Send this letter to your Congressman - April 4th, 2013

April 4, 2013

Dear members of the 113th United States Congress,

I am Qiu Min Ji, also known as Rebecca Ji, and a Chinese-born American citizen. I am a professional performing musician, internationally respected educator, and an expert at arranging cultural performance group tours of China after earning my Music degree there in 1970. In 1989, I moved to the United States and earned a Master of Theology degree at Bethany Theological Seminary. Throughout the 1990's, I gave educational performances for nearly 2,000 K-12 schools and universities throughout the Midwest. As an Erhu soloist I've performed many concerts with the Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra and three concerts with the Chicago Symphony Orchestra. I've earned the Illinois Art Council Apprenticeship Award and the Illinois Arts Council Fellowship Award. My reputation also extends to many American bands and orchestra musical directors who have travelled to China for performance and cultural exchange under my stewardship, including two wonderful marching bands representing the U.S. in the 2008 Olympic Festival.

But, for over the last three years, I have been monitored, poisoned, tortured and controlled every minute of every day by the high technology military spy from China, Yuan Sun. I am unable to do business. I have a home that I have been unable to stay in and I have had to escape from one contemporary to another every night. Yuan Sun, the high technology military spy from China, has invaded my computer as well as any public computers that I use. He has stolen my identification and my money from my bank savings account, from my credit card, and investment brokerage account. For over three years, the spy has been controlling all my email accounts and online research. He has invaded my brain and my body through high technology online setups through the air. In early 2010, Yuan Sun forced Nano Bio Sensor into my brain, and other Nano materials inside of my body. He has put advanced Nano materials in my home which makes intense electrical signals and makes my home unbearable, and the spy even talking me from hotel to hotel put nanos inside my hotel room in order to kill me. He remits radiations of all different kinds, including gamma ray, inferred, Cherenkov radiation, uranium, plutonium, and thorium. The spy has not only been using direct energies or radiations, but also poisons of every kind, carbon Monoxide, mercury, and that he has stolen from US military storage biological weapons such as bubonic plague, VX and other nerve agents.

My life nightmare all started with my hospitality of inviting his then girlfriend to my home, he was brought in, and he was only a student 10 years ago for his master degree in Computer science. He started to invade my computer and steal my business data. I reported him to police. He started the first round attacks in 2003, that ended in 2005 with his believe that I had no energy to ever to reported him again. The 2nd round of deadly attacks on me in 2010 were due to the fact he was trying to wipe out my life savings, and I was alert, able to prevent it from happening and started doing investigations on my own. That was the time the spy secretly forced Nano bio sensor into my brain and he has been continually attacking me with the attempt to assassinate me by using high technology in order to remain undetected and not expose himself as a murderer.

I have been reporting Yuan Sun for over three years, but yet to get an official investigation of this matter with authorities. I have contacted the FBI, Homeland Security, the White House, and local authorities in various cities and states. Still, I have not gotten an official investigation. But, I did not give up my own efforts, and for three years I have spent over 16 hours day and night under even the worse human living conditions. I have been determined to find out what weapons he has been using to attack me and how he can control my online activities. My researches and investigations have revealed that I have been forced on the spy's system, which gives me the chance to see his secret online activities. I have documented hundreds of thousands of photo evidence, all to prove that the 2nd system DOES EXIST, and the high technology military spy has stolen Microsoft's HTTP System Drivers, upgraded them, and is remotely and secretly using his advanced system to control our Internet, en-us. I have photo evidence available which shows his stolen HTTP system files that he has running on his computer. I have evidence to prove how he has been able to manipulate Microsoft through his secret online setups and how he was able to secretly reset the Internet system as "bi" "shared" system, and how his setup has established him as a controlling figure that can track "bi" system data and how his "tilted" "BiMapping" controls the normal HTTP "bimapping". I have documents to prove how he has been using my Yahoo! email to operate his fake Yahoo! logins with his html scripts and privacy report. I have documents to prove how the White House has lost privacy and that the spy has made a back door wide open for himself. I have evidence to prove how the spy has disabled Microsoft "Live" functions, which ALLOW HIMSELF TO control my online activities, not be able to report him, and also allow him to interlock in Microsoft and Yahoo! and to legalize in their systems and hide his criminal activities. I have read thousands of privacy reports and photo documented about 100 of them to show how the spy can duplicate any website secretly. By adding a word or two he can obtain a totally different set of web addresses and steal the whole set as his own by his "auto-column-input" system. His duplicate website has his own cyber address: http%3A%2F%2F or http%3A//, which allows him complete access to any resources and controls. But, the webmaster would never be able to see anything wrong, since the spy does not alter anything on the original website, nor leave a mark of intrusion. But his duplicated site connects to your normal http website, that is his "bi shared" system, and he has established himself as the controlling figure.

