Privacy Report and Evidence on Nuclear Weapon Attacks from

48 pages privacy report from including evidence of Nuclear Weapon Attacks

34 pages privacy report from 43 pages privacy report from Biology Google Search Nuclear Weapon Materials

Even if it is hard to believe, I can prove that the spy has been using Nuclear weapons to attack American citizens on American soil right here and right now. I can prove by medical and digital evidence on different Privacy reports. The spy is trying to kill me, and has been getting nuclear weapon contents and formulas from,, and other places and hiding his nuclear weapons contents, the radioactive elements and materials to be delivered to my physical body through the air to torture and to kill.

Attached PDF files have the full photo-documented privacy reports, but I want to add my comments from my selected links from the different reports. The Attached photo documents are directly from camera to auto-print. Some of the photos took twice to obtain quality. Each page has 4 photos, with the order to read them as follows: lower left is number one, upper left is number two, lower right is number 3, and upper right is number 4 in the full photo documentation. There are all the photos I have taken, and that you can explore yourself.

From my journal you can see why I started searching for nuclear weapon online set-ups, and view some of my search results with my comments.

This link below is from a, privacy report with 48 pages of photos. Page No. 1 and page No.2:

Comments: Yuan Sun requested from Google a search for nuclear weapons basic nuclear materials with the code of the specific materials he requested for.

May 6th: l have my own home, but I can not stay in it. Instead, I go to a different hotel every night. The killing signals are getting more and more intense. I recently feel that the bio-terrorist spy may have been using nuclear weapons on me.

We had called hotels but, tonight always got either no answer or they were sold out. So tonight we went to the suburbs without calling first, and ended up at the Ontario Ramada Inn hotel, doors facing outside. If I still can recall: May 5th, night, we were given a hotel room, but when I walked in, by using a black light, I found radiation right at the room entrance, and some of the nano materials in the window covered the walls everywhere. I could not take the room, and left.

March 4: Alhambra; ended up at an old hotel. As the front desk clerk tried to make a credit card transaction, but could not get it to go through, I realized the criminal may already have been in the room placing nanos. So, I paid in cash and rushed inside to check the room. Under a black light, I saw Nanos all over the place. Some spots had dirty gray stuff on the wall It looked like plutonium. And sticky stuff on the wall, like nano with paint. I used a paper towel on the radiation paint, and it took me two hours of trying to cover it and hardly survive the night.

Mar 3: We went in a hotel room that had a big radiation strip on the wall that Iooked like Cherenkov radiation. II covered it up. Killing signals getting stronger and stronger, some of the bad attacks I have never ever had before. Also from time to time, a hot weapon-like feeling hit inside my leg, my ankle, my head , my throat, my arm or my chest, that feels like something exploded inside part of my body, which reminded me the only time I had something to do with anything nuclear was for a CT scan, which required a nuclear injection to my blood when I felt something exploded in my blood vessels. God has given me the initiative that I should start my research with online nuclear weapons.

I read one more time my highly elevated metals on the testing results on the detox patches on Oct 2013 from a company in Carson. The highly elevated uranium is a few hundred times higher from the standard high value: the high value established as 0.3 , but my single patch test result is 5.7. I do not use only one detox patch, but rather, I normally use 30-50 to soak up my body remitted poisons. 5.7x 20 is 114 , that number, compared with the high value, is over a few hundred times higher than the established high value. I feel this may have something to do with nuclear weapons. Yes, I'm sure it does. I found out uranium and plutonium are connected .

Then I did more research online, and found the privacy report on,, physical, all have Yuan Sun's set-ups on nuclear weapons searching for uranium and plutonium. I also saw Google searching for Nuclear weapons, plutonium and uranium.

March 7th, 2013:

Every night they help the spy to chase me around, trying to put nanos and radiation materials to my new hotel room to torture and kill me. March 6, Terry was helping me for the night. We arrived in one hotel that looked like a yard. But the Desk Clerk came in with a bad attitude, so we had to search for another. We then went to the Western Inn. Before signing for the room, I asked the desk clerk to check it before they charged me for it. We went to the 2nd floor to check it over with hotel personnel, and under my black light, I could see that on each of the two beds, there was a big rectangle painted in middle part of the wall . The colour was dark grey and looked like plutonium. But, the colour and the shape was visible only under my black light. Under normal light it did not show anything at all. The gray colour looked like the same lie plutonium. But why it did not show under normal light? I think it may have been covered up by nano materials, which does not show the surface of the dark side plutonium under normal light. But when I used black light, the Radioactive materials appeared in its' dark gray colour.

