The Spy Is Responsible for the Recent Breakout of Bubonic Plague!

(Mercury) (Relapsing Fever) (Google Search For Carbon Monoxide) (Bubonic Plague/ (Nerve Agent/ (Drug Gas Nerve Poison)

The spy's torture and killing efforts on me has been the threats to my daily life, and it also become the real threat to American living environment and American people. He has been able to spread around the poisons and epidemic diseases; he even goes so far as to steal the military storage of Bubonic Plague to kill me, which I believe was the reason of the Bubonic plagues in the news weeks ago. This is the chilly fact that hard to believe. In this section are the three privacy reports from (Federal American Scientists organization). One is the spy's set ups is to steal Nerve Agent from military storage, one is to steal military storage of a biological weapon, Bubonic Plague, and one report shows a request from Google search for obtaining and remitting Relapsing Fever. The photo documented privacy report from shows Google is being requested to search for nerve gas poison. A Privacy report from shows Google search for mercury being transferred through an iframe Ad and another privacy report from can see his set ups searching for Carbon Monoxide.

Some of the privacy reports have my own comments attached, it may help. I am sure each of the link setups have contributed to the end results that I have been attacked by the spy's setups; God has guided me to do the search and to expose him. Maybe what I see only scratches the surface and leads to an expert's attention.

How much damage has been caused to our environment from this alone? This does not even count the two years of EMFs, both lethal and non-lethal radiation, the spy has been sending me 24/7. Even if I wrote one hundred pages, I would not be able to finish writing how much he has damaged our environment these years. A few examples just to give some idea how the spy has been threatening my life and how he has been contributing his criminal damage to our environment:

March 2012 I escaped to Baton Rouge, Louisiana with someone who was trying to help me escape, who a home in a forest has surrounded by trees. Yuan Sun and his criminal gangs followed me there. They drove around the forest where the home that I stayed was located and followed me everywhere I tried to go. They tried to kill me by sending microwave, gamma ray to me. Since they were in the forest sending it to the home, the next day, the entire green forest was smoky and foggy. Not only did I feel pain from this attack, but the green home and our environment suffer greatly and so did the nearby residents who had to breathe in the microwave and gamma ray.

Yuan Sun and his gangs have been following me around sending EMF radiation to me. Also, they have sent Nano enhanced materials to me in order to have more control and to torture and kill me. They put Nano enhanced material and Ramon enhanced materials in the driveway of my home, under my window sills, and doors. They even put it outside of the public library to force me to breathe in more Nano particles. In February 2012, Yuan Sun, his wife, Meng Jia Hu, and his criminal gangs came to Los Angeles to kill me. Again, they put poisons in my Los Angeles apartment's windows, making it impossible for me to stay home. At that time I was very ill and later through lab testing found out that there was Elephant Tranquilizer in my body. Yuan Sun chases me wherever I go forcing me to escape to different hotels to survive. In Mid-February, I escaped to Long Beach, CA. I went to the beach to try to enjoy Southern California. Since it was a public place in the open, I thought that Yuan Sun would refrain from sending me poison, but I was proved wrong. When I went to a store near the beach to buy water, I returned to my stool within a few minutes. That is when I saw Meng Jia Hu, Yuan Sun's wife's car was right there at the beach with her hand reaching outside of the car window. Before I was able to figure out what was going on, she pulled her arm back into the car and sped away quickly. I began to fell the sharp pain from my feet to my legs connecting to all the Nanos inside of my body. I quickly left the beach and went to a hotel to do some research. While I was searching the internet, I saw Meng Jia Hu's car return to the hotel in which I was staying, to spread more Nano enhanced materials on the hotel lobby's driveway and the entire block.

The same as in February 2012, I clearly felt the poison come from the underground of my street. I was skeptical because how could he put the poison in, but I was clearly feeling it from the underground level. I decided to walk my block as well as the adjacent blocks in my area just to see where the poison was coming from and where it ended so that I could make a report. I drew a map of where the poison started, where it ended for the police. I called Los Angeles Department of Water and Power and even visited their office to make a report to them, but the poison is still there. Thinking logically, I realized that it must be coming from the Sewer System or the Electrical System. I decided to report to the fire department as well, but there hasn't been any action taken. I also contacted the California Environmental Protection Agency and spoke with the criminal division, but was told they don't handle this type of case. It was unbelievable to me that they wouldn't handle a case such as this until I wrote them and didn't receive any type of response. Since then my phone has been completely disconnected. I feel as if I am being pushed back and forth as it seems that there is no agency that has jurisdiction over my case. After many calls, being on hold for countless minutes, and being attacked by more Nano enhanced materials, I was finally able to locate an Environmental Testing Company and ask if they would be able to test the air. They explained to me that I would need to have 6 households to call them and make them come out to check the air.

