How Yuan Sun, the Bio-Terrorist spy Connects the Two HTTP & Control Our internet system?

After three years of observation, being forced every minute to be on the Bio-Terrorist's advanced system of monitoring and torture, plus tight online and phone control, and after reading hundreds of privacy reports, I am presenting my conclusions to the American public and professionals on how the spy uses his Advanced system invade our internet and how he has established his control. I invite all people to discuss, to verify and give your input to prove my findings to be true.

1. Yuan Sun has stolen the http system drivers from Microsoft. In August 2011, the spy's remote controlling computer information appeared on my brand new laptop. I took 950 photos, including photos of the altered HTTP system drivers.

2. Yuan Sun secretly reset Microsoft Windows and Internet Explorer and has secretly made a shared http system. Example: "sharecspMScomSitemap, "share csp search component; csp MScom Master Navigation and csp AdControl"

Evidence Link: Microsoft privacy report June 28, 2012, and,%20June%202012/Microsoft.pdf

Yuan Sun secretly established his controls on his advanced http system from: retrievers and bimapping system, and Adult control, where he hides his configurations, resets ups, tags, and has his controlling website links spread out over different websites, and Adult control, which is what I see as privacy reports. He also set-up the governing BIMAPPING controls normal http homepage bimapping. Since Yuan Sun is the only one who secretly established the shared the two http systems, he is the only one who can retrieve his data and all the normal http system website data. See: Microsoft privacy report August 20, 2013.

3. Yuan Sun uses his "transitional scripts", normally called programming scripts, to connect his secret advanced system with the normal http system. He can duplicate any website and control the duplicated one. Even webmasters do not see any changes to the original website. He still is able to steal the website functions, client ID, url, and every resource that the site uses since his windows Internet Explorer reset up is a shared http system. His Tealted Bimapping governs the normal http home page bimapping. This can create very serious consequences. I know he can divert my phone calls our 4000 email address just by his governing tilted BIMAPPing over the normal http homepage bimapping.

4. Yuan Sun hides his control setup in AdControl, which is the privacy report through which I have discovered his bio-terrorist and spy activities. While normally the privacy report is for local computer owners who can control children's online activities, Yuan Sun has altered the functionality of AdControl as his control set-ups since AdControl is a part of his sharing system. So, even if his privacy report only shows up on his system, it still controls the particular websites and the and normal http system. The altered AdControl is a part of Yuan Sun's advanced system control. From the many privacy reports, one can call and ask if ever the webmaster has set up their privacy reports as in the photo documentations. Since I have revealed his darla timer secrets, nowadays, Yuan Sun has been using wrong time and wrong date on my emails, which reflect his computer data as well. He is also continuing to hide his bio-terrorist activities by doing so.

5. Yuan Sun's "Transitional Scripts" and "Inner Scripts" - I have seen and documented Yuan Sun's "Transitional Scripts" on my yahoo email account. The 14 page long scripts, through which you can see that Yuan Sun used my Yahoo! email account to operate his fake Yahoo! login, and used Darla timer ( a date of 32 years ago I saw a few times on my phone. Since he controls my phone on his computer, the date, jan, 06, 1980 reflects his computer date on his Darla timer). The spy also mentions "Inner Scripts" on his transitional scripts, which is another layer of his set-ups. In November, 2012, I was able to see Yuan Sun's remote accessing computer information at a C&C Internet Cafe computer among many of his folders and programmes. "Scripts" is one of the folders where he hides huge amounts of my images with codes that the public cannot access, and that serve only for his attacks. I have seen in many privacy reports the spy mentioned scripts and images with his secret protecting codes in different websites. I believe these images and scripts are my body organs and remote entries from my skin links to my body organs and nerve systems. Yuan Sun has taken advantage of his system control, that he can hide his bio-terrorist evidence. Such as he hid images in Even though I know these images are Bio-Terrorist-related activities, no one is able to open the links. That's another part of Yuan Sun's control to make the system work to his advantage.

6. Yuan Sun Blends into the Yahoo! website as his base and is able to direct his bio-terrorist activities through Yahoo! to control, and uses Yahoo! to host his Bio-Terrorist activities. Not only does Yuan Sun invade Yahoo!, but also many other big online corporations. My three email accounts from Yahoo!, Hotmail and Google all have been controlled. I am continually forced to be on the spy's system. Each time when I log-on any computer, I see a fake Yahoo! e-mail, a fake Google e-mail, or a fake Hotmail. Yuan Sun deleted my Yahoo! e-mails Nov 5th 2012, and Jan 2013 he erased almost all my inbox and sent box, which is over 10,000 e-mails. He also deletes my Google and Yahoo! e-mails from time to time. My Hotmail account almost barely received any e-mails. March 8th, I received a notice from the Yahoo! team telling me that someone was trying to change my secret questions. And, if it's not me, I should reply to them through the link. But when I clicked the link the Yahoo! team sent me, I'd still get sent into the spy's fake Yahoo! and I couldn't tell them it wasn't me trying to change my security questions. I have been trapped by the spy in his advanced controlling system and can not report any of his wrong doing on line, and he is in total control.

7. Yuan Sun has registered a handful of fake American big online corporations with nearly identical names and registered identical digital signatures which have allowed him to blend into Yahoo! He registered Yahoo! three times and registered Microsoft twice. Other online big corporations include: Google, Mazola, and Skip. Hard copy available for pick up at 3550 Wilshire Blvd., Suite 105, Los Angeles, CA 90010.

"The Truth Must Be Revealed!
The Spy Must Be Stopped!"