How the Spy Has Been Using Mind Control to Manipulate Americans

Since day one, Yuan Sun started attacking me by putting a Nano Bio-Sensor in my brain and body. The control he has over all situations includes mind control. One of the very first people he has applied mind control to is my daughter. He has successfully controlled her mind to make her not listen to what I say, not able to read and comprehend the information I provided to her, and makes her not use her own brain to think, but instead go along with his plan. Whenever my daughter did begin to consider the facts, Yuan Sun would begin attacking her and following her car to continually brain control her.

The brain control that my daughter has endured has kept her away from me and out of my life. It makes her feel like we do not need to be together even while living in the same house. My 27 years old daughter has called me when she was being chased around, left me a voicemail, and talked to me over the phone when her mind was clear. However, one year later when I asked if she still remembers what happened, she has totally forgotten. What further proves that her event memory is being controlled and damaged is that when she came to visit me in Los Angeles in 2011, I asked her to do a brain mapping. I wasn't surprised that her brain mapping showed that she did not emotionally know who she loved or hated and who to love or hate. It even showed that her event memory was non-existent at that time.

Not only does Yuan Sun control my daughter and me, but he also controls everyone around me and everyone whose joint efforts bring him to justice. Although he has not successfully controlled my determination to bring him to justice, he still has been making my brain lose event memory. I have to jot down everything in order to accurate write what happened. No matter how much I write daily about what is happening. I can only present a small fraction of the activities that going on daily. Yuan Sun also uses mind control wherever my efforts go to influence the many people I seeking help from, people I engage to join my efforts, and when I go to present the evidence against him. Sometimes, he also uses mind control as well as attacking and threatening to control an important decision making moment which eliminates people from joining my efforts. He uses mind control to prevent doctors from looking into the tons of evidence so that the more important physical evidence is not available to bring him to justice. For instance, for three years I have experienced Yuan Sun's mind control getting more and more people in order to control the situation he should be brought to justice.

Yuan Sun's mind control and alter characteristics manipulate logical thinking as well as manipulate emotions to his needs. He can get his hands on every brain function in any scenario and use mind control to change any situation into his favor. Yuan Sun has a magic speech composition program running on his server that he uses to compose speeches remotely into any brain he wants to control. Before the person can think clearly, they have already had their speech taken over to say whatever Yuan Sun wants them to say and do what he wants them to do. In order to agitate me and not expose himself, he has been using mind control to manipulate Americans by creating hostility against me and my efforts. He has made people not listen and not think about the evidence being presented to them. Yuan Sun has made any organization I go, be against me and my evidence. Below are a few recent examples to show how Yuan Sun uses his stolen American military brain control to manipulate Americans in order to control the situation to prevent being exposed.

My Efforts on USC Campus

Security guards seem to be the most easily manipulated by Yuan Sun. I have always faced hostility from security guards. They seems to always say the same thing and act the same, as if they are all Yuan Sun's puppets being controlled by his RF mind control over their brain.

Since early 2012, I have been tried to contact Google, Yahoo, Facebook, and Microsoft. I went to Yahoo Corporation in Santa Monica, CA. I also visited Google and Facebook. I have never had any luck meeting anyone except security guards that request to see an appointment. I always ask why and explain that the phone does not work for me and may I book an appointment now in person. They always say no. For the longest time, I could not understand why the security guard never listened and what I had done to them. I have been facing denial all the time. Yuan Sun has been using mind control as his attack from day one. I did not realize his mind control until the recent events at the USC Campus.

Feb 15, 2013, I went to USC Communication Department to meet a few student groups and faculties such as the purpose of my visit is to bring the current issue to the faculty leader in order to gain access to speak to their groups, gain support, and get help.

My assistants were all being attacked, getting ill, car breaking down, and not able to come to work so I went by myself. My first stop was going to the administrative office, the office was very nice and helped me get more information and told me the group leaders names and room numbers. I went upstairs to meet them. The first person I asked for I was told that he was on sabbatical leave and may only stop by the office from time to time. Then I saw one of the faculty's titles was media diversity and asked her if she was available to talk with me for a minute. A few minutes later, we were briefly able to meet, but she did not feel as if she could help. I continued to go on searching the faculty leaders for student groups. The only time I may have knocked on the wrong door was when I thought that was the room of the faculty I was looking for. When I opened the door, I was told he was not there and left with an apology.

When I was on the 2nd or 3rd floor, I met one lady when I first entered the communication department. I did not explain why I came to the department until the 2nd time I met her. She was very helpful and agreed to forward my materials to the faculty I was looking for. I offered her help to forward my materials to student affairs in order to be a guest speaker for their student groups. I knew if we could get another ten minutes that I may be able to gain USC student support.

