flying by my Yahoo email account each time I login. I was eventually able to read the Yahoo privacy reports and understand that he spy had taken possession. I was able to put all of the puzzle pieces together and figure out that he hacked in and see how he was able to operate his spy criminal activities via Yahoo domain. His programming is linked to the whole internet and how he disguised his manipulation by Yahoo live activites. I know these are facts because for years he has been attacking me by radiation through the air and one day I saw one of his scripts on how to attack my head with the words in the script being universal head. I know these are facts because my phone was connected to his computer and being controlled by him and a date appeared that was 32 years ago. I was later able to prove why by reading through his scripts. He uses his Darla timer so that no one is able to detect him or his criminal activities.

"The Truth Must Be Revealed!
The Spy Must Be Stopped!"