Yuan Sun, the high technology military spy from China, has not only been attacking me, but many other patriotic Americans who have joined my efforts to expose him. He has invaded their computers and phones. As we have intensified our efforts to expose him, upgrading my website and writing letters to different organizations, he attacks them to make them sick. He is obviously attacking my work force and controlling our efforts to reveal him. Yuan Sun has been putting radiation in their cars, flattening their tires, smashing car windows, drawing car batteries, and making their cars inoperable, forcing some of them to quit. Yuan Sun also creates dangerous road conditions, he was able to remotely connect radiation to the vehicles I frequently sit to make the van's brakes suddenly stop working without warning. The spy's attacking patriotic Americans INCLUDING my private investigators, both of whom saw evidence trying to bring him to justice. One is an ex-LA County Sheriff Spokesperson who has been beaten up twice in one month by his associated criminals when 3 and 4 suddenly jumped on him, and beat him, injuring and sending him to hospitals. To bring the spy to justice means sacrifice. Another of my private investigators, who has obtained digital evidence, was paralyzed, and I believe it has something to do with Yuan Sun's secret attacks, since I know how I have been attacked, and I would had been paralyzed or died thousands of times if I had not figured out the counter measurements.

Yuan Sun controls our efforts by controlling our communication. All the of ways of communication we tried have failed. Sept 2012, we sent out over 100 emails to top US newspaper editors, and all emails had been diverted to wrong addresses. We knew that because only one person called us and told us she was not a newspaper editor, but a victim as me. October, 2012, we sent out 4000 emails to media contacts, but we did not get any response except for a few "out of office" auto replies. Nov. 2012, we emailed 4500 letters through post mails, considering that should be the only way left for our communications, I received only one phone message telling me he was interested in interviewing me. But, I have called him 20 times and left many messages, but we're never able to talk even once. Even in my letter, I have asked to respond to me at my mailing address, but I never got any response, and I found out that Yuan Sun's criminals stole my mails, along with my credit card. Basically, the spy has controlled my communication system, that no one is able to reach me even when they want to contact me.