March 8th, at Garfield Inn, 2224 S Garfield Ave, Monterey Park, CA 91754 Tel: 323-728-6688 Fax:323-888-0726 I checked into room 314 and saw green shining crystal radiation on the wall close to the inside bed and other nano materials all together.

The criminal even used paint together with radiation to make sure I cannot wipe them away with towels. I was able to change to a different room, #211, but still there are radiations inside. By now it was already 3.30 am. We stayed in, and it was very hard to survive.

Below are a few selected links from the pdf photo documented privacy reports with my comments:

The below link is from This is the link for twitter -widget, located in the spy's cyber address: http%3A%2F%2F, it also further explains that this material text introduction is the nuke intro on plutonium production on nuclear weapons and that it's location is http%3A%2F%2F Nuke's intro is at %2F, and to make sure computers find that address, he repeats at the end of this link:.

The blow link is another technical set-up on the advertisement ads, through which the poison, or nuclear, can remit to my physical body: Client=ca=pub-6837127770928289. The spy always calls me his cat or his client, which is his target. ca means California, pub means public id with my ID number of 687127770928289. Yuan Sun uses flash to hit me hard, that flash is at111.02.55, even though I do not understand every bit of set-ups. I know in order to get the poisons into my physical body he has all the codes and numbers to make the plutonium, uranium or thorium to hit me..

March 9th, 2013:

Today I was lucky to be able to reach Dr. Staninger, my toxicologist. I asked her what can help with nuclear weapons since the spy has been remitting plutonium and uranium. Dr. Staninger advised me that Choorola will help in the radiation, so, I followed her instruction and found choorola in GNC , which really helps.

I have seen different radiations in the different hotel rooms put on by the spy and his criminals. But the green crystal-like stuff on the wall was only recently. I am sure that is radiation but what radiation that green stuff really is, I need to find out, so, I started searching online. I still remember while I was searching for plutonium and uranium, the search came up with a different new energy that people suggested should be the new nuclear weapons. So, I modified my search as Green radiation, thorium. The search results came back as lots of nonsense. However, in what looked like a non-related link; I found the privacy report on the spy's set-ups on remitting the new generation nuclear weapon element, throium. Below are a few selected links from the privacy report photo documents to share with professionals and the American public:

The whole photo document is 34 pages. The bio-terrorist spy hides his configuration set-ups in almost unrelated web page links:

Read further. Yuan Sun's green radiation throium search is on the web, with its codes linked to his stolen and controlling url http%3A%2F%2F document located at 2F4028949 and hidden in the seemingly unrelated webpage so it is hard to find.

Below the 6 links are the spy's online files about his enemy-they are aggregated, but in all different forms or different ways to read so he can maximize the exposure to the images being seen online, and get more intensive signals. All of these links are with almost the same number, which means the same file but in different computer reading:


The below links are my images in different readings: the Word document with codes, the Mac images also spinning , the bio-terrorist spy also put my images on his stolen scribedassets newhome page. All the images have the same id or origin of 1362784936 or similar:

The below link is the evidence that the spy has stolen the Rubicon project, their scripts from their PC and other set-ups through remote access:

The below three links all mentioned liver map. They are not only my liver, but the attacking entrances from my body to my liver, including my stomach, eyebrows, and many of the entrances to my liver. The three different links can track to my physical body. I do have cutting points on my eyes and eyebrow, and wounds on my body all over. The bio-terrorist can link many of these entries to my liver, but the different means and ways to damage my liver is his livermap.

The below links are clearly the syndication of images to match with my physical body, which has been set up by the bio-terrorist spy with codes and a number ID.

This below link is a technical set-up on how to identify me in a crowd. The bio-terrorist spy has the code as a general ID. Also in his ID syndication, there's an ID number and partner - uid, which is # my profile id:{profile-id}

The below web link is from the bio-terrorist's stolen api gravity, which he uses to attack me precisely. These codes are technical set-ups and they refer to the bio-terrorist's stolen Google website, but with his own cyber address, and 3D green radiation thorium on his site:

"The Truth Must Be Revealed!
The Spy Must Be Stopped!"