Just when I was writing the names of the student groups for guest speakers, three campus security guards came inside the door and requested for me to leave. I tried to talk to them, but they did not want to speak and urged me to leave the building immediately. I asked them if I can finish writing a note to leave someone. They did not allow me to and treated me as a criminal. I followed them out of the building and stood outside of the building. I asked why they were doing this and they accused me of trespassing. I told them the reason I came, but they would not listen and told me to leave or I would be arrested for trespassing because someone reported me. I asked them who called and reported me. That told me that they were being brain controlled by the spy to come and stop me and my efforts. I wanted to show them my brochures and website homepage, but they would not allow me to share, but told me that I need to leave immediately and not return or else I would be arrested. Everything that they said sounded as if it were composed by Yuan Sun in his form of speech. I told them the reason I came to campus and they told me that I need an appointment prior to arriving. I explained to them that my phone is being controlled and it isn't possible to reach anyone. Everything they said was being controlled by the spy. The spy has successfully chased me from the USC campus.

Another mind control on my efforts to USC campus was a few weeks ago when I was trying to approach USC student government organization for support of my efforts to get as many signatures as possible for my petition to the White House. I spoke to the office about why I was there and waited for a while for a change to speak with the student president. At the beginning, he was listening and asking questions. He also expressed concern about the safety issue, which may have made the spy get his signal and grab him. I felt as if he suddenly shook his body, which is something that I experienced many times when the spy is trying to alert me, and then he told me that he could not help me, but that I may contact student organizations for help. However, before I left, he asked me to leave a brochure and that he may consider it at a later date and change his decision. I understand that people who joined me earlier have taken risks. Now we are talking about engaging hundreds of people to be involved on this mission. If for the right cause and for America as a nation, should Americans take action? The spy's mind control and threatening has successfully denied a decision which could have helped us to expose him in a much bigger more effective way.

CNC Cafe Computers and Owner's Brain Being Controlled by the spy

Since the spy controls my computer and printer, I have no other way to use the computer at home, nor can I keep a computer or printer. I have been using library computers and in Los Angeles CNC Internet Cafe, which is open 24 hours. I actually found almost every privacy report on the computers here at CNC Cafe and worked here day and night to write and research under the monitoring and mind manipulation of the spy who controls the CNC computers through the owner.

The spy has been remotely accessing the CNC computers using his mass storage behind CNC's computers. The spy put in the spyware and bad Microsoft words. I cannot do editing. He has placed bad programs that try to eliminate my usage on the computer and creates many problems. The spy tries to agitate many in any way he can. Numerous times the spy has made a twenty dollar card run at half the time and the CNC Cafe computer management software shows that the time is gone. One time I bought a brand new ten dollar card. I only used it for one and less than two hours, but the time was depleted. When I explained it to the manager he denied everything I was telling him about the spy. He was under complete mind control by Yuan Sun. His employee found out by videotape that I did not use the card for the entire three hours, but the manager is already the puppet of the spy. He will do everything and anything in the spy's favor.

The spy has since been following me wherever I go and has had his criminal associates coming to the cafe to amplify signals and put in the copper wire, but the owner would not allow me to take photos of the potential criminals coming into the cafe. He also refused to take the copper wire down and didn't even listen to half of the sentence I was saying. When I discovered some of the computers I sit by running poisons to me, I would turn the computer screen around and not let it face me. The spy is able to send messages to the owner when he is at work, and he would come turn the computer screens back towards me. This happens time after time. I have tested how the owner, with so many computers, would notice that the computer screen was turned off or moved to the side for just a few moments. It is the spy's remote controlling access to the CNC Internet Cafe's computers as well as him controlling the owner's mind. It is the spy's base where he gathers criminals to amplify signals with the intent of torturing and killing me.

The owner of the CNC Internet Cafe's brain has been totally controlled. It doesn't matter how many computer problems he has, how many customers that complain, files disappearing, files unable to print, time on the computers are not accurate, etc. The owner just believes that it is his own problem with his equipment and doesn't allow a third party to check it. I spend over $1,000.00 a month there and he should treat me better as a client, but when I talk to the owner of CNC Internet Cafe and tell him there is a spy controlling his computers, he refused to listen to the issue and simply deny my request. He has even refused to take a look at my website and the printed homepage. The spy has been very successful controlling him and making sure he doesn't listen or pay attention and does everything in the favor of the spy. Whenever I see the spy is remotely remitting poison from the computer I was using, I stand up and go to a different computer, but the spy controls the computer that doesn't remit poison and make the screen completely blank. If I ask the owner to come take a look at his computer he will simply say go to another computer, that computer doesn't work. The spy has planted something in his brain. He does not know what I am doing and doesn't even want to know although I have requested for him to listen. The most strange thing that happened is that the spy planted and idea/concept in his brain to make him believe that I am mentally unstable and that I do not understand a thing. This is a thought that was told to my assistant's friend while neither of us was present.

