Overall Facts Introduction

Objective: To prove Yuan Sun, a bio-terrorist and high technology military spy has stolen American secrets against
America as a nation, thousands of businesses, and millions of victimized Americans.

1. How is Yuan Sun a bio-terrorist against America as a Nation?

A. Hacked into Microsoft, Evidence Part 1 Evidence Part 2 . Stolen Http system drivers, all the resources, reset up internet
research box, and web trends, disguises his terrorist activities. He secretly set up web site as sharing, bitmapping bidata retrieval system. ( Microsoft Privacy report) But he is the only one who knows
this secret set ups, and the only who controls the web. He sets up his stolen map to control the normal http map; it may be a big impact for US military to hit the target.

B. Advanced System Intrusion: Hacked into DARPA website and stole all United States high technology electronic inventions, such as the stolen technology of the Nano BioSensor which he secretly forced a into the body of Qiu Min Ji, as well as other Nano advanced materials, DARPA Evidence. The Nano BioSensor was surgically removed from her brain Nov. 2011 at Cedar Sinai Medical Center. Introduction to Evidence

C. Advanced System Intrusion: Hacked into the White House Website White House Evidence

  • Joe Biden - Through the privacy reports we have learned that Yuan Sun has complete access to the profile I.D. of Joe Biden.

  • Yuan Sun is able to view presidential action and executive orders.

  • Conference - Through the privacy reports I have learned that Yuan Sun has been able to steal information on defense issues and also uses recaptcha/api/is/recaptcha_ajax.js. The White House privacy has been completed invaded since he is able to use his stolen captcha.

  • D. Advanced System Intrusion: Hacked into Space.com, stolen the American high tech.Space.com Evidence

    E. Advanced System Intrusion: Hacked into AT&T's phone company website and stole their custom ID, URL, and PRL to control my phone to search his own system, while using their facilities. Since Yuan Sun's Microsoft setup this system that can do bidata retrieval and that is why AT&T is unable to find his control of public phones, my phone, and the phone control in Washington, D.C. Evidence Part 1Evidence Part 2 Evidence Part 3

    F. Hacked into Yahoo, use yahoo as his "yahoo house" to host his terrorist activities, undetected. Yahoo Evidence

    G. Stolen the usage of DOD military facilities, monitored my daily life, stolen military storage bubonic plague and nerve agents.

    Evidence Part 1 Evidence Part 2 Evidence Part 3.

    2. How Yuan Sun, the Bio-Terrorist from China, Connects the Two HTTP Systems & Is Able to Control Our Normal HTTP? January 2, 2013 After three years of observation, being forced to be on the Bio-Terrorist system, being monitored, controlled, and attacked; after reading hundreds of privacy reports, I am presenting my documented evidence for the American professionals to verify, give their input, discuss, and prove my findings to be true.

  • Yuan Sun has stolen the http system drivers from Microsoft. In August 2011, the spy's remote controlling computer information appeared on my brand new laptop. I took 950 photos, including photos of the altered HTTP system drivers.

  • Evidence Link: http://stopthespy.org/remote-accessing-computer.php

  • Yuan Sun secretly reset Microsoft Windows and Internet Explorer and made a "shared/core/2" system. Example: "sharecspMScomSitemap, "share csp search component; csp MScom Master Navigation and csp AdControl"

  • Evidence Link: http://stopthespy.org/Documents/Facts/Privacy%20Report%20from%20Microsoft%20Website,%20June%202012/Microsoft.pdf

    Yuan Sun secretly established his control system from: bi.data retrievers and bimapping system. He also setup the governing BIMAPPING controls homepage bimapping. Since Yuan Sun is the only one who sets up the two http systems, he is the one who can retrieve his data and all the normal http system website data

    Evidence Link: http://stopthespy.org/Documents/Facts/Privacy%20Report%20from%20Microsoft,%20August%202012/Privacy%20Report%20From%20Microsoft%20Website%20Aug-2012.pdf

  • Yuan Sun uses his "transitional scripts", maybe programming scripts, to connect his secret advanced system with the normal http system. He can duplicate any website and control the duplicated one. Even web masters do not see any changes on the original website. He still is able to steal the website functions, client ID, url, and every resource that the site uses since his windows internet explorer reset is a shared system. Bi.dataretrivers and bimapping.