The spy seems to have energy control mapping with all of the building blueprints to locate their electrical and sewer system in order to access it whenever he chooses. During a ten month period, I have escaped to different cities and towns. Wherever I go his cameras follow me and he gets into any hotel electrical system making the system lights start to release poison. Early Oct. 23rd, 2012, Yuan sun came back to LA to kill me by VX at LA airport at bathroom toilet through airport sewer system. He was able to locate me at the toilet seats I use sending Poison through the pipe directly shoot to my private part. How could Yuan Sun do so? He must have his way to master every energy resources, and convert them to EMF or anything to kill me. (Please view the detailed story "The Spy Tried to Kill Me AT LAX" in My Efforts section of the site). Over the last three years, I have taken many photos and video, purchased a lot of equipment such as meters that measure different things to test EMF as accurate as the professionals as possible. I have tried to convince the local police that the air may not be of good quality even though it seems that way with the naked eye.

The spy has destroyed nearly all of my equipment just by sending large quantities of magnetic energy to make the sensors not properly work. Every time I complain to the manufacturer they are dismayed at the fact that I only used their equipment once and have experienced such failure. I later realized how the spy was destroying my equipment; I decided to make a copper box to keep my equipment protected to allow more extensive use. I keep my testing equipment with me at home, when I shop, at the fitness center, and even hospitals, I have found consistent results: high volume of magnetic energy, tesler, gamma ray, infrared, and microwaves. All were in high volumes as shown on the testing meter.

The photo below is from my tri meter that I bought brand new in 2012. I used it to test the quality of air in my home and the hotels that I often travel to. They both show high levels of electrical energy and sometimes even high magnetic energy. It all depends on the convenience of the resources that the spy finds and uses to convert them to kill me. One of the tests was done February 2012 in my hotel room that I had to escape to. In the morning I felt a sharp pain when I woke up. It felt as if I were being electrocuted. I got up and realized it was only 6:00 AM, but wasn't able to sleep anymore. I then decided to check what the resources Yuan Sun was using were and where they were coming from. Since my body has a high volume of electric signals when I walked by the electrical room it began to spark. That is when I knew I was being attacked by high frequencies. I knew that Yuan Sun was attacking me but needed to locate him and his vehicle. I began checking all of the cars in the parking lot of the hotel. It seems as if they were all cars that were normally parked there, nothing out of the ordinary. I was puzzled and then I looked towards the corner of the hotel where there were three cars parked. I began walking toward the three cars. As I was approaching one of the cars, black, turned their wheel toward the street, and sped away quickly. I was able to get their license plate number. As the black car moved, the air quality around the hotel suddenly became fresher. It was the freshest air I had breathed in almost three years.

Two hours later, my private investigator came to pick me up. We both walked through the hotel parking lot. When I pointed out where I saw Yuan Sun's car, my investigator and I both saw an old electrical post that was not longer in use. Yuan Sun was able to convert the normal 10 volts to direct energy, to hurt and kill me.

The photo dated Feb 09, 2012 and Feb 16, 2012 were from my apartment home, taken at different times. While one shows the very high volume of electrical level, the other photo shows the magnetic level of the scale. My private investigator and I have found copper wires on my vents, air conditioner unit, my building alley and we both noticed the long piece of loose wire hanging down from the street power and telephone lines right above and across the back of my building. Only when I put all the photos and information together, will be able to have the conclusion that these extra hanging wire from the power line are designed to connect to wire in the alley, the wire was connected inside my ventilation system and air condition through the hanging wire to connect the water pipe's extra wire, which has made my floor electrified or magnetized to connect the Nano inside m e to torture and kill me. The photo below also shows copper wire around the building's water pipe underneath my floor. That is also the reason I could not stay in my apartment, I was forced to escape to different hotels, but still the criminal spy chased me to my hotel converted the same electrical magnetic field to torture and kill me, making my life miserable. The sad fact is that Criminal are better equipped than police. For three years, I have been longing to breathe the normal air that everyone on earth may have taken for granted.