Yuan Sun knows how much evidence I have on his advanced systems, and he knows once I have made the right contacts to help expose him, his control will be over. He has maximized his brain control on Americans by blocking their logical thinking and using his magic speech composition to remotely plug-in to any brain.. Before the person can think clearly, they likely have already had the spy's composition invade their body and had their speech taken control over and say whatever the spy wants them to say. For example: Feb 15, 2013, I went to USC Communication Department to meet a few student groups and faculties with the purpose of my visit being to bring the current issue to the faculty leader in order to gain speaking access to their groups and hopefully gain much-needed academic support. My assistants were all being attacked and getting ill, with their cars breaking down and them not able to come to work, so I went by myself. My first stop was to the Administrative office. The office personnel was very nice and helped me get more information and told me the group leaders names and room numbers. When I was on the 2nd or 3rd floor, I met one lady the 2nd time. She was very helpful and agreed to forward my materials to the faculty I was looking for. She also offered her help to get in touch with Student Affairs in order that I could be a guest speaker for their student groups. I knew if we could get another ten minutes that I might be able to gain USC student support for my petition to the White House. But, just as I was writing the names of the student groups for guest speakers, three campus security guards came inside the door and requested that I leave. I tried to talk to them, but they did not want to speak, and urged me to leave the building immediately. I asked them if I could finish writing a note to pass on to someone, but they did not allow even that and treated me as a sort of criminal guilty of trespassing. I told them the reason that I had come, but they would not even listen and told me to leave or I would be arrested for trespassing. Not only USC security guards, but Yuan Sun has successfully controlled all security guards. In early April 2013,I went to HP's Data conference center, trying to present to the conference about my findings, but the organizer was very defensive. The security later came out said the same thing to me similar as the USC security: "if you ever come here again, you will be arrested." This reminded me of my visits to Google, Facebook and Yahoo! Since I was not able to reach anyone by phone or email, I had decided to travel to these companies hoping that I would be able to talk with professionals. But, I was given the same treatment as usual, and asked to leave. February 2013: I found out the spy's mind control online setups on I can clearly see how the spy has been using bubbling brain control of Americans in order to turn the situation favorable to him.

Yuan Sun has been controlling our computing activities. He remotely connects any computer I am using to his server. He is also remotely controlling the C&C Cafe computers where I frequent. He remotely accesses the computers with his mass storage and is able to put tags on all of our saved files and delete articles on our usb drives and from my website, Yuan Sun has been remotely controlling many computers including my printer's who scans all of my files, and my website designer who hosts my website. It has been an extremely difficult task to keep up accurate information because the spy changes words or deletes entire portions of the report or parts of the most important paragraphs to make it appear as no information or non-sense. We have to keep re-scanning, rewriting and re-editing the entire site, yet this still isn't enough to keep the information as we originally presented. The spy does automatic reverse editing to all of our files, and it has been a daily fight. And although we endure this battle with the spy daily, still there are many photo documented privacy reports and other documented evidence that can be trusted to be accurate.

I have been investigating, doing research, and working under the control and worsening health hazards created by Yuan Sun, the bio-terrorist, high technology military spy. But with my only goal being that one day I can present my photo documented evidence to prove the existence of his secret internet system and begin the investigation. Every word and every statement in this letter has witness, evidence and contact information as support. I ask Congress to provide me the opportunity to present my photo documented evidence to have your own investigation team to investigate all evidence I have presented. Below are some of the vast amount of digital evidence I have against Yuan Sun, the military and bio-terrorist spy from China.

1. Yuan Sun has been manipulating Microsoft online setups by secretly altering Webtrend. My photo-documented privacy reports on the Microsoft website in both June and August 2012 show that the spy has established his "bi" shared system. He can use "" to track his and all government data and every consumer's data. His tilted "BiMapping" controls the normal http "bimapping" and much more, as presented in my analytical report.

2. Yuan Sun has invaded Yahoo! and blends in Yahoo! to host his bio-terrorist activities. He also operates his fake Yahoo! login from my Yahoo! email account, which has been under his control. My photo documented privacy report on Yahoo! Finance and privacy report from my Yahoo! email account, along with 14 pages of Yuan Sun's transitional scripts and 4 pages of HTML codes are enough evidence to prove my statement, and how the spy has programmed to attack Americans without being detected.

3. Yuan Sun has stolen United States Military storage of biological weaponry, including the Bubonic Plague, and he also has stolen Nerve Agents in his online setups. My photo documented privacy reports from support my statement.

4. Yuan Sun has invaded the White House website, and Vice President Joe Biden's profile is now in the spy's hands. Defense military secrets have also been exposed. The White House has a secret cyber back door that has allowed the spy complete access. My photo documented privacy report from the White House in May 2012 support my statement.

5. Yuan Sun has stolen United States high technology, American inventions and military secrets, and he is able to remotely access the United States Military facilities. The spy has also stolen American High technologies and new inventions from Darpa and My photo-documented Privacy Reports from, and, along with hand-copied documents all support my statement.