  • Yuan Sun hides his control setup in AdControl which is the privacy report through which I have discovered his bio-terrorist and spy activities. While normally the privacy report is for local computer owners who can control children's online activities. Yuan Sun has altered the functionality of AdControl as his control setups since AdControl is a part of his sharing system. So, even if his privacy report only shows up on his system, it still controls the particular website and normal http system. The altered AdControl is a part of Yuan Sun's advanced system.

  • Evidence Link:


  • Yuan Sun's "Transitional Scripts" and "Inner Scripts" - I have seen and documented Yuan Sun's "Transitional Scripts" on my yahoo email login. It is 14 pages long. In this report it mentions "Inner Scripts" and many people call it "server scripts". In November, 2012, I also was able to see Yuan Sun's remote accessing computer information among many of his folders and programs. "Scripts" is one of the folders on bing.com privacy report and other privacy report. I have seen many images with scripts and codes that the public is not able to access. I think these "server scripts" are "inner scripts" and protected by his codes. Even though I know these images are Bio-Terrorist related activities, no one is able to open the links. That's another part of Yuan Sun's control to make the system work to his advantage.

  • Evidence Link: http://stopthespy.org/Documents/Evidence/Programming%20Code/programming-code.pdf


  • Yuan Sun Blends into Yahoo website as his base to control and uses Yahoo to host his Bio-Terrorist activities.
  • Evidence Link: http://stopthespy.org/Documents/Facts/Privacy%20Report%20Yahoo%20Finance/Yahoo%20Finance.pdf http://stopthespy.org/yahoo-finance.php

  • Yuan Sun has registered a handful of fake American big online corporations with nearly identical names, registered identical digital signatures, which has allowed him to blend into Yahoo. He registered Yahoo three times and registered Microsoft twice. Other online big corporations include: Google, Mozola, and Skip

  • Evidence Link: http://stopthespy.org/Documents/Facts/The%20Spy's%20Fake%20DNS%20Registration%20on%20Yahoo%20&%20Others/The%20Spy's%20Fake%20DNS%20Registration%20on%20Yahoo%20and%20Other%20US%20Corporations%20Websites,%20August%202012.pdf, hard copy available for pick up at 3550 Wilshire Blvd., Suite 105, Los Angeles, CA 90010.

    3. How Yuan Sun Has Been Able to Hide His Bio-Terrorist and Spy Activities & Remain Undetected January 2, 2013

  • Yuan Sun was remote accessing computer connected to my computer and any computer I use, since I stopped using my own computer and began going to the library, web bar, and private internet cafes. Yuan Sun follows me to CNC cafe remotely connects to CNC cafe computers with his massive storage drives. On November 20, 2012, I was able to take photos on his remote accessing computer information, but he quickly disconnected the internet so I could not see too much inside. I was still able to see his different programs that he uses and the folders they were contained in. I also saw his "inner scripts" folder assuming that codes protected "Inner Scripts" he mentioned on his "Transitional Scripts".

  • Yuan Sun is able to set up his computer and other online activities by using a "Darla Timer" and continue to have the same date and time of 32 years ago: January 6, 1980, 12:00. This is how he is able to make all of his online activities disappear. I have seen the same date and time appear on my phone many times and I have taken photos to share. He controls my phone with his computer. The evidence that he uses a Darla Timer can be seen on his "Transitional Scripts" page 2. Please Verify.

  • Evidence Link: http://www.stopthespy.org/Phone Control/Strange_Date_On_My_Phone.pdf and Transitional Scripts

  • Yuan Sun uses different live online activities as wrappers to disguise his terrorist and spy activities. I have documented Yahoo Finance privacy report.

  • Evidence Link: Yahoo Finance Privacy Report

    4. Against American people - Millions people's life being affected

    For over three years, Qiu Min Ji's daily life has been destroyed. Yuan Sun has been using direct energy, EMFs, Gamma Ray, and numerous poisons to attack her. The poisons are sent to her via online setups through devices, as well as organized criminal gang stalking and placing tracking devices in her home, and everywhere she frequents. (Evidence Links: Lab testing found the most advanced high technology inventions that are being genetically delivered to my body. View LINKS: Microscope Testing August 7th, 2012, Found Elephant Tranquilizer, Microscope testing found poison, November, and Lab testing reveals high level of toxic metals found within used detox patches.)

