Mission Statement

Stop the Spy is dedicated to providing evidence that proves Yuan Sun is a spy from China has stolen original http system files, upgraded them and secretly established his own http system to disguise his bio-chemical, biological terrorist and spy activities against American people and America as a Nation. Our purpose is to wake up our leaders and bring awareness to the citizens of the United States of America about Cyber Terrorism, Bio-Chemical Terrorism, and Biological Terrorism. Our ultimate goal is to bring an end to this conspicuous crime and to ensure that it doesn't destroy the life of anyone else, as Yuan Sun is already doing to Qiu Min Ji. Our purpose on this Earth is help others recognize, develop an understanding, and use their God-given intuitive abilities to deter a tragedy such as this happening to the United States population as a whole and get others to stand up to protect our nation against a very real security threat.

Highlights of My Life

  1. Performed with Chicago Symphony and Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra in multiple concerts as Erhu soloist.
  2. Professional musician who earned Illinois Art Council Apprenticeship Awards from 1996-2000 and Illionis Arts Council Fellowship Award 2001.
  3. Brought two large American marching bands with excellent reputations to the 2008 Olympic Festival in Bejing.
  4. Performed in over 1,000 concerts and Assemblies for K-12 Schools and Universities in Chicago Metropolitan area and its vicinities.
  5. Earned Bachelor's degree in music and Masters of Education Degree in Theology

My Life is being destroyed

  1. The high tech weapons, a nano biosensor, & other advanced nanomaterials, were put inside my brain and body to torture and kill me.
  2. My computer has been invaded. My data, ID and money have been stolen. My phone, email accounts and online activities have been controlled for the last three years. Any method of modern communication has been controlled for the last two and a half years making uncovering the truth nearly impossible.
  3. My life has been totally invaded. I am being monitored intensively and tortured by direct energy/EMF through his electronic satellite divices 24/7.
  4. Brain damage and brain control has hindered my ability to report and uncover the truth throughout this story.
  5. He tries to silence me, bury the truth, deliver mercury, sulfuric acid as well as nerve agents through online setups and by his stolen online web facilities. Wounds, scars, pain inside and outside of my body, struggling at the edge of life and death.

"The Truth Must Be Revealed!
The Spy Must Be Stopped!"