How the Spy is attacking me with attempt to kill

1. Why our government official not able to see his set up online, his Terrorist and spy activities?

A. Yuan Sun's has used his advanced system secretly set up controls on privacy reports. But this privacy report doesn't show up on government or any computers. Still he is able to control.

B. Yuan sun uses Darla timer, a date no his computer 32 years ago. Since he controls my phone on his computer, his Darla timer date showed on my phone.

C. Yuan Sun disguise his criminal activities by using on line alive activities wrappers, music wrappers.

D. Yuan Sun has set up bi. data retrievers. He can track his data as well as normal http system data, Anytime I make a report on what he is doing, he knows, and he could erase his data, and move his activities to different locations.

How Yuan sun able to use tracking devices monitor private lives?

Yuan Sun has 11 sound tracking software can track any sound down to the whisper, and he has 11 image tracking soft wares can track any thing he wants through tiny opening, down to the door hole or slice opening of curtain. He has auto coding and decoding system on both of his tracking. I saw on his remote accessing computer info (Photo Link)

2. How Yuan Sun has been poisoning me through nearby and from afar?

A. Yuan Sun used Elephant Tranquilizer to kill, which was found out during August 7, 2012 lab testing.

B. Yuan Sun tried to kill Qiu Min Ji at Los Angeles International Airport in the bathroom on October 23, 2012 by eject VX poison to her private parts through airport sewer system.

C. On March 23, 2012, Yuan Sun's criminal associates broke into Qiu Min Ji's apartment while she was awake. When she came out to confront him, the man ran quickly away from her apartment.

D. Yuan Sun steals Nerve Agents from United States military storage to remit to Qiu Min Ji remotely.

What weapons High tech Yuan Sun has been used to torture and kill?

3. As a low tech civilian, I cannot catch up with what Yuan Sun, the bio-terrorist high tech military spy's high tech, uses to force Nano advanced materials into me. It took me a long time to search what weapon he uses, but he still have more weapons that I have not figured out. Here I want to describe how he chipped me in recent months. Maybe experts can tell what high tech weapon is being applied to me in my daily life.

I have photos that show all of the cuts and wounds on my neck, ears, chest, legs, finger nails, toe nails, and private parts. Some areas it is hard to take photos. How is Yuan Sun able to cut my skin open and cut me inside out?

A. Yuan Sun is able to track me by sound. Since he is able to hear my environment, he is able to use very sharp waves to cut my skin with Nanos. He can send them as tiny dots and when I get the cut it just looks as if I have red irritated skin. He can also send the Nanos as paper cuts or bigger and deeper than paper cuts. Even the tiny dots can make an electronic rope when he uses thousands of them. Yuan Sun can use this much Nano advanced materials in a push of a button. I have seen on privacy reports that Yuan Sun has many different weapons. This may be one of his echo weapons that are able to send cuts to me by following any sound that I make and even my movements. He is able to do it while I am at home and anywhere that I go as long as I am the only person that is moving or making noise. If other people are making noise he cannot find me.

B. Since late October 2012, Yuan Sun came back to Los Angeles with his wife, Meng Jia Hu, and their criminal associates. He uses many innocent people to drive around or sit in the car wherever I go, stalk me, and send radiation and Nano advanced materials to me. When he drives, I feel my head, ears, neck, or feet being badly attacked. By the time I realize that it is Nano chips flying by me, the cars hurry and leave, driver by quickly, or completely vanish. It makes it difficult to get their vehicle information.

C. Yuan Sun can send cutting Nanos, poisons, and radiation not only when he sees me, but through computers as well. He is also able to use televisions, video surveillance equipment, both public and private, phones, etc. in restaurants, metro stations, internet cafe, hospitals, on buses, and anywhere I go. This is especially true for the places that I frequent and is able to get access to new places in such a short time. He has blueprints of every building I have been and knows where their ventilation systems are, as well as their electrical and sewer systems. He can use all of the above sources to attack me or use only one. He sends radiation, poisons, and Nano advanced materials with the intent of torturing and killing me. That is the reason for three years; I feel it is difficult to have any privacy or to feel free of radiation, poison, and tainted air. I just want to breathe freely.

D. Yuan Sun can send any EMF radiation and poisons to me when he connects to the Nanos inside of me. He converts normal building electrical 110 Volt or AC 60 volt to EMF and can instantly connect to the Nano inside of me to torture and kill me. I have used different testing equipments, meters to find very high levels of Microwave, Tesla, Grammar Ray, Inferred, Ultraviolet Both at high level of magnetic and electrical side.

"The Truth Must Be Revealed!
The Spy Must Be Stopped!"