December 30, 2012 - Professional Military Spies Killing Efforts on Hijacked United States Highway

The evening started and my assistant was putting gas in his car. Three vehicles with extremely bluish lights began to shine on me. I tried to take phones, but my camera was shut down remotely by the spy. An Asian man saw my camera and thought I took photos of his car. I did not. He jumped out of the car angrily. He obviously did not know that his comrades had turned my camera off. He began to threaten to call the police since I took a photo of him. He later joined the others in the Hijacked highway killing efforts. Since I was able to convince him that I did not capture his photo, he did not involve the police. We headed to the hotel on the highway headed to Seal Beach.

While on the highway, I felt extremely high levels of Cherenkov radiation from the back of my assistant's car as well as the side of the car. I tried to take photos but it wasn't possible. The highway was too dark and their radiation light was bright blue. I realized immediately that his was not one of their regular highway stalking. Yuan Sun has done this before. He has organized gangs and criminals stalk innocent drivers and pass by one another. This is a high technology military spy killing by radiation. I was not able to sit straight. I bent down on the second row of my assistant's car to avoid the bright lights that were shining on me. I notice the cars and vans around me all with the same bright radiation light. They have occupied the position of my assistant's car, on every side. Each side had three cars. We were force to keep the same speed as the criminals even though the radiation was very intense. I could not breathe for one moment. I will never forget this because it was similar to hijacked airplanes where the one in the middle is being hijacked and there are military planes at each side.

When we finally were able to exit the highway to a local road with light, I began to search for these vehicles to take photos. I did not see them around. Even when we arrived at the hotel, I did not see any of the cars near the entrance. We arrived at the Hampton Inn in Seal Beach. The room we occupied the previous night was a handicap room. When the spy attacks me by radiation, the hotel's system tells the front desk something is wrong and they call the room. This may be the reason the spy made other rooms unavailable in their computer system.

I continued to get attacked very heavily from the back of the building while I was standing at the front desk. I found out that the back of the hotel has a place where people can sit and pretend to be guest and hide. When the hotel front desk signed me into my room with the window facing the back of the hotel, I refused to take it. I asked for the handicap accessible room and was told that the hotel's computer system stated that it wasn't available. I told him that I stayed there the previous night and there were no issues. He said the room states that it is unavailable and he would not be able to check me in. Yuan Sun was actually able to control the room remotely. I saw his online setups about disabled rooms.

This was one of the worst nights I have experienced. I felt very bad attacks. I felt my room was a military target zone. There wasn't a single inch in the room where I could hide. I had to use the mattress to blck the windows because of the heavy radiation. I stayed against the wall on the table and made a bed using another mattress to block the radiation light. I still felt heavy radiation. Around 5:00 AM the killing efforts were still strong. I felt as if I may die quietly. I thought about who could properly handle my body to find out my cause of death. I was very worried about the police handling my body because they wouldn't check it thoroughly and if I had my friends or assistants help bring him to justice he will only attack them and bring them down to keep them quiet. I began to think to myself that I cannot let him kill me and die without a fight with all the suffering I have been forced to endure. It would all be in vain especially since I brought a lot of trouble to the many people who tried to help me and have been attacked by the spy for their efforts.

I knew that contacting the police wasn't the best choice. After pondering it, I thought about how I have a chance to explain what is going on to police of this community. There may be a chance for them to understand what is going on and they even join my effort to hunt the spy and bring him to justice. This is why I picked up the phone to call 911. I ended up with a 5150 hold and being sent to a mental health facility for evaluation.

"The Truth Must Be Revealed!
The Spy Must Be Stopped!"