Hotel Employees Being Manipulated to Do Whatever the Spy Wants

In recent arising heightened situations, Yuan Sun uses mind control more than any other time to control the situation and find out the information he is looking for.

November 10, 2012, at the Howard Johnson Hotel, the spy put Cherenkov radiation materials in a trash bag at the hotel stairway right under my room window at about 2:00 AM. I knew it was radioactive materials around my room so I came downstairs to check it out. When I saw the bag and got closer I felt very strong radiation signals which confirmed my suspicions. I went downstairs to report the problem to the security guard who is supposed to watch the area for the night. The security guard had a very hostile attitude and denied and ignored what I said, but he did agree to call the police. I waited for over half a hour, but not police came. I was trying to hide in their parking lot, but the security guards treated me as an enemy instead of a guest and told me that I needed to go back to my room. I asked him if he could take the trash away for the stairs so I can go back to my room. He said no because he is not the maintenance worker. He had an attitude as if he were the emperor of the hotel instead of an employee there to serve the guest. Finally, the front desk attendant told me that I could go back to my room and he will take the trash away from the stairs. I went back to my room and felt better knowing that he had taken the radioactive materials away from the stairs that was close to my room. The hotel security had already planted the seed with his hostile attitude that I am a mentally ill woman. After that happened, I tried to stay at the same hotel plenty of times. My assistant would call immediately before hand to check on room availability. The room would be available, but when the security guard contact the front desk by walkie talkie to tell them it was me coming and not to give me a room, they would deny having any rooms available. Since this happened twice, I know that both the front desk and security guard are under mind control. I decided to make a report to their manager to explain the situation, but it didn't get any better. The spy uses mind control to manipulate the hotel personnel and although they need the business, I have been unable to stay at that hotel. I always have to find a different hotel to stay.

February 26, 2013, in the early morning around 5:00 AM my assistant drove me to a hotel in Glendale on Colorado Street across the street from the hotel where she stayed. The lady working the night shift agreed that I can check out at 12:00 Noon since I checked in late. Since my assistant was still ill, she did not want to stay with me. I was awaken by a phone call at 12:00 PM, so I began packing and getting ready to check out. Packing normally takes an hour. I had tear everything down for the night that I put up to seal the windows and doors with tape, tarps, and fabric to create a barrier and sometimes I have to put the bed up to block the high levels of radiation from getting to me. I have to sleep on the bed box spring. The spy has his criminals have been entering almost every hotel room and putting Nanos in every corner making it difficult to survive, but since I had been moving around, I was able to survive another night. Making the spy wonder what magic I have and how I have been able to survive with all of his Nano materials inside my hotel room is the reason why he began to use his brain control/mind control on hotel personnel to heighten her emotions and making her do whatever he wants to her to do.

At approximately, 12:40 when I was almost done getting showered and dressed, I was going to begin to tear down my defense setups. I heard someone at the door talking very loudly. I opened my door and there appeared the woman that I checked into the hotel with. She agreed to check me out at 12:00 PM. She was very angry when she opened the door and saw the room. She began yelling, "Are you crazy?" "Why are you doing this to my room?" I told her I will start to put everything back and that she needed to give me time. I asked her if she remembers telling me that I can checkout at 12:00 PM. She said yes, but it is almost 1:00 PM. I told her that last night I was late, I'm by myself, overslept, and I need time to clean, and put everything back as it is suppose to be. I asked her if she could step out while I put everything back because I did not want the door open for the spy to see all of my defense project settings. She said, "NO!" The lady was yelling and she sat down with her fingers in the air pointing to the bed. She deliberately opened the door widely and said that I messed up her room and damaged her room and that she was calling the police. I told her that I did not damage anything in the room and I have been fighting against a spy who is trying to kill me through the air. I gave her my flier and materials to take a look. She said she didn't want to look and she didn't need to know about anything. She refused to leave the room and told me to put everything back right now while she sat there and watched. At that very moment I knew the spy had been in her brain, heightened her emotions, and manipulates her to do everything and anything that the spy would like her to do. It took about five minutes to get the bed together. I asked her name and for her business card, but she refused to give me anything. She had already calmed down a bit. She had been like a puppet talking whatever speech Yuan Sun composed for her. The mind control can completely change someone's character. If the evil controls the world, he could change all human beings like that? The lady did help the spy to achieve what he wanted to do which was making her open the door and expose all of my defense secrets.

