Why Did Our Government Ignore the Spy Reports(Urgent Report On Yuan Sun) (Urgent Report On Yuan Sun Jun 26 - GOV) (Yuan Sun's criminal activity in American Soil) (Report to Gov June 4, 2012) (Response from DOJ Criminal Div. June 8 2012) (Response from DOJ Mar 26 (OIG Invs)) (Yuan Sun's criminal activity in American Soil)

I have been reporting this spy since Sept. 2011, when I stared to have evidences. This page is to show our public my efforts to I have reported to our government. The PDF reports in the chronological order show my understanding of this issue at the time being. I got one written response from FBI inspector division regarding my complaining letter, told me my case is closed. I followed the response from Department of justice , sent all materials to the corrupt union as directed, but never got a response. I stopped approaching to our government till mid of July, 2012. Because I was told I could be arrested if I continued sending the reports. Here is brief chronological order of my efforts:

November 7, 2011 the nano bio-sensors in my brain were surgically removed at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles, the specimen was sent in for lab testing. I was told that the lab had to use a diamond cutter to cut the nano bio-sensor open. (See photo document)

Based on the compound inside the bio-sensor and 80-100 blood tests which revealed poison metal chemicals inside my body, Dr. Staninger was able to figure out that the type of nano bio-sensor found in my body was used in a project credited to an American university and funded by DARPA. With this solid evidence, both my private investigator at the time, Mike Dematteo, and I felt confident that the FBI would investigate this matter and that Yuan Sun should be arrested. Although initially experiencing difficulties, Mike Dematteo was able to contact and deliver a report, along with the removed bio-sensor materials to the LA FBI office in late November/early December. Two to three weeks later, we still had not heard anything back from the FBI. On December 19th, I contacted Dr. Tara O'Toole, (Science & Technology department) via fax. I talked to her secretary later. Knowing now, the faxed documents had been received. I proceeded to contact Carolyn Wagner (Homeland Security, Office of Intelligence & Analysis) via fax and talked to someone later in the office regarding the faxed materials. Each fax sent out was very difficult since Yuan Sun monitors my life every minute & monitors anyone who helps me. He tries every effort to fault my communications.

January 3, 2012- I contacted the FBI. I was informed that no one was attending to my case. I was able to contact a female officer in the Los Angeles FBI office. She listened to me and told me someone would contact me to bring in materials and file a report. No such call was thereafter received.

January 1, 2012- I submitted a letter of complaint to the FBI, regarding their negligence to my reports. To no avail, I thought that maybe if they saw the evidence they would realize the importance of my case.

February 6, 2012- I submitted the evidence I had to the FBI via mail. I still received no response from their offices.

I later found that my incoming calls on the dates of January 16-17th had been compromised (blocked). I decided to contact Joe Grafalo (Homeland Security computer specialist). After informing him of the espionage and controls of the internet and phone systems by one Juan Sun, he told me someone from a local office would contact me. No such contact was made.

I decided to contact Joe again, only to find his direct number I had been able to reach him at before was being cut off. I was no longer able to reach him. I was instead forwarded to one Romeo Smith, he was very alert and told me he would submit my evidence to Joe Grafalo. After submitting with high hopes my evidence, I received no word back from Joe Grafalo.

My private investigator and I, un-reluctantly pushed my case to be received by the LAPD. After a third try, Detective Cho of the LAPD reluctantly accepted my file. After weeks of filing reports to him of letters and photos of criminals with Yuan Suns van number, he still did nothing for me.

March 28, 2012- (4 a.m.) Yuan Sun's criminal open my apartment door and turned on my light, I awoke and confronted him but he ran, too fast for me to fallow. I reported the incident to Detective Cho, once again he neglected his promise to call back. I have not since relied on local authorities whom never even assigned a case number.

Meanwhile, I have researched in detail trying to find a government agency that might help me. I chose the EPA (environmental protection). I tried calling both local and national branches with no avail, due to the control of my phone calls. I instead forwarded materials and evidence regarding Yuan Suns radiation poisoning and damage to our environment. Each time I attempted to speak with them by phone Yuan Sun would transmit nano enhanced materials to penetrate my right ear to the right side of my brain. It would cause pain through the right side of my face down my neck, though unbearable the hope of someone being able to help, I pushed through and made the phone calls. With all my efforts and faxed reports the local EPA informed me that this did not fall with-in their jurisdiction.

Yuan Suns attacks have many outlets including local gangs he has recruited to spread his poison wirings to buses, metro rail systems and apartment buildings including my own. This was also spread through electrical and sewage systems. He uses these gangs to enforce his control, even to the point of having them beat one of my private investigators Gene Ironeno, brutally twice in one month forcing him to step away from the case.

After my attempts to contact the EPA again being kicked back and forth like a soccer ball, I was able to meet with a representative outside my apt building. She simply informed me it was not their responsibility and to forward my complaints to the LAFD, so I did just that. Just as with the LAPD and the LADWP, I received no response. I was forced to leave my home and retreat to different suburbs seeking safety.

Since May 21, 2012, I have been sending my reports to our government White House, homeland security and FBI. I have printed thousands of photo documents and reports hoping to enlighten our government on these terrorist acts, in the hope that Yuan Sun would be arrested and I could return to my normal life and safety as an American citizen. But no matter my attempts to contact them I have been left empty handed and ignored. I finally tried reaching out to Greg Schaffer (assistant secretary-cyber security and communications) via the address I found for him in the federal yellow pages. But all my mail was either returned or I was informed that my postal code was incorrect. After attempting to call every number I could find to contact them and get the correct address all leads were either invalid or led to fake voicemails. I did manage to contact one Marcy Patrick, of customer service who informed me to send her my files and she would forward them to security-related personnel. After continuing in my attempts my calls began being diverted, I am certain these are the workings of Yuan Sun.

I was finally able to contact Kenneth Moran (FCC, public safety and homeland security) directly in early 2012, he informed me the government was seriously looking into my research and findings. I sent him my updated reports in late May, but after contacting him and leaving several voicemails on what may be a fake answering device I have not heard back from him.

I spent months and months contacting every lead I could find with-in our governmental system to try and uncover the attacks of Yuan Sun. Why does the government choose to ignore such advances on American soil? I was even told by the Federal Protection Agency that to continue contact would be considered harassment.

On July 12, 2012, I went to the Los Angeles county hospitals ER because the poison to my body had reached an all time high. They instead retained me for psychiatric evaluation. While still trusting they would find I was mentally of good health, I overheard them saying they were trying to commit me to a mental health facility. I was able to escape while the head ER doctor was on break.

I later went to the Sacramento Health and environmental safety Department, to make a report on the online terrorism. When I arrived they asked for my I.D. for to check my record. They asked me if I knew someone by the name of Lai, who was on my records and ready to commit me to a mental health facility. I did not know how this Lai could be connected to my record as they were neither friend nor family.

I am not against our government in any manner. I am the opposite, 100% patriotic! All I have done is collect information on a subject I feel needs to be addressed to our public and our government, since otherwise government would not be able to find out, and I embraced my right to freedom of speech in such an important matter to our country and American citizens. May be my findings touch a sensitive nerve that someone would want me to shut me up and commit me to a mental health institution? But, what can be so touchy than the spy's criminal activities in our American soil? I ask our government and white house to evaluate and ponder on these questions. Start your own investigation.

"The Truth Must Be Revealed!
The Spy Must Be Stopped!"