Yuan Sun has forced nano-bio materials into my body

These are the ways that Yuan Sun is attacking me and there is a lot of evidence available that proves his criminal activity including some with photos with open discussions.

1. He forced Nano brain bio-sensor into my brain as well as other Nano bio-sensor into my left ear with a Nano tube connected to the Nano brain bio-sensor. He did this in order to be able to hear my daily environment at all times of the day and night.

2. He secretly poisoned me by putting advanced Nano materials in my food and drink so that I would have Nano material pieces in my body. He put them in each of my feet, my right knee, and one in my lymph glands or thyroid. He did this so he can see where I am standing or sitting, as well as the position of my body so that he can easily attack me. Since November 7, 2011, when I had my brain surgery to surgically remove the Nano brain bio-sensor, other Nano materials started moving from my blood vessels and breaking up and moving up to my arms and legs. This happened the following months after my surgery. (Photo of Nano Materials)

3. Yuan Sun put enhanced Ramon Nano materials around my home, in my driveway, windows, doors, sewer system, and followed me wherever I go. Whenever he did that, I would begin to feel very sharp pain in my body. He put Nano particles inside my body. The Ramon enhanced materials are delivered through gas that Yuan Sun and a few of his criminal associates put around my home and driveway. I was forced to inhale these Nano enhanced materials. Since it was delivered to me by gas, my blood tested found out that my working and living environment should not expose me to such high amounts of gas. The only way that it was in my body is from me breathing it in and that is how it was found during my blood test.

4. Yuan Sun put radioactive materials inside of my assistant's car. He is aware that I sit there daily. I had to throw my shirt and black coat in the garbage because it was exposed to a high level of radiation. Even when I washed it, I knew the radiation was still there. I was also going to throw my black purse in the garbage, but I had too many things inside and had no other purse as a replacement. I knew that the bottom of the purse had been exposed to radioactive materials because I could feel it. I still used the same purse and my whole bottom left side burns. I believe that Yuan Sun only put the radioactive materials on the second row of my assistant's car including the floor right behind the driver's seat. Three weeks later, I found that my black purse had holes in the bottom as if a smoker had burned holes in it. I am not a smoker and neither is anyone around me. The radioactive materials had worn down the purse and caused the holes.

5. Yuan Sun put Nano related materials inside of my home in early November 2012. When I was at home, I felt as if Yuan Sun knew my exact location no matter where I went in my home. There wasn't one second I wasn't being attacked. I could only sit and eat near a solid wall quickly before he would find me and begin to attack me again. Based on the logistics, I feel as if my home has been broken into. Yuan Sun and his criminals may have put some Nano related materials on my walls. How would I be able to find out? I visited Dr. Staninger, my toxicologist, and she told me to get a black light in order to view the Nano materials. I bought a black light and when we turned off all of the lights, we could clearly see the yellow dots all over my bathroom walls and cabinets. I then went all over the house and saw the yellow dots all over my bedroom, the entire kitchen from top to bottom, the doors, the living room and dining room areas. It was everywhere. This answered my question about how Yuan Sun was able to connect with me in every corner of my bedroom. He uses Nano in my body to connect with the Nano he put all over my walls. The next day, Terry, my assistant, went into my room with the black light. He used water and soap to clean the entire room using the black light as a guide. We tried to take photos, but my camera isn't good enough or it was under the control of Yuan Sun. All of the photos we took came out dark and the yellow dots were not visible.

6. Yuan Sun put Nano dust and Nano materials through the phone after the Nano bio-sensor was removed. For a while, whenever I use the phone, I begin to feel the attacks from Yuan Sun by Nano enhanced materials. Since I use my left ear to hear on the phone, my left ear began to feel the pain from the attacks and the poison that was being remitted to me.

7. Yuan Sun amplified EMF signals to torture and kill me. I have seen and took photos as documented evidence.

A. Yuan Sun put copper wires on my ventilation system.

B. Yuan Sun put copper wires on my building's water pipes.

C. Yuan Sun put wires on the power phone lines across the street.

D. Yuan Sun uses a power converter to convert 110v powers to EMF radiation which caused meter to register high levels.

E. Yuan Sun uses vents to send Nano particles by long waves and short waves to my apartment.

Yuan Sun put amplifiers inside of my room, the ceilings of my apartment building, remotely turned on my assistant's car amplifiers and used the vibration to amplify his signal.

"The Truth Must Be Revealed!
The Spy Must Be Stopped!"