The very next day, I used the same defense project for myself, I had such bad attacks. I had no more secrets.

Can police and psychiatrist's brain all have been mind controlled?

December 30, 2012, when I had such bad attacks, I thought I would die, but did not want to die quietly and that I should at least educate our police community and let them know what has been happening as a part of my mission.

That was the reason I called 911. When the police came, I tried to explain what had been happening with brochures and materials. They listened, but did not understand a thing. They still sent me to the hospital for a 5150 evaluation. They first sent me to the ER for normal doctor check up. The ER doctor, after downloading information from my website, quickly knew what was happening, but he said he did not have the power to release me to go home. He said I would have to get a psychiatrist to evaluate me and they will release me. That is how I ended up in the mental hospital.

At the hospital, almost every nurse or technical assistant I talked to knew that I was in a situation. With the vast amount of materials I gave to my psychiatrist including the Nano Bio-Sensor Analytical reports, the surgical report from the hospital, and the evidence of advanced system control no one would assume that he should believe that this is a mental problem, but should believe that everything I saying is actually the truth and I should be released in no time. They spy was able to control the brain of the psychiatrist and he asked why do I spend some much time on the spy instead of working on my music. He said I have a mental problem. That is not logical, since the time I am spending on the spy right now is more important that my music. He even extended my stay in the mental hospital just because he wanted me to dedicated time to my music and stop dedicating so much time to stop the spy. The has many different ways to manipulate the thinking process to make a normal person with full evidence in front of them to have a cause to keep me in a mental facility.

I found out that to argue with the psychiatrist and to try to straighten out his logical thinking is not possible. I decided to go with his thinking process and agreed to work on my music and stop dedicating so much time to stop the spy. He let me out of the mental facility because I agreed with him.

Control my efforts on High Tech Meet Up Groups

I had a hard time reaching any high technology meetup groups due to the spy's tight control online since January 2011. In 2012, when more people joined my efforts, we began to see high technology meet up groups around Los Angeles and were excited to meet them and tell them what's going on in the high technology field. We had been fooled by the spy's control. In January 2013, we went to a few meetup group meetings according to the information that was posted online, but the information ended up being false. We went to the place to meet, but nothing happened. Obviously, Yuan Sun had put false information to prevent my efforts to meet with high technology groups. Since I have been writing this on my website, Yuan Sun seems more careful about the false date and places he puts. We were able to go to meetup meeting twice. I was shocked that the high technology leaders acted the same. One incident was at the Santa Monica Hackers News Group. I was finally able to meet them and eager to present what I have. I only wanted three minutes to share, but the organizer did not want to hear what I had to say and simply denied my request. However, I was able to talk with two individuals that were IT professionals and was able to see that they were being mind controlled. They were not interested in the topic and were no help at all. I tried another time to see if I can get better luck. Here is what happened:

Feb 26, 2013, I followed the online information. We went to Microsoft at Century Hall, for a professional group meetup. I arrived late and listened until the end of the speaking by the woman organizer from Microsoft. After she was finished speaking and everyone was about to leave, I approached her with my website homepage and tried to share it with her. She refused to listen and take a look at what I have. She simply said no, I do not want to listen, you are not a member. I explained to her that I did sign up as a member and arrived late and that I had already emailed to her the purpose of me joining their group; to share what has been happening in the high technology field. She continued to deny me and take a look at what I had. I tried to talk to the meetup attendees and give them a one page flier. The organizer acted as if I were the enemy and threatened me while to was speaking to an employee requesting that they contact security. After she left, I actually spoke with someone about what was happening and I told her about mind control, what I do, and why I was there. She was very knowledgeable about it, said she heard about it, and would take a look at the materials I give to her.

Mind Control in Doctor's Visit to prevent evidence being discovered

I have been looking for current medical and physical evidence, since Yuan Sun has cut my skin which is connected to the inside tissues and organs. These cuts look like infected skin on my face, eyes, and nose and are all connected to my respiratory system as Yuan Sun's millions of remote entries into my body. If I take a close look at the cuts they are not just skin level, but deep inside soft tissues. Yuan Sun uses these entries to remit Nerve Agents, poisons, and radiation many times. I know how he can connect my entries to my respiratory and all entries connected that the spy is able to push a button to trigger enormous pain as I feel that my eyes can be blinded when he uses all entries into my eyes. I feel as if I can hardly breathe when he uses all the entrances to get poisonous air into my respiratory system. Yuan Sun also connects many cut sounds to my chest area underneath my breast to connect to my heart, stomach, liver, and pancreas areas. There are many more entries on my body that I feel as if the skin doctor may be able to help me find evidence through a more thorough MRI checkup.

