Manipulating Any Record

Fake Records and Lab Testing Results

Stealing the World Wide Web has given Yuan Sun the power and the privilege that nobody has every had before. He has complete control of the entire World Wide Web. Yuan Sun has not only controlled by communications such as email and phone, but has extended it to my efforts to reveal him, controlling my life, and killing me. He is able to change any data, manipulate any records in order to control any situation that is a threat to him being exposed and revealing his dark secrets.

In July 2011, I book a room with Hilton Hotel in San Gabriel, CA online. I was charged three times by the credit card company. Also, since Yuan Sun has complete control of the World Wide Web, I found out that my printed hotel address was non-existent when I gave the address to the taxi driver.

I have used wrong numbers while attempting to reach someone because of how they are displayed online. One time, I waited three hours just to get a taxi. October 2011, at the Hollywood Library information desk, they assisted me with obtaining and printing AT&T's address from a reliable data source, but my mail to AT&T was returned to the wrong address I received from the library.

The spy's control and manipulation of any record and data he chooses eventually extended to my medical records. July 10th, I was heavily poisoned by Mercury and Iodine. It was very difficult just to walk. Since it was explained to me that the Los Angeles County Hospital's ER had a Toxicologist from a clinic, I decided to go to their ER. I was waiting at their emergency room since 10:00 pm. I asked a nurse if

he spy's control and manipulation of any record and data as he wishes. He began to manipulate my medical records. July 10th. I was heavily poisoned by Mercury and Iodine. It was even hard for me to walk. Since I was told Los Angeles County Hospital's ER had a Toxicologist from a previous clinic I decided to go to their ER. I was waiting in their emergency room since 10:00 pm. The next morning I asked the nurse if I had been registered and why haven't I been called. During the entire time I was waiting I had only left once to grab a bite to eat and she explained that there were a lot of people that needed to be seen. By the next morning when I didn't see the nurse I had previously spoken with, I asked a different nurse to pull my record. She told me that the record showed the patient left and refused to talk to a doctor, and also refused to speak with a psychiatrist. I explained to them that it wasn't true. They asked me to re-register and I did. As I was completing a new registration with one nurse, another nurse came along and said that she saw the patient, Qiu Min Ji, was released. Who would have the advantage to manipulate an online record so easily if they didn't have the World Wide Web in the palm of their hands as does Yuan Sun?

On another occasion at a different emergency room previously when I was heavily poisoned by Mercury, Nerve Gas Poison, and Nephlim, I felt as if I were going to die right then and there. I struggled to get out and call a taxi to go to the hospital. I waiting a very long time and the doctor didn't give me any treatment. Instead, they sent a psychiatrist to speak with me. The nurse told me that the blood test showed I had a lab result and the doctor was unable to help me. The reality of the situation is that I haven't had a perfect lab test result since last year in July and previous to that heavy metals, such as Mercury was at an all time high. With the symptoms that I had been experiencing, it just isn't possible that I had perfect lab results. Yuan Sun was able to manipulate the test results to avoid being exposed for poisoning me and instead made me look crazy and expected me to placed in a mental health facility.

Thus far, Yuan Sun has been successful in covering up the truth, but God has been continually directing me to expose the shocking truth. I have found in privacy reports that Yuan Sun, the savvy window broker has stole Microsoft library and control of the library he adapted by using remote access. view the Privacy reports from Microsoft and time magazine Technology websites:

Time Magazine Page 12: Link #1,/wp-content/themes/vip/time2012/library/assets/js/plugins.min.js?m1350855999

Time Magazine Page 4: Link #4

Microsoft Privacy Report August 2012, Page 1: Photo 3 Link #5

Microsoft Privacy Report August 2012, Page 7: #5

Yuan Sun's World Wide Web, computer, and phone control have extended to my daily life. Since he is in control of the online system, he is able to easily change my records to agitate me and show me his ultimate power. Below are a few more examples of how Yuan Sun is able to abuse his stolen hidden power of control.