I wear my rubber rain boots even when it doesn't rain. Why? I have been heavily attack on the bus, train, or walking on the streets. The underground system on Wilshire Blvd has been used to attack me with several different poisons. Although I am not sure how it is even possible I clearly felt the attacks of the poisons from Wilshire Blvd., so it must have been the drainage or sewer system. I can feel that the spy has converted the EMF to connect to the Nanos inside of my body to torture me. At first when I would ride the bus I felt tortured as if I were standing in an electrical field. My home gives me the exact same type of torture. It was by accident that I found that rain boots were a remedy to the torture of heavy electrical signals. When I began to wear them I realized that they would help the oxygen to stay retained when the spy was using Carbon Monoxide or Mercury to attack me. Once my leg felt so heavy with no blood flow and the oxygen with the rain boots helped.

I have notice that the spy can even get into the fire alarm systems to not only send poison from the electrical system, but also the water sewer system to send out poison. For several months, I am able to feel the Sulfuric Acid coming from the sewer system, but he also changes to different poisons as he chooses when he realizes how difficult it is for him to kill me. I have also wondered if Sulfuric Acid only goes directly to my toilet from the sewer system or does it affect others as well. I also believe that since the Sulfuric Acid is very destructive that it may have broken a pipe in the sewer system and no one would ever know why.

Early November 2012, I saw the spy parking his car in front of one of the hotels I escape to. He began to send poison to me through the fire alarm right above my bed while he was only twenty feet away from my room. I saw him and his car speed away. Ever since he has been escalating his killing place, continuing to manipulate our energy grid, and use them as his weapons. From my experience fighting the attacks of this military high technology spy, I have learned that he has been able to steal every type of weapon, change every energy source to do evil, control the internet, gather and unite American gangs to attack an American citizen for three years, but still remain undetected.

The spy continues to use Nerve Agents to attack me daily. I have sent the wipe with the VX Nerve Agent to the CDC, Alan Khan. I am working day and night to get my website prepared and updated in order for it to be very informative and functioning. My strategies to expose Yuan Sun are using the media by sending those letters, but may also be the result of the escalating killing efforts which have gone from bad to even worse.

On November 20, 2012, I was at Mike's print shop making color copies while my assistant, Terry, was filling the envelopes with new content. 3550 Wilshire Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90010 became a bloody battlefield although there seemed were normal activities. The evil spy wanted me to die instantly so that I would not be able to send out my mail to expose him. Knowing this is intentional, I began to spend up my efforts to insure the 100 envelopes made it to the post office that day. When passing by the underground ventilation with wide open areas, I was able to feel the extremely strong Nerve Agents coming to my body. I know that Yuan Sun was probably underground. The signal was too strong. If it was a normal situation I would have went to search the parking lot. I knew that I needed to continue to work to send the letters out. I had to stay my course. Since Mike was away of what my current situation is, I do not have to pretend to behave and I am able to do whatever is necessary to detox. To detox I use grounded orange peel and lemons to wipe my entire body. Still from time to time, I had to go out and check to see who was making the signals amplified. I saw one person each time standing in the same spot in front of the building, but was not able to see their phone or equipment. I was able to see the position in front of the two buildings can connect to two sides of the building and connect to the underground parking garage where I believe that Yuan Sun, the spy, was hiding and operation. This attack from the spy was so terrible and torturous that he could have used any energy source to make me sick so it would be unbearable to continue to expose him. I was able to feel the energy from the printing shops printer. When I went to the restroom, the vents suddenly began to roar loudly and I could instantly feel the connection that Yuan Sun had to the energy source to try and kill me.

The Spy is responsible for the Bubonic Plague!