This is my first visit to this skin doctor that I was referred to by a family doctor. I was hoping that he will give me a MRI prescription. He looked at my skin on my face and neck and immediately told me these are red areas are because my skin is sensitive. I explained to him that I had never had sensitive skin and that it was from the poison and attacks by Yuan Sun. The doctor did not want to listen, nor take a second look. He said that this was the only think he could for me. As he was saying that he was writing me a prescription and by the time he handed me the prescription my visit with him was less than five minutes. I know that the skin doctor did not even know what he was talking about and was being used as a puppet. He was being mind controlled by the spy with Yuan Sun's speech composition.

The first time I visited the head and neck doctor, my neck had many cuts as the spy's entries and it was very painful. My ears were hurting and the outside of my ear looked bloody, swollen, and my hearing was sometimes very poor. They have been attacked by the spy's poisonous radiation and the spy is trying to get his poisonous radiation through my ears and neck as his entry point. My visit was to see what was inside of my ears. I believed it to be Nanos. After the doctor saw my ears and she began complaining and said she didn't know what I put down into my ears. She used a tool to suck some of the stuff out. I could hear it clinking out and just as she began to put down her tool, I asked if she can do the same for the other ear. She did and when she finished I requested that she give me the sucked out material and she refused.

Attacking Many People Who Join My Efforts, Manipulates Their Brain & Thinking

While Yuan Sun has attacked and threatened many American who join my efforts to expose him and bring him to justice, he is also using brain control to control their thinking and actions. I have noticed that as we have intensified our efforts to expose him including upgrading my website and writing letters to different organizations he has began to cut off communication between me and the people working for me, making my assistants cars inoperable, and making them ill in many different ways. Obviously he is attacking my work force. However, he can make them think that they are sick and be healed by medication. I would have gotten 600,000 signatures for my petition if my phone was able to reach a single person, yet that particular person's phone is being controlled and email hasn't gotten through. On the other hand, Yuan Sun is trying to kill me and wipe out my entire internet since he has stolen all of my CDs, memory cards, cameras so that he can erase any file. He has also been controlling my web designers server. As it has always been, he has control of the technology. I am on the side of justice and I believe that God is with me and many people that are all on my side have all been temporarily controlled. We are at the speed of exposing him and he is controlling all of our efforts. We are fighting to get rid of his modern communication controlling through website upgraded pages that reflect our situation through many other efforts. We need more people to join our efforts, but Yuan Sun, the spy, has been trying in everyway to reduce my workforce by attacking them, making them sick, putting radiation in their cars, flattening their tires, and making their cars not work.

One would assume that working for me for a while that he should attack them, but making them think they are sick?

D is my assistant for six months now. She has done almost all of the editing work after I have written a report. She knows what has been going on, has taken photos, and witnessed everyday. I knew that the spy has been attacking her, making her throat sore and making her cough. She rested a few days, getting better. She came back three days ago, but while she was with me at the internet cafe the evil spy started attacking her. She started to cough, felt throat pain again. I gave her orange juice and mint oil as traditional ways that I have been using to fight the poison and radiation attacks. I was shouting at the spy, "How dare you do this to her! It is only to expose yourself because you have now attacked many Americans, not just one!" As I went to the store to buy the orange juice, D already had stated that she thought she was sick and needed to go to the hospital. I knew the hospital will just give her some medicine instead of traditional natural ways of healing that no one can force on anyone.

T is another one of my assistants. He has complained almost each time he came to do work for me. He said that he had a headache and the spy seems to always made him drowsy when driving. I am totally aware of how the spy can make me drowsy whenever he is trying to prevent my efforts of exposing him by writing.

Obviously his attacks on my work foce is to silent my witnesses and reduce my team efforts. He controlls their brain to make them think they are sick. Stop the Spy has so much work ahead. The spy has messed up our website. We have to check for accuracy everyday and correct errors. The spy does evil deeds every minute and we need to write to expose what he is doing. The spy is attacking us since we are trying to tell fellow Americans the truth. They spy has stolen everything from us including our computer files, CDs, cameras, and memory cards. He is planning to wipe out our entire website, kill me, and silence everyone who knows. They spy's way of controlling their thinking is making it difficult to get my hands on help to fight together. Dear media, dear public, PLEASE HELP!

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