Threats to National Security(Privacy Report from Privacy Report from Military DOD - Oct 5 Africom White House Website

The spy has Stolen Military secrets, weapons, storage biological weapons, using US military facilities, US Pentagon Channel to monitor and attack and killing American, by steal American advanced technology, weapons and New Inventions, but the spy still doing so, even I have been reporting for a year. What he has been doing remain undetected WHY?

To find out if there is truth of what I have said on such a big issue as National security, let's see what has been happening to Microsoft websites, what has happened to MSN website. Understandably, our culture has been favorite of good news, but if there is bad news as reality, should we cover eyes and ears hide from it or have to face the reality, Sooner is better than latter. The shocking facts is that the internet is in the spy's evil hands. He has upgrade the http system to work for his control, he has reset Microsoft webtrends, many reset box with codes.

Example: Microsoft Privacy Report June 28

View more reset setups:

Comments: Yuan Sun is able to use adult control. The privacy report hides his configurations, tracking tags, and attacking plans in his stolen HTTP:// system. He is the one that control the original HTTP:// system. That is how I was able to find out and document as many privacy reports as I have. Does Microsoft know about these setups?

Microsoft Website Privacy Report, August 2012 Page 21: Link #1

Microsoft Website Privacy Report August, 2012 Page 3:

Link #3
ponents/mscomViews/Controls/ ipts/,~/shared/templates/components/mscomViews/Contr

Comments: Just reading through privacy reports from MSN, Microsoft,you will find out the shocking facts that the spy who has hacked into Microsoft and stolen magic files, and flash security detection, He has been upgrading Microsoft Operating system files, able to remotely access any computer , and he has stolen huge network, he has stole the Http system, upgrading it to serve himself. He is able to do the reset Microsoft , the webtrend the internet researches to make himself the dominate figure on the internet undetected.

Page 3: Link #4

Comments: "gv=BiMAPPING" gv means governing, control the capitalized BIMAPPING controls the " bimapping". I have personally experienced the bimapping so it is easy for me to understand what it means. When my phone is being controlled by the spy's system, many of my calls, even from my friends show different town or zip that can be a few miles away I have always wondered how that can happen, how was it possible? My private investigators could not locate me at my address, it always showed my location being a few blocks away. When I contacted The White House and Homeland Security Cyber Division to report the spy's criminal conduct, I was unable to reach anyone. The AT&T error message operator stated that the phone call has been diverted. I sent 120 emails to top newspaper opinion editors. All of those emails were diverted to the wrong address. When I was able to see the gv=BIMAPPING, I understand how the spy has been able to manipulate the internet. I have heard the United States military missed their target and that is the result of this bimapping setup.

From the spy's Microsoft web trend set ups, internet system set up is shared/templates/components/mscomViews/Controls/Scripts.jQuery. the set up also share bi.dataretrievers, Controls, and search. But, if only one party know this set ups, which is the spy, he is the one in control, he is the one can track his data and yours. He is the one to use all your facilities without your permission. He is the one to use your military facilities to kill to attack your people but undetected. He is the one to steal military storage Bubonic plague, nerve agents to kill and to spread diseases right on our American Soil underneath the nose of US government. He is the one stole window phone technology, and controls my communication to reveal the truth, but able to retriever the data and put everything back to perfect condition and At&T cannot detect.

Through reading the details of each privacy report, I discovered that almost all the duplicated American websites shared nearly the same cyber address that the spy can access; either, DOD, Darpa, Microsoft, AT&T, Bing and the White House all share the additional same cyber address: http%3A%2F%2F or **http%3A or http%3A or similar. This means American military, government and institutions all have a back door opened to the spy.

This below photo from DOD website privacy report may be able to convince our leader that there is real problems:

Privacy Report Page #1, Photo #5

Comment: This whole photo shows six links and everyone is related to me since all links end with "min.js". Link # 6, clearly is the Channel the spy uses to monitor and attack me all the time.

Photo #5, Link#1

Comment: "/remote".js="remote access" the spy's signature coding that shows he is accessing a computer remotely. sagt= means that he is granted access to any computer.

Photo # 3, Link #3 & #4

Comment: Master pages equal "control pages", dgov equal "dominate gov" which is the spy. "min" is my first name as shown in the following link: "dgov.master.min.js". This entire link means that he is dominating the government in order to control me. The next link: dgov.masters.css is even more obvious to make himself as dgov and the master The controlling party in the shared system and in script 2.1. Why can't the United States government see these scripts? The reason I believe they are unable to see it is because they have experienced what I have at the hands of Yuan Sun, such as him using the internet to attack me and poison me. I have seen how he is able to abuse the internet and control my life. I know I have reported everything, yet there has been no action taken because he is able to bypass security, therefore nobody that is able to see his criminal activity.

The spy has been able to hack into DARPA, to steal the high technology, new U.S. inventions and military secrets, the nano biosensor he secretly enforced into my brain and body, he also stole the military storaged nerve agent, the bubonic plague to attacking me, and he altered them and apply them to me as his enemies by the most evil form. I believe my findings on DARPA, DOD and support these claims.

