The Hidden Power of Control on American Soil

(Craigslist) (Vocus) (oDesk) (CTD)

The consequences of the spy's control on the internet extended to phone manipulation, and all the modern ways of communications as he has stolen the windows and phone technology. As internet grows more and more popular, so is the hidden power of the spy. His intense controls on my efforts to expose him go to wherever my efforts goes, gets in every corner of our society. But, there is no one to take action on him, the truth still unknown to our public.

He has been able to manipulate my contacts to our government, controls my efforts to expose him to all high tech companies and professionals, prevent my efforts to expose him to our media through his controls on phone, internet, and emails. For example, when I called high tech Cyber division of government entities, my phone reminds me that my call had been diverted; the reality was I was not able to reach a single person of the whole Cyber division. Recently, we have emailed to over 100 top news opinion editors, but, our email address have been diverted, we knew for the fact when one lady contacted us, when I asked if she is an editor from a newspaper, she told me she was nothing to do with media, and she received our email. It happened she was also a victim of online poison.

Our website cannot keep the original content as designed. Its writings have been changed, making it nonsense, wrong grammar, not in order. Some of the important photos do not show. When downloading, I see black lines and extremely slow downloading; while some of our original photo documentations' page numbers were cut off to make the lines not show up, and other extremely important pages missing. The whole purpose is to make my website not reveal the truth, the mess he has created made me looks like I'm mentally incapable of doing anything in order for my site to go unnoticed. Who else would dedicate so much time and energy to destroy my website if not the spy since my website is going to expose him?

Since Late Oct. we have been devoted to fix my website, start writing again and also updates the information since it has been months since the information was placed and there is much more new documentation available. Our writing on computer and email has been interrupted and the last ten months of my email communication and all of my contacts have been deleted. I still do not believe the sudden criminal acts are from separate party since I know Yuan Sun's purpose has been to control my ability to expose him on my website, through writing efforts, and by erased my mails. His purpose has been achieved.

In this section, the below privacy reports are from the websites that I was looking for help to expose him, but end up my efforts were being controlled. Each of these privacy reports has its own story background.

Privacy Report from Craigslist: Early August I tried to find high technology computer specialist who can read my photo documents on privacy reports and I hope will find high technology computer experts who can support me and help evaluate my reports. I posted four job listings at different times, but none of them would stay posted for long. As a matter of fact, all were taken down by Yuan Sun. I spoke with a woman who promised to ask why my posts were taken down. But I never heard from her.

This photo documentation shows that website has been manipulated by Yuan Sun.

The privacy reports from Poison Control Center are photos that were taken in early August of 2012 at 3500 Wilshire Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90010. I have been poisoned by Yuan Sun through his online setups. I have been looking for any resources that can help me make a report on what has been happening to me. I was told that Poison Control Center can help me and I have emailed them, but when I was searching on this site I could not find any helpful information. All helpful info was blocked. Then I saw the privacy Management Icon.

Late June 2012, I tried to sign in, but the strange captcha asked me to retype the letters that I was not able to read. I then saw the privacy report. Yuan Sun has blocked the real captcha and the ones I saw were all fake.

Since his type of invasion is one that no one has ever done before and the high technology has been stolen from Microsoft and possibly our military, American society and our law enforcement is not ready to accept the reality nor has anyone been train to understand what is going on. Simple obvious evidence that is easy to understand and catch the spy's monitoring of my life every second; he knows who I talk to, who is helping me, and who is investigating him, which gives him the opportunity to change his agenda or simply remove evidence that is linked to his criminal activities.

"The Truth Must Be Revealed!
The Spy Must Be Stopped!"