    Do the math:

    A. Qiu Min Ji uses detox patches to soak out the poisons coming to her every day. She uses a minimum of 20 detox patches per day. The fact is that a single detox patch found these amounts of elevated poisons. By averaging 20 of them per day at minimum, how much poison is going through her body, yet not being detoxified.

    B. Yuan Sun is not only against Qiu Min Ji, but also anyone that has tried to help her bring the Terrorist to justice is being monitored, their phone controlled, computer invaded, brain control, threats, and even being followed. What makes matters worse, one of the private investigators who is trying to bring him to justice was beaten up twice in less than a two month period by Yuan Sun's associated gangs/triads. (LINK: Associated with Gangs and Triads)

    C. Yuan Sun, the bio-terrorist spy, is not only against Qiu Min Ji and those seeking to bring him to justice, his terrorist activities extend to thousands of businesses, and his bio-terrorism conduct affects millions of American's daily health as well as our living environment.

    For Example:

    I. Yuan Sun remits poisons to me as an iFrame advertisement setup. However, he sends pounds and pounds of poisons to my body every second by Google searching for the poison he desires at the time. I have seen him search for Carbon Monoxide and Mercury. These are the basic elements that people living closely to me are affected differently, not to mention our environment.

    II. Yuan Sun has stolen from Military storage. He has stolen numerous amounts of dangerous diseases and poisons such as Nerve Agents. These stolen diseases and poisons are remitted through the air and since there is no local United States military storage, they poisons and diseases may be traveling through the states, mountains, forest, rain, and the wind. All of these may affect the delivery to the specific target. Also, solders that are watching military storage nerve agents or people live close by may be affected more since he has to make many of them come out around.

    III. The bio-terrorist spy remits diseases. I have endured the end result and I have even witnessed his online search for Pneumonia and the Bubonic Plague. It is because of Yuan Sun that a 7 year old Colorado girl was discovered to have the Bubonic Plague. They even found the Bubonic Plague in an animal in Southern California, approximately at the same time.

    D. Many website are being invaded, blocked, and used to setup his terrorist activities. It is very difficult to discover, therefore, the webmaster or site owner may never know. Please contact Yahoo, Microsoft, PayPal, MeetUp, Gigya, WebMD, DOD, the White House, etc. Did you know that the websites have such a thing called a privacy report? Who set them up? Why is it that these major corporations and government entities are unable to see the security breach themselves? Who is in control of the World Wide Web? Does Brink House understand that their tier sales person is unavailable and that items cannot be added to a shopping cart from their site? Does Dunn & Bradstreet know that their database has AT&T's address wrong and does FedEx know that their bills have been paid, although they repeated request payment and even forward to their collection agency? How many errors do we not see or notice?

    E. Radiation: Besides radiation as part of the spy's utility, Gamma Ray, Ultraviolet, Infrared, and X-Ray, he also recently began using radioactive materials. The radioactive materials were seen by three of us. I noticed a glowing bottle when cars passed by under a huge dumpster behind the internet cafe on Normandie and Wilshire in Los Angeles. The reason I know it is radioactive materials is because of the feeling that it gave me. Another day, at a new hotel, Yuan Sun had his criminals driving the radioactive materials to the hotel that I checked into. When the car stopped at the hotel, an Asian man got out. I saw him and then he drove away quickly. I believe that he later came back and put the radioactive materials on a nearby roof since I could still feel it and I was unable to leave the hotel immediately. On December 10, 2012, at the Howard Johnson located at 6th and New Hampshire, Los Angeles, CA, Yuan Sun put the radioactive material in a trash bag and placed it at the stairway exit, very close to my room. I was unable to stay in my room until the trash was removed. On December 11, 2012, a beat up truck drove a wooden box to the entrance of the parking facilities of the Internet Cafe on Normandie. Dec 16, radiation weapon used radiation to kill at Holiday Inn Express Hotel.

    "The Truth Must Be Revealed!
    The Spy Must Be Stopped!"