On DOD's website handwritten report, even though almost all addresses are in code and numbers, #16 (the hand-written set) still remains as his long address with many equal (=) signs as below to make sure he get his hands on all important inventions, American government and defense:

Yuan Sun has heard my conversations with Dr. Staninger, Toxicologist regarding checking on DOD and DARPA's website, he has re-configured his stolen web addresses to avoid me recognizing them or guessing their content from words or phrases, and he has updated them by using mostly numbers, codes and vague classifications. (see the handwritten DOD website on April). He has left the long link, the redirect tags on my handwritten Privacy report # 6, the id is his own identity on what he does, but never expect me to find it . Having dealt with him for so long as I have, I know his criminal style and way of thinking. I know what has been happening to me as the end result, so, I can still recognize his ID by the languages and phrases he uses. minJS+autocolum

ektron+ electronic, is from my suffering, he probably stole any and all of electronic inventions from DARPA. The Nano brain sensor he forced into my body and Brain is only one of them, there are much more he has stolen from the United States and apply to me in the most evil form.

  • "confon-yui js": means "confront you & I". Many of his web addresses use "yui" for classification, which means " for you & I". As a spy, he has stolen so many resources, technology and secrets, that these "yui" documents are hidden in Privacy Reports for sharing.
  • "jquery-min js": Yuan sun use many words are double meanings. "Jquery" "Min" may mean high technology terms, "J" is also my last name initial, and "min" is part of my first name" is the first letter of my surname and "min" is a truncated form of my first name. Any technology, events, weapons, plans setups or tools associated or applied to me, he puts "jquery-min" as his classification.
  • "autocolumnInput js": Yuan Sun can duplicate any website and can automatically generate a different set of web pages and addresses by adding a word or two to the original and he then controls the duplicated site as his own.
  • "clearfield js": Since he has stolen the http system file, allowing him to gain a large capacity of cyberspace, he may have called it "clearfield". A few weeks ago I noticed he was using his temporary fake website to control my online activities and one of his addresses appeared:
  • "jquerypaginaction js" = Pentagon secrets applied to me. For over 2 years Yuan Sun has been attacking me as his enemy, he ahs been using "PentagonChannelView.min" and using his stolen US high tech equipment and stolen US electronic devices.
  • "nevis-700-font js" myriad-pro-400-font js": could mean fighting aeroplane or space technology. He is a novice, but still works on them as his projects.
  • "functions js": obviously he is an evil functioning spy!

  • Yuan Sun did not expect me to visit or the name website addresses in this report that point at his own address: http%3A%2F%2F. Even with my untrained eyes I see on pg.33, # 2 & 4 that Yuan Sun hid "production" at the end of both web addresses which started with The thing is that the URL pointed to his own address: http:3A, and he hid "production" behind the article "darpa-hypersonic-glider-demise..." I saw this address and tried to click on this article which appeared on, but the URL was cut-off.

    Page 25, Link #5

    Comment: It's regarding NASA-spaceship info. Yuan Sun classified as "docuri" player type=flash, player URL points to his web address, but, flash ID=my experience, by color=%23FFFFFF, player ID=975006752001& P1.

    Not only did he hack into DOD and steal American military secrets; he also stole the usage of military facilities from and stole the usage on pentagon Channel. I have documented a few reports from DOD website different web pages. Each time when I took photos on the spy's privacy report on, I see different date and times military facilities were being used to attack me in places that were only to be used by commanders . The privacy report from shows clearly the date and the length of time the commander used the facility. These time slot indicated on the privacy report match:

    On May 13, 2012, I was able to photo document a privacy report from the White House website. Just from reading through a few pages of the photo documented privacy, I am able to see that White House privacy has been invaded the spy may be able to listen in to meetings in The White House, This includes briefings, disclosure of annual records in 2009, and the administration of Vice President, Joe Biden.

    View the setups and links below:

    White House Privacy Report Page 2, Link #6

    Page 4, Link #2

    Page 6, Link #4

    Page 7, Link #5

    The Spy Stole Military Storage Bubonic Plague Nerve Agents

    Right at this moment while I am writing this report, I am being attacked by nerve agents and the spy has been attacking me for weeks. It was the results of the suffering that made me search to find the answers I have found. I found them through privacy reports on his system. Below are from photo documented privacy reports from and is regarding to his use of Nerve Agents and the Bubonic Plague. (full photo document:

    Privacy Report from Agents Mid August 2012 OQFjAG&

    I am risking my life to reveal the shocking truth. My life is a living hell and I am fighting every minute of my life to reveal the truth, which is my mission for God. I hope after reading the evidence I have presented, it will peak your curiosity and help experts to find more evidence. Any efforts to reveal the truth will be remembered, I WILL PREVAIL! God is calling on you and all of us to help wake up our government and our public. The future will appreciate our efforts to protect this great nation. "Land of the FREE & Home of the BRAVE!

    "The Truth Must Be Revealed!
    The Spy Must Be Stopped!"