Phone Control and Phone Weaponry

Yuan Sun, the spy has broken into AT&T's website and has stolen their resources, wireless customer IDs, scripts, user IDs, sub domains, and URLs. He can control private phones, pay phones voicemails, phone transfers, and websites. He has been manipulating and controlling my phone through the AT&T system.

On October 3, 2011, I documented an AT&T privacy report to determine his stolen scripts. From the privacy report, anyone can see that he shares all of AT&T's resources and his phone control tactics by using twitter to make my phone hear the phone ring while the person I am trying to call never actually hears the phone ring. With assistance from other people, we have checked the Metro train stations public phones to prove the same phone will have a different number show on the caller id each time a call is placed. On April 19, 2012, I also was able to find out that Yuan Sun had his stolen resources on AT&T's smart control privacy report.

With the stolen HTTP:// driver system file at the palm of his hands, Yuan Sun is able to remotely access any website and steal its resources. With his stolen remote driver system files and protocol drivers he can remotely access any computer, telephone, or electronic device. Based on the experiences of my private investigator, Gene Iovino, and I, we believe that he has been using Windows phone technology to create viruses that are able to remotely erase his records and replace everything back into perfect condition to hide evidence of his wrongdoing.

My discovery from MS Privacy Report on April 5, 2012 is able to support this theory. I believe that the spy has access on Washington D.C.'s telephone communications as well. My calls to cyber security continually go unanswered. I always reach a different department or get forwarded to a voice message system, or an AT&T operated giving me an error message.

Strange Date on My Phone

In recent months, I have noticed a strange date on my phone. It is dated back 32 years ago, with a date of 01/06/80 12:00. It appears on my phone when I turn it on. I believe that Yuan Sun has been using his computer to control my phone. The date of 32 years ago reflects the frozen time on his computer. Once he sees that I am checking the date the clock begins to increase in time from 12:00 to 12:01 to 12:02 to 12:03 and so on and so forth. A few days when I turned on my phone again, I thought the date would be January 10, 2012, but it was still January 6, 1980, 12:00 from when I powered on my phone until I received a connection from AT&T's system. Also, Yuan Sun's computer time never does change. Please see the enclosed photos.

The phone tactics that Yuan Sun uses is fake ringing; diverted calls, wrong number error messages, or he will simply cut off and put the phone to a dead end, and I am never able to reach anyone. Over the last three years, I have experienced every single one of his tactics to interfere with my telephone communications. Even if I contact a company by phone during business hours, I get a message that says they are closed. During the months of April and May, I contacted all of the high technology companies such as Microsoft, Google, Yahoo, and Facebook because I believe it is important for them to learn about this invasion. All of my efforts failed due to the control that Yuan Sun has over my telephone communications. I have not been able to reach anyone or speak to anyone in regards to my findings and the threats we are facing as a nation. When I do reach someone, Yuan Sun makes either one of us not able to hear the other. If I leave voicemail messages, I prepare myself with the fact that it may be a fake voicemail system. Yuan Sun is able to make anyone unreachable, even remove someone's name from the company directory. I have even experienced a live operator telling me that the person no longer works with the company, but I had spoken to the person the day before.

Phone Weaponry

My phone has been used as a weapon to attack me. Since January 2012, Yuan Sun began putting poisonous data on my phone and my friends' phone to attack me. He even uses phones from strangers on the city streets or someone in close proximity to me to attack me. One day while I was sitting on the bus and Yuan Sun began attacking me with someone's phone. I asked what phone company he had and he said T-Mobile. Since Yuan Sun is able to access any website, steal any company's data resources, he may have the most phone data than any one company has. To avoid the heavy attacks of Yuan Sun, I have basically decided to abandon my phone. I leave my phone in my mailbox and only occasionally check messages. The concern is that he still uses others people's phone around me to attack me. Since October we have been sending PR releases to media and have listed my phone number as a point of contact. My phone has been totally blocked and when I attempt to check messages my voicemail no longer gives me access because Yuan Sun has changed my password to his password.

Yuan Sun hacked into AT&T's website and was able to get their resources, wireless customer ID's, scripts, user ID's, sub domains, URLs, etc. Not only has Yuan Sun been able to control my phone and the public pay phones in the Los Angeles area, he also uses AT&T's website and assets to attack me. On Oct. 3, 2011, I documented an AT&T Privacy Report. After reading them line by line over and over again, I realized that many of the facts such as his stolen AT&T scripts, IDs, URLs, etc. are actually in his website addresses. I was even able to see how he can make the phone ring on my end with a fake ring and allow me to only reach voicemails. Since I am aware of what is happening, many of the words and phrases he uses are associated with my experiences. Although I am an untrained technician, I can still understand certain parts better than others. This is the reason I decided to comment with my understanding of what I see and allow the experts to decipher the technological aspects.

