Privacy Report and Comments of Evidence on Mind Control on Americans

Privacy report on Mind Control on

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After over three years of mind control by the spy of not only me, but friends, family, employees, doctors, business, helpers and many more people, I have been trying to engage them to join me to evaluate my findings and help me reveal the truth. But, my efforts have always faced so much headwind. I have been facing denials even in the face of so much evidence. It was just recently that I discovered how the spy's mind control weapon has been playing a major role in preventing my efforts to bring him to justice. Read what has happened to me as under the spy's mind control programme and compare with the evidence of the his online set-ups. At the end of February and early March, I discovered the spy's on-line set-ups for his mind controlling activities. The privacy control reflected the spy's system control as well as his online set-ups and how he has been using mind control weapons to manipulate Americans.

When the RF take control of a brain thinking is like bubbling, which is stronger than ones' original thinking electronical waves. Bonus bubble may also refer to the very strong RF waves that can kick into a victims' brain when the spy has the stolen protocol drive and he can give very strong waves for brain control.

This link looks like the spy's own website, which he can put his own page /ads. But this page ads is not put on the normal Google, but on his own cyberspace. These aren't the real ads, but his targeting profiles, images and scripts. Yuan Sun has been using the advertising technology to not only buy satellite electronical equipment, but also through mind control. His mind control is intended to control not only me, but also extend to my family, friends, investigators or anyone who would join my efforts. client=ca=pub..., he refers me either his cat, or client, in ca, with public Id as the numbers . The end of many 11 similar groups of numbers all with %2B are my extensions also under his mind control programme. The spy has been using mind control on people who joined my effort, or people Yuan Sun knows that through controlling their brain he can control the situation and ensure that he will not be exposed. These different ids may even be the similar situation that could be applied.

pad3 is another of the spy's webpages, "extensions /min" means people around me or who have joined my efforts who either have been working with me or doing business, and later joined my efforts to bring him to justice. I may even be able to name names that are on his profiles and have been mind controlled by him. The end of the number is a tech code as the Id he can easily locate it. signed_request%2ccode&display=none&

This is a facebook link. The spy has stolen facebook as his. Only by add static.ak. as his prefix to the facebook links, and facebook has the spy's cyber address:

This link seems to perfectly fit what my mind control experience. No matter what language you speak, once the spy knows the event and sees who is the person in some ways controlling the decision making process, the spy would try to interrupt that decision making to his advantage. I have experienced denial by security guards, university securities, hotel personnel, and even doctors, since it involved evidence finding under the spy's mind control,

When I see this link, I know exactly who the spy has applied his mind control to for over 6 months. Since my assistant came to join me she has been brain controlled, attacked and endured all the hardships. Li used to call he , my Angel, however over the period of time, Yuan Sun has abused her by mind control, making fake memory and heightened emotions to change her personality. The spy has been using all different ways to cut my arms and legs, and tried to attacking her and damage her car to scare her, attacking her to put her in hospital so she can not work. However, she has endured all these hardships, still working toward justice. Yuan Sun used tighten mind control, making her fake memories, so we could not continue together.

From the above links I also know who the spy is targeting in my extended circle: that is Mike, the printer owner, who has suffered headaches, as well as mind control. The first link, "printerest" does not refer to his printer, but for his mind reset . The above link is the specific control that the spy has been applying to him, which I see is deviation and actually have observed the changes when the spy was controlling someone's subconscious mind . Since I have been working with Mike for years now, he has joined my efforts and has been actively trying to expose the spy. The evil spy not only targets him, he also controls his mind to make him feel he is sick rather than being attacked.

This above link is about the mind control of making people drowsy. I have been exposed to the spy's control for three years, and he knows all about it. Whenever I would be writing on reports, my website or about what he did, I started getting drowsy. The spy's tight mind control running over me. The other person he also applied to the same technique is to another one of my assistants, Terry. Whenever he would drive me to somewhere, he would feel drowsy, and no one around him could understand it.

This above link is to control my subconscious mind. " min" is my first name.

This above link is the radiation link to attack me. Again the spy either refers to me as his client or his captured cat.

This is the link that Yuan Sun uses to control my surrounding people or my circle of people. He'll use this programme to push denial and negativities of people's insights of me . I had experienced a lot of the negativities but did not know why until recently when I went to the USC campus to engage their teacher and student groups to participate in my efforts in helping me with signatures. USC security chased me away for the spy very rudely. That was a wake-up call for me to reveal all the negativities around me. The "commontorbit may be the already written scripts which can push into my surroundings to get them react to me negatively.

"The Truth Must Be Revealed!
The Spy Must Be Stopped!"