1) March 18th, I was using my $75.00 monthly MTA pass, which I purchased February 28th, to board the Metro Rail as I usually do. On this particular day when the Los Angeles County Sheriff came to scan my TAP card, where my pass is electronically loaded, the deputy's card reader indicated insufficient funds. I was subsequently given a citation for fare evasion. The odd thing is that with the TAP card you can only load a one day pass, seven day pass, 30 day pass, or pay per ride. The pass does not calculate the availability of funds, as it is a pass and valid for the amount of time purchased. I was confident that when I mailed the receipt to MTA to prove that I had a pass at the time of the citation, they would see that there had been a mistake. Even after sending the receipt, I was informed by MTA that another $75.00 would be required to schedule a hearing on the matter. Why would the deputy's fare reader show strange things to make him write me a citation for fare evasion? Since I have evidence I purchased my pass, who else but Yuan Sun could even possibly make false statements appear just to show me how much power and control that he has.

2) Years ago, I had a FedEx business account. Once I received a bill of several thousands of dollars for overseas shipping charges to East Asia. I called FedEx and told them that I hadn't done any such shipping. Faced with the possibility that someone has unauthorized access to my account, I canceled it, and then began paying for my shipments using cash or credit. I still received a bill from FedEx after the cancellation of my account. I explained that I was now paying for shipping at the time of shipping rather than using an account. FedEx continues to send me two to three letters a week requesting payment for the unauthorized charges. It caused my account to be delinquent and forwarded to a collection agency.

I looked at the two items in question and found that I had send two packages in October 2011. One package was sent to AT&T and the other to Yahoo, but I paid for those shipments at the FedEx store with two different clerks and two different credit cards. I went to the bank to locate the payment records on my statements and was able to find one for October 30th. The other record however, was on a credit card issued from a bank that had since been sold to Bank of America and could not be located. I began to ponder it and realized that the FedEx Office computer should have a record of all paid shipping transactions. If not, how or why would they allow me to ship from the store and leave without paying first for their services. Again, Yuan Sun was able to control the online system and prove he is able to change any of my records. Would FedEx every find out that someone has remote access to their system and is able to alter records?

3) Recently one of my credit cards ending in 4503 was declined when I attempted to send out mail using FedEx. I decided to use a 2nd card to complete the transaction. On June 17th, I decided to go to my bank to find out why my card had been declined. When I met with a banker, she told me that the transaction successful completed. I asked her why it shows that it was successfully charged if I had to use a 2nd card to pay for the transaction, but the transaction wasn't showing on the 2nd card's statement. She said it could take up to two business days to post to my account. On June 23rd, I returned to the bank looking for the records for both card's transactions. This time, I brought a copy of my recent FedEx receipts as a reference for the banker. I know that Yuan Sun was able to hear my conversation with the banker on the 16th and knew that I had planned on returning to the bank to get everything corrected. I thought he would delete any evidence of the double charged transactions. I even wondered how could he make all of my recent banking activities for FedEx appear normal so easily. Yuan Sun obviously restored both of my credit card statements to their normal appearance, which must have been a difficult task to complete as quickly as he did. All of my transactions from June 9th & June 14th posted on June 20th and June 21st respectively. This clearly proved that Yuan Sun had altered both of my card's recent transactions, even as far back as June 9th. Also, the record from my June 9th FedEx transaction showed two packages I knew had been changed on-site. I had my receipt as proof, but they did not show up on my recent credit card transactions.

Does FedEx know that someone is able to remotely access their system and alter their records without their knowledge. I can't understand why my June 9th transaction wasn't posted to my account until June 20th and why some of the paid transactions disappeared.

Neither Yuan Sun's killing, torturing, or brain control of my daily life affect my determination to expose him and his dark secrets and bring this historically evil criminal spy, the tempted murder and high technology robber to justice.

"The Truth Must Be Revealed!
The Spy Must Be Stopped!"