Yuan Sun's Remote Access Computer Management Information Appeared on My Brand New Laptop 2012 (Photo Documentation)

The Spy Manipulates the Entire Internet with Remote Access
Location: Internet Cafe, 3500 Wilshire Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90010

I found the Spy's Remote Accessing computer info on The CNC Internet Cafe Nov. 19, 2012 after I discovered his remote accessing computer at my Laptop on August 1, 2011. The spy, this time has learned from 2011 experience, he disconnected internet right away so I can only have limited info. However, based on my experience and observations, and years of suffering, I can still recognize some of his programs even I only see the cover of it.

My Yahoo! Email has been brutally controlled and so have my other email accounts. Since January 2012, I have seen many privacy reports from my Yahoo Email. I have photo documented a few to be able to see the spy's upgrades. I have probably these email links read hundreds of times. I know that the spy has worked a lot using my Yahoo Email login information. I was never able to figure out why my Yahoo Email login information was so important to him. I have continually discovered Yuan Sun's online activities on the computer. I use the internet at the internet cafe for hundreds of hours in recent weeks and was finally able to put together the pieces of the puzzle. I was able to come to the conclusion that Yuan Sun uses my email to operate his email and Yahoo login in order to continue to be undetected and to hide his control of the internet. Before you read my comments on Yahoo privacy report, I want to explain how I put them together to get the conclusion that I have come to.

In early October, I accidently saw Yuan Sun's scripts. When I logged onto Yahoo the scripts folder popped up. I clicked it and printed it. Later when I read it, I was able to understand the scripts. HTML stands in between normal web system, Introduction script, and Inner Scripts. I was able to see that his setups on the Darla time are equal to zero. This is an exact match to the date on my phone that he spy is able to share his computer connection with. The date was 32 years ago, January 06, 1980. The time never did change.

Early November 2012, I was using the computer at the internet cafe when I saw, "Massive Storage Detected" when I started the computer. It appeared before Windows fully loaded. I was reading it, but did not get enough time to take a photo prior to it disappearing. The next few days, each time when the computer started, only a black screen appeared and I was unable to see any other content.

As I was writing my website content in Microsoft Word, the spy tried in every way to make the attachment the old version of Word instead of the newer version. It disappeared and made updating my website a very slow process and nearly impossible.

November 5, 2012, my assistant discovered that a spam email had been sent to all of my contacts from my Yahoo Email account, QiuMinJi@yahoo.com. The email stated that I was in the Philippines, was robbed, and need money in order to purchase a plane ticket home. The perpetrator changed my Yahoo Email setting in order for all replies to automatically forward to their email address, QiuMinJi@live.com. All of my contacts from my contact list, my sent emails, and recent emails since February 2012, had all been deleted and unrecoverable. Everything was gone from the past ten months with most of it being about my website, reports, and other evidence pertaining to exposing the spy. I knew it was the spy. He wouldn't let anyone invade his territory to do such harm and not be connected to it. He wanted everything deleted in order to delay my ability to expose his criminal activities. My assistant changed the automatic settings from QiuMinJi@live.com back to QiuMinJi@yahoo.com, but each time when I sent out emails and someone replied, it would automatically go to QiuMinJi@live.com and I would never receive a response.

Mid-November, I was eventually able to click the icon that appeared on the computer at the internet cafe for a long time. I glanced at the programs and recognized the spy's remote access computer management file so I took photos to add to the piles of evidence I already have against him. The problem is that the spy learned from the previous experience of August 2011, when I took over 950 photos of his detailed computer information. This time he disconnected the internet immediately and I was not able to gather photo documentation of his computer information. Due to the vast experience I have obtained over the last three years, the thousands of photos I have taken, and the extreme torture I experience every day, I know which programs belong to him that he uses to attack and track me.

This may be the most comprehensive computer specialist with many stolen technologies and software that has been altered just for the evil purpose he intended to use it for. There is no one that is able to see the title and know what it is used for, but as a victim suffering for three years, I certainly can see and understand.