The spy has been trying every way possible to attack me by different direct energy and poison. He has been using electrical devices, biochemical, and biological weapons to use against an American citizen. Every detox patch tested in the lab shows that I have Relapsing Fever. While I have never lived in a place that Relapsing Fever even exist. Since the spy also sends me poisons related to my DNA, Dr. Staninger had already predicted that the spy may send relapsing fever to me. While I have continued my efforts to expose him and to reveal the truth, the spy has been trying all different types of poisons and diseases to kill me. When he sends Relapsing Fever, I feel hot flashes on my back and chest. It feels as if I have a fever. When he sent pneumonia to me it caused me to have difficulty breathing, as if I were a lung disease patient. When the spy attacks me by Nerve Agents, it is the hardest poison to deal with and it causes my urine to turn light green. Since I detox all the time, that may be the reason I have survived his attacks thus far. I photo documented privacy reports each time I felt he was attacking me. I began searching online and I was able to find the answers. These privacy reports on the spy's effort were searching for Carbon Monoxide, Mercury, Gas Nerve Poison, Nerve Agents, The Bubonic Plague, etc., show and prove what the spy has been doing so far. With killing me as the end result and him requesting these poisons, he has left his fingerprints on the privacy reports. I believe that every link of the privacy report contributes to the end result of my suffering, although I am not an expert. I know that this is truly happening and I know it is Yuan Sun the criminal and the evil spy who is trying to hurt and kill me. That is why I see the threatening facts and it is easier to understand the links that I would like to share.

I invite American professionals and media to review my photo documentations and the configurations through cyber links. I am sure you will come up with the same conclusion yourself

The spy's killing efforts continued on Thanksgiving on November 22, 2012 since I woke up at 9:00 AM. The spy began to attack me by Nerve Agents. I have been using the grounded orange peel to wipe myself. When the signal was too intense I had to leave my apartment and stay I the hallway, but the spy upgraded his attacking skills. When I arrived in the hallway there were noises coming from the vent that was closest to me. The spy knew exactly where I was located in the building. I sometimes stay in the hallway to read documents, but when he is able to detect my exact location the attacks increase. By 1:00 PM, the spy began to attack me by Ultraviolet and it felt as if the sun was burning the inside of my stomach, legs, head, and ears. My assistant told me that he felt hot. When I checked it, I knew the spy was attacking me by the Ultraviolet rays and that I would be battling this attack for a long period of time. At 4:00 pm, my assistant drove me to the store to do some grocery shopping. I saw a group of cars and vans following me around. I also felt like I was sitting on some type of radiation, but was unable to see anything on the seat of the car. I decided not to sit in the car and to walk to the cafe to do some work. There were intense signals inside of the cafe. I went outside to see what was going on and saw a car parking right at the cafe's parking garage entrance with their lights blinking.

Yuan Sun never leaves any evidence.

Prior to the poison from the streets sewer system, the spy began sending strong gamma ray to attack me. They drive around just to deliver any type of deadly poison including Bubonic Plague from the military storage and Nerve Agents directly to me. They even are able to release it into the air which is being breathed in my millions of Americans, especially those that are around me or near where I live. The spy has been able to cut my skin and vessels to make more poison to come to my body fast with the purpose to kill. It still does not only affect me, but other Americans that are breathing around me, as he using my body as the target. In Mid-August, I risked my life by flying to Sacramento to meet the California Health Department officials to report my situation and concerns. I wanted to be able to at least make a report so that my findings were on record and the health department would know what is happening. I wasn't allowed to see nor speak to any official. The building security requested for me to leave and referred me to local authorities. I have also called and went to the Los Angeles County Health Department to report this and I don't think they believe as they have yet to take any action.

I still remember how the spy was using flash on me to make me feel hot, not able to breathe normal, and my body turned red with bumps on my skin. Either he flashed my body with Relapsing fever, pneumonia or Bubonic plague; he used the similar search on Google and is always able to send it to me. But, the criminal spy delivered the disease, poisons through the air, it may travel through mountains, rivers, forests, animals and natural forces such as wind or rain may also contribute the facts that it can be diverted from its original course.

There may be more people breathing in the same bacteria or disease like me, but this does not mean everyone becomes ill and ends up in the hospital. But, how could Nerve agents that are in military storage come to my body? We have evidence that it is from the website configurations. Who would be interested in the military storage of nerve agents and bubonic plague, and also capable of getting it? Only through the stolen world wide web! This can only be the one who has stole and controls the Internet, whom I have been battling to expose his activities and reveal the truth. Yuan sun, the criminal spy from China is responsible for the breakout of the Bubonic plague in Los Angeles and Colorado, with his plan to kill me and the intention to keep his stolen hidden power of control in America forever!

I invite American people, professionals, and media to review my photo documented privacy reports, the shocking evidence and facts on my website. I am sure that you will come up with the same conclusion yourselves.

"The Truth Must Be Revealed!
The Spy Must Be Stopped!"