My Life Is Being Controlled, Website Being Manipulated HELP NEEDED!

I have been putting every moment of my life into exposing Yuan Sun, the spy from China. I have spent over $100,000 in medical testing, lab test, private investigators, web designers, marketing, pr, etc. Every effort that I make Yuan Sun does everything he can to ensure that his criminal activities are not exposed to our government or our public. I have made contact with The White House, FBI, FCC, CDC, and many other government agencies seeking assistance. I need your help fellow Americans. Help me to give this cause a voice. Help to expose this spy that has complete remote access to any computer including the network of our government agencies. My life is miserable, yet I still fight day to day to survive if not only to expose Yuan Sun to protect our great nation from this type of cyber terrorism, biological terrorism, bio-chemical terrorism, torture, excruciating pain, and isolation from my loved one. I will spend every penny I have, give every minute of my life, and even sacrifice my life to ensure the TRUTH is revealed. With every effort I make to expose Yuan Sun, he works twice as hard to block me from any type of help or assistance. I have been working on my website for many months. This has become a day to day struggle as well. My website is being completely controlled and manipulated. Media contacts have reached out to me, but can't understand my urgency or need because of the non-sense on the website. Yuan Sun made links not work, change words to make it as if I was delusional or didn't know what I was talking about, deleted pages from very important privacy reports and medical reports, and even was able to gain remote access to my web designers server to try to ruin his site. Yuan Sun has made my life a living hell and has tried to do the same to those who are helping me.

I need help fellow Americans. I need you to write your local officials and inform them of what is happening on American Soil. I need you to take 10 minutes of your day to write and send a letter to our government officials demanding they respond and do their own investigation to stop this heinous crime of terrorism against an American, our Nation, and the corporations of American. As you have seen in my privacy reports, Yuan Sun is able to remotely access, control, duplicate, and manipulate the websites of major United States corporations at his choosing. AT&T, Microsoft, Yahoo, Google, CNET, etc. You name it. He is able to gain control and do whatever he chooses. Why haven't these corporations done anything to stop this spy from accessing their secret files? Why is it they will not respond to the huge pile of evidence that I have sent to them? Are they completely clueless to the damage this spy is able to cause? I have contacted every corporation that I am aware of that Yuan Sun has remote access to. Once I am able to get some assistance to resolve the matter, Yuan Sun has been able to cut my phone lines and send their phones and emails to a dead end making it nearly impossible to make contact. My emails and phone are being controlled. Anytime I try to reach someone my calls are forwarded to a fake voice mail. Sometimes I even get a fake error message stating that the phone number is longer in service, although I may have spoken to the person the day before. My emails never make it to the recipient. There have even been times my emails have been diverted and instead of reaching the intended media personnel I would reach another victim going through the things that I have been experiencing for over the last three years. I have even sent out 4,500 postal letters to media contacts and some of the addresses in the excel file have been changed to not make any sense; making them impossible to deliver and being returned by the postal service. Yuan Sun will do anything, even kill me, to stop me from exposing the criminal activities of him and his associates. My life day to day has been an extreme struggle. I am constantly battling for control with Yuan Sun. He sends poisons to my body 24/7. I have contacted the health department in regards to the air being tainted by Yuan Sun in order for him to do harm to me. My concern is those in close proximity to me being exposed to the chemicals and radiation that Yuan Sun is sending to me in large amounts, deadly amounts. Yuan Sun is responsible for the recent outbreak of the Bubonic Plague in Southern California a few weeks ago. He was able to remotely access the website of our military to steal from their military storage. This guy is very dangerous to our nation. Who else can remotely access government websites, steal from them, and go undetected. Only the high technology military spy from China. He has stolen VX and other Nerve Agents as well. These are only available through the United States military, nowhere else. These are deadly biological weapons used to destroy lives and mine is being ruined every minute of every day. I will never give up this fight until Yuan Sun is brought to justice.

I urge you fellow Americans and media to stand up and take action. We have to protect our nation. Please gather the resources I have tried never able to reach, to evaluate my evidences materials, please initiate discussions for common citizens and expert to voice their opinions. Please write these agencies listed below and ask them to investigate and respond to our concerns. I have full evidence available at their request. You may also contact me at:

Qiu Min Ji
3550 Wilshire Blvd., Suite 105-114
Los Angeles, CA 90010

Please contact these government agencies requesting theytake action on this matter:

President Barack Obama, The white House
The White House
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW Washington, DC 20500

FBI Headquarters
935 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW
Washington, D.C. 20535-0001
(202) 324-3000

"The Truth Must Be Revealed!
The Spy Must Be Stopped!"