6. Yuan Sun has invaded Microsoft's website, MSN, stolen MS resources, customs, and altered functionality of the Privacy Report as his advanced system control, so he can hide his set-ups and bio-terrorist activities. My photo documented privacy report from MSN in April 2012 support my statement.

7. Yuan Sun has stolen the Microsoft library, and is able to remotely use his fake library "plug- in", his "access", his "library window broker" or "library savvy broker", to use to his advantage by controlling lab test results and manipulating medical records. My photo documented privacy report from, MS Privacy Reports and my analytics and the fact on "Yuan Sun manipulates medical records but how the Truth finally revealed" can further explain and prove my statements.

8. Yuan Sun has invaded the AT&T website and secretly controls my phone, public phones and American's phones who have joined my efforts, manipulating our phone system. My photo documented privacy reports from AT&T website in 2011 and 2012, plus my hand-written report from April 2012 on AT&T phone problems reveal the facts, and my analytics reveal the spy's phone controlling methods.

9. Yuan Sun attacks Americans by nuclear weapons. My photo documented privacy reports on,, and all reveal his secret online setups and his secret request to Google searching for nuclear elements: uranium, plutonium, and thorium for a human body to hit.

10. Yuan Sun has been mind controlling Americans. My photo documented privacy reports in Feb. 2013 on show how he controls "extension/min", which means my extended contacts, along with my experience and analytics to reveal how mind control has been the spy's weapon to control the human brain of Americans and control our efforts to expose him.!

11. The spy has disabled Microsoft "Live" features, including "Blog with Windows Live" "Email with Window Live, and "Map with Live Search, Translate with Live search". All these evidence show that how the spy has been able to controlling my online posing, researches, emails and prevent my efforts to report his criminal activities to Microsoft cooperate. My many photos from the computer I use daily support my statement.

12. Medical Evidence on a surgically-removed Nano bio-sensor in Nov 2011, along with Toxicologist analytical reports, and Microscope testing results to prove that the Nano biosensor that was secretly forced in my brain and body is a totally man-made weapon. The spy has stolen the U.S. very recent technology, the research showing the project was funded by Darpa. This is an example to show how the spy has stolen American technology and applied it against Americans.

Every day, every minute, I am battling the bio-terrorist spy who has been attacking me through onlin set ups as well as local stalking me attacking me with his gangs and criminals who are right here in Los Angeles. He can hide while attacking me to poison me, and monitor my every move and all my efforts with all of his high tech and criminal power. He sees all of my efforts and all my defenses against his attacks. He can switch to any poison instantly. My defense against his torture and killing is purely instinctive, and guided by God. If I am wrong in my intuition, the price to pay would be death. I travel heavily with my written documents and bags filled with products to countermeasure the attacks, poisons, and radiations. But, it has been harder and harder to guess those since the spy uses multiple poisons plus radiations. I know if he kills me he will do the same to other innocent Americans who have joined my efforts with good intentions. Since he put tags on all our files and controls the internet, he will erase my website and silence people who know the truth. That is my true worry, and I am fighting every minute to prevent that tragedy from happening.

Dear Congress, can you feel the urgency, the challenge that This Great Nation is facing - the military high tech spy has stolen everything anything from United States! Would your heart allow the evil spy to twist the facts and bury the truth forever by his hidden dominating technology? Will you allow the evil force to control our world by immorality forcing to your children or grandchildren! We need an urgent open discussion on this issue, so America can figure out WHAT INDEED IS THE TRUTH! We need an investigation to find Yuan Sun, since I do not have the manpower nor resources to be able to find this terrorist and bring him to justice like the United States Government. Please help!


Qiu Min Ji (Rebecca)

3550 Wilshire Blvd, #105 Los Angeles, CA, 90010

Website: Tel: 847-364-0162

"The Truth Must Be Revealed!
The Spy Must Be Stopped!"