On April 19th, I found that Yuan sun hid his stolen resources on AT&T's smart control page Privacy Report. Since I was not carrying my camera with me at the time, I was only able to hand-copy the very important privacy reports. However, over the next two days when I was online with my camera and search for the exact same WebPages, I found that it was blocked and some of the URLs that previously linked to that page were cut off causing a lot of error messages. It wasn't until April 27th that I was able to see AT&T's smart control again but the privacy report content had been re-configured. Almost all of the important resources had been replaced with numbers and codes which I photo documented as well as a comparison for the two page handwritten report from April 19th. My latest discover with AT&T was May 5th on the exact same page. However, the content in the privacy report was completely different that he one previously photographed. This particular one proved Yuan Sun launched his cyber attacks from another company that he changed to his own link, and blocked the original publisher/owner. Yuan Sun made the site attack me whenever anyone clicked it. Please view the enclosed report and comments. I have photo documented it as well as handwritten it with my report comments which were based on the numbers of the handwritten report. I have enclosed both which is an easy read. Again, the reason I am able to translate the report is because I know what is going on. I have been heavily attacked, day and night, in many different forms. Yuan Sun even uses games to launch events by engaging innocent gamers to attack me unknowingly. My assumption and sixth sense has proven me correct. Not only is Yuan Sun involving individuals in the US, but he is also able to use individuals globally to launch his attacks. If you are able to log on to Yuan Sun's HTTP:// system, you will see the ways and means he has to attack me using EMF and cyberspace just about anywhere on the World Wide Web.

The long descriptions and request on Google grab all of my images with rapid technical configurations using different mobile phone companies, radio broadcast facilities, cyber events, and games on all major websites. Yuan Sun must have made it an automatic input on the web using his ultimate online power to torture and kill me. Yuan Sun has continually used my phone as a weapon to attack me; therefore, I am unable to carry it with me. I have changed my phone more than a few times and he manages to remotely access the new phones as well. Since early April, I have been heavily attacked through the removed SIM card from my phone. As a result, I have to hide it in my mailbox which is located on a different floor than my apartment. He has also managed to remit the same poisonous signal to all of my cameras, testing meters, digital recorder, and even my remote control for my garage door. In order to survive his heavy attacks, I either store them with a friend or in my mailbox, along with my phone. I have found that Yuan Sun is able to access any phone to attack, whether I am on a bus, plane, train, car, or sidewalk. For Example, on one occasion as I was riding a local bus with very few passengers, a man began to use his mobile phone. I began to feel attacked at that very moment. It lasted even after he ended his conversation. My curiosity peaked and I asked him if his cell phone carrier was AT&T. He said, 'No!' and told me who his carrier was but I was not familiar with the carrier.

With the stolen HTTP:// system file in the palm of his hands, Yuan Sun is able to access any website and steal its resources. With his stolen remote driver system files and protocol drivers, he can also remotely access any computer, telephone, or electronic device. His capacity of phone control is greatly underestimated.

Why Can't AT&T See The Hard Evidence?

From my experience, my private investigators experience, and with my findings on AT&T's website through his privacy reports, I firmly believe that Yuan Sun has been able to steal Windows phone technology and uses it in the form of evil.

My findings on Microsoft's website privacy Report from April 5th support this theory. On the MSN Privacy Report, page 29, there are four to six web addresses regarding phones; including phone fabrication 001, phone fabrication 002, and home notifications (may be voicemail). I believe that Yuan Sun has his hands on D.C.'s phone communications as well since I have experienced dropped calls and error messages on both the White House and Homeland Security phones. I believe that Yuan Sun has his hands on D.C.'s phones as well. This the reason why I hesitated to contact government officials because even when I do get into contact with someone willing to help me, Yuan Sun will drop the call, monitor and track investigations, and make it impossible for me to keep in contact with the particular person. Detailed phone control can be found at 'My Phone Problem and AT&T's Phone System'.

On October 3rd, I photo documented the AT&T website privacy report. I was able to see the setups and links that Yuan Sun uses with Twitter to make the phone ring on my end but not on the receiver's end. This happens when I try to reach people regarding important matters. The privacy report shows that the spy has three separate Twitter accounts.

