Petition for Managers Signature Page

The consequences of the spy, Yuan Sun, having the ultimate hidden power and control is not only because it is a danger to me as an individual, but also a danger to our nation as a whole, especially to major United States corporations. Yuan Sun has been able to conduct his criminal activities against me and corporate giants such as Yahoo, Google, and AT&T. What frightens me most is that Yuan Sun has complete remote access to our government's websites and is even able to steal deadly diseases and poisons from our military's storage to use against me in the most evil form.

Yuan Sun is capable of controlling any phone and make contacting any particular person nearly impossible. He has complete remote access to all of AT&T phone lines. It has been very difficult to make phone contact with anyone. He cuts the lines and sends them to a dead end or a voice mail. He even has the ability to send my calls to a fake AT&T operator recorded error message stating that the number is no longer in service when I had spoken to the person that very day on the same number. On my AT&T cell phone he has complete control. I am no longer able to use my phone for any purpose, not even an emergency call. I had to completely abandon my cell phone and leave it in my mailbox because Yuan Sun was able to use it to send very brutal attacks to me. He even changed my date to a date that was 32 years ago. That is when I realized how much control Yuan Sun had over my phone and made the decision to keep it as far away from me as possible.

I have experienced Yuan Sun control over any website I try to use. He has complete control of my numerous email accounts and my website that I using to expose him. He has made my website very difficult to finish. I have had to change things day after day because he continually messes up the content that is placed on the website. He is able to change words around to make reports sound as if they are non sense and that I am unaware of what I am speaking of. He is able to make me look crazy and completely clueless by the way he arranges the words in the reports I have personally written. I finally able to make some progress of my website, but the scary part is that Yuan Sun is able to control sites that shouldn't even be accessible in the manner he accesses them. Our United States government's website. Who do you know that is able to access the websites of The White House, the United States Military, the FBI, etc.? Yuan Sun! The consequence of Yuan Sun having the power to access these sites is that he is able to steal Unites States secrets and inventions, and even steal Unites States Military storage of Nerve Agents, such as VX, the Bubonic Plague, and other deadly diseases and poisons to kill me.

If Yuan Sun is able to do this to me, imagine how much more he is capable of. If we don't stop him now, he has complete power and control to destroy this great nation. I have lost my freedom and will risk my life to expose him and ensure that this modern day terrorism doesn't happen to anyone else.

"The Truth Must Be Revealed!
The Spy Must Be Stopped!"