1. Since I have reported him for using the entire internet to attack me and I have sent information to The White House, Private Investigators, and Media, he will still occasionally use the internet to attack me, but has recently switched his focus to attacking me locally and he has the software and equipment to do so.

2. "Human Interface"- I believe the spy has stolen chips or software that may be related to human intelligence. I highly doubt that based on my suffering, fighting, and experience based on how he has been able to manipulate the World Wide Web. The spy seems to never sleep because even if he has programs that can locate me automatically 24/7, I continue to use the countermeasures to ease the attacks and suffering.

A. He sees me every minute of the day including my efforts to detox during my fight against his attacks. I use countermeasures against his killing poisons, but he always seems to upgrade his attacks the next time. He chooses different poisons and even at times uses a combination of poisons. Even if he does not sleep, writing these programs would take so much of his time. He must have some type of computer intelligence or human interface to automatically program and ask how to kill his client. Client is his terminology. Please refer to his privacy reports.

B. The spy has Auto Column system. When the spy duplicates a website, a slightly different website address appears with only a mouse click.

C. When the spy spread's his attacking plan to the entire web, he has his program spread to different websites and chooses the page that may have something similar. I certainly believe that Yuan Sun, the spy from China, does not intend to put his setup configurations in one or two related sites. Since they all refer to the same or a similar cyber address, he sometimes calls his: HTTP://%3A%2F2F or similar. The entire attacking plans are able to locate each of the other components and are always executed as planned. Therefore, the Intel Chipset 3DP-Chip-V1109 program may be the kind of program to use Human Interaction or Intelligence to do whatever the computer is asked to do. I have seen his inter scripts, which is between his Inner Scripts and normal HTTP://

Page 5, Photo #3 and Link #4 -IScripts is his Inner Scripts will have his dirty evil how to kill images since he is unable to keep them on his server. It can be on or offline and at any moment he is able to get off the hook for the criminal activities he has committed. Many of his privacy reports refer to Scripts and images with codes that may be all here since I can see the link. The images were never clicked open.

Page 7, Photo #3 and Link #6 - CNCICafe-F5 from photo number three through photo number four. Under the folder, "Documents and Settings" it has the CNCICafe-F5 folder & there are many folders that belong to that folder including a tracking folder.

My website, www.stopthespy.org, has many files that have been changed. Privacy report pages have been deleted it and not able to download. I began to fix it and update the website with new reports daily by using the computers at the Internet Cafe. I have a very difficult time finding my files. When I email a file to myself or to my assistance, sometimes the file disappears. I sometimes have the issue of saving the file, but when I reopen the new file with the new name, the old content still appears. We work very hard to update details and reports, as well as write new reports based on new information. We even save everything on flash drivers, but even when I save on my flash drive; it looks as if he makes a copy of everything for himself. The danger is that it allows him to alter our files. If I open the file from my flash drive, the name looks like an html link with many %20, even if the file name is a clean Microsoft Word file, the spy not only has a copy, but has put my files under his HTML link.

In recent days, the spy has tried to control my efforts to save files. Each time I try to save my Word file, even multiple times, the computer does not show my flash drive, but instead it shows the disc drive. However, the screen has content pop-up the looks like USB Drive, but I know it isn't mine. The spy is trying to prevent my efforts by invading the computers at the internet cafe and making it extremely difficult to complete any task in a timely manner. His activities of remotely accessing the internet cafe's computer is completely illegal and an invasion. He has complete control to remotely access CNC Cafe's computer to attack me, torture me, and to ultimately kill me. He remotely accesses CNC computers, setup his configurations, and is able to manipulate Microsoft by stealing their files, altering them, and using them for evil.

Page 7 #2 ULi=Utility

Page 10 under themes 12

#2 Blueprint = Building Blueprint? Blue Claim? Breeze = Ventilation

#3 Echo = The high tech use sends echo to attack me. Even a soft sound from paper will send sharp waves to cut me on my ear, neck, fingers, etc.

#4 Quad = Quanda, Radial = Radiation Dial? Pixel = his privacy report links

Page 8

The IDM site, grabber.com, is one of the programs the spy uses to track me, monitor me, and attack me.

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