My twenty-five page handwritten report of the detailed phone problems in April reflects my findings on phone issues. The privacy report from October 3rd, prove Yuan Sun's control of my modern ways of communication. I have hard evidence proving Yuan Sun controls my communication system. A separate phone control privacy report with detailed information was given to AT&T, but AT&T's Asset Protection Representative, Buck, said they found nothing wrong in their July records. The same thing happened to my private investigator's phone in March. We both had our phone forensically examined and we both knew he was controlling our phones. He was also using my phone to send poisonous data to attack me. The surprising part was that when the forensic exam of both of our cell phones revealed everything was perfectly fine. Yuan Sun is only controlling my communication because our government and Phone Company aren't using advanced technology to verify my claims. Their normal way of getting evidence isn't going to work in tracking the criminal activities of the biggest computer cyber invader since he is the person controlling the World Wide Web with his stolen Windows phone technology. Since I have experienced this phone control by Yuan Sun for over three years, I know the facts, the reality. I was able to recognize his stolen Microsoft resources when I documented the privacy report on MSN, one to six addresses on windows phone technology with website links. I am trying to reveal the truth as an overall communication control with my report, 'Hidden Power from the World Wide Web, with his stolen Windows phone technology he has been able to hide all of his criminal activities.

Why hasn't AT&T been able to see the evidence? Why has AT&T received detailed information in regards to the date and time of the incident and still not able to see any problems? The reason why is because any time I use the computer to type an incident, Yuan Sun is already seeing every detail of my report and is therefore prepared. Since Yuan Sun has stolen the Windows phone technology, he is able to replace everything back to perfect working condition as if it had never been altered. Both my private investigator and I both have known since March of 2012; when we had our phones examined forensically. We know that Yuan Sun has created a computer virus based on the Windows phone technology to put everything back in perfect order when we are close to exposing his criminal activity of controlling our phones.

Convincing the phone company to investigate is difficult and takes a lot of effort. They would need to think outside of the box and treat this as the special case that it is. Even if they did take the time to investigate, Yuan Sun can hear ever word and monitor every conversation. It is almost impossible to find what is wrong when Yuan Sun is so skillful at hiding the truth of his phone and World Wide Web control. It is very difficult to get through the three steps of reach someone; find their contact information, sending an email, and calling to speak with them. Even I get through the first three steps, once I speak to someone that would be helpful to me; speaking to them a second time has proven to be difficult because Yuan Sun sends their phone to a dead end. The most recent example would be my communications with Rob Jenkins of We spoke one time. He works with a PR firm and told me that he would be able to help me. He said he would have his contacts read my website as they're a public trading company. After three weeks, I tried to him a few times but was never able to reach him. He also tried to call me but wasn't able to reach me. I my website designer helped me to create a temporary account for this company, use their company to have a press release, but when I went to the company's website address, I was able to see, through Privacy report, that Yuan Sun was successfully duplicated their website, already able to manipulating their company website,,

I contacted AT&T's corporate office by sending them eight packages loaded with solid evidence & AT&T's website privacy report in late April. I also explained to them about Yuan Sun stealing the World Wide Web. At the end of May I received a call from Buck, an AT&T Assets Protection representative. I spoke to him and asked if he would be able to assist me in writing a report to FBI. He said he would, therefore I sent him additional materials. When I contacted Buck a few days later he said he didn't quite understand my original request and the information that I forwarded to him had absolutely nothing to do with AT&T. He said he said he would have someone in Los Angeles contact me. I still haven't heard from anyone. I also explained to him about the recent control that Yuan Sun had of the phones in Washington D.C., but nothing has been done.

Yuan Sun knows that AT&T was not monitoring him. He continued to cut my lines without fear of getting caught. In early June, I called Homeland Security, The Cyber Security, and The Cyber Division many times trying to find out Greg Shaffer's mailing address, but I was unable to reach anyone. May 31st I heard my phone ring twice, but did not hear anyone. This is just one example of the control he has. The calling number was 703.235.0574, which I called back immediately. When I called an error message played stating that the number wasn't in service. I knew that the number was possibly from Homeland Security. I called back a few times from my phone as well as other phones but the number was still cut and I was never able to reach anyone.

I have photo documented the privacy report for AT&Ts website and how it reflects the control Yuan Sun has of AT&Ts system. I have two twenty-five page reports of evidence on Yuan Suns phone control on my phones as well as the public payphones throughout Los Angeles.

"The Truth Must Be Revealed!
The Spy Must Be Stopped!"