Yuan Sun's Transitional scripts and his set ups on Privacy Report on my Yahoo email account

14 page transitional scripts - This is the hacking code I found. Privacy Report on my Yahoo email account 4 page program code

Sept 20th, 2012, I logged onto my yahoo email account , suddenly a pop up showed up on my screen. I saw a line of HTML, the photo as page 2 of the privacy report No. 1 and No. 2 photos. I decided to photo documented it, but it is hard to catch the whole screen. So I was able to save this 14 pages of html , the Transitional scripts. Yuan sun also mentioned about his inner scripts may be normally called server scripts in these 14 pages transitional scripts. Even I never learned about HTML or code; I still feel I know some content related to the victim experiences, or mysteries I never able to figure it out. Below are my humble options based on my experience and what I have seen. I invite all professionals verify and discuss it and have your input. Report on Yuan Sun's Scripts

I didn't intend to include Yuan Sun's script related material within the main report, but instead I have included a handwritten copy here with photos. The reason being is that Yuan Sun monitors my daily life and he gets copies of anything I write or report. Yuan Sun knows that I have seen, copied, and pasted his html transitional scripts. Since I will probably leave the scripts as is, the government may be able to see the evidence in the scripts and hopefully Yuan Sun will be arrested. Due to the page limit, I have enclosed script pages 1, 2, and 13. From my untrained eyes, this is what I see:

1. About the PDF file: Privacy report from my Yahoo Email account: I have documented many yahoo privacy reports over the year, some of them are from Yahoo finance, some are from my email account. The reason I photo documented some of this privacy report is because When I log on my yahoo email account, I saw this and see the pop-up scripts of the 14 pages of scripts such "yunivhead " "yuhead" , and additional a few pages html on yunivhead yuhead terms related. I feel if to read part of this privacy report together with the scripts will help readers to better understand the content.

2. Yuan Sun uses Darla Timer. The script explains as "stop the watch" =0 in page 1 of the scripts. In my past experience, I have seen my phone with a date of 01/06/1980 and the time of 12:00. It is a date that is 32 years ago! I am very aware that my phone is being controlled by Yuan Sun using his computer. His clock, my phone time, does no change until he sees that I am checking my phone and his computer time. The time then begins to move. A few days later when I turned my phone on, it was still the same date and time of 01/06/1980 12:00. The Darla Timer scripts further proves his criminal activities.

3. Yuan Sun has never been caught and he plays well. Page 13 he has his back up script that will automatically replace his current running scripts if his auto detection alert that the "undefined" enters into his territory. His planned script is "bomobj". The same page 13 he also mentions "inner scripts". The 14 pages of scripts are only transitional scripts, where he hides his inner scripts. Only when he is arrested, investigations can start.

4. Univhead and Yuhead. The spy's target on my head by hit "_blank". He also has 4 pages of html to explain

"The Truth Must Be Revealed!
The Spy Must Be Stopped!"