Yuan Sun's Remote Access Computer Management Information Appeared on My Brand New Laptop(Photo Documentation)

Yuan Sun has been invading all of my computers for many years. My Dell laptop was reformatted three times in two months by different friends and professionals. I was still not able to remove his remote access to my laptop.

I needed to use my computer to privately write reports documenting his criminal activities. For that purpose, on July 31st, while I was in China, I decided to purchase a new laptop in hopes of writing a report to the proper authorities. I hand wrote a note to communicate with a computer specialist and I asked him to remove any programs that will allow my computer to be remotely access prior to my initial use. Before leaving, I was told that my laptop was secure and ready to use. When I got home I immediately checked to ensure that my computer was safe and that all suspicious software and malware had been removed. I did find one file that has the phrase Remote Control and I immediately deleted it. I thought that maybe with me deleting that file it may have caused OS (operating system) to lose its bearings or Yuan Sun hadn't had a chance to set-up his management authority. I was able to view my laptops remote access computer management information. It would have been hidden and inaccessible behind translucent wording. I was never able to previously click them to open them previously; therefore, I knew it would be my only opportunity to get photo documented evidence. I took 950 photos over a two day period.

I have chosen a select few photos from the 950 photos captured which will give you an idea of the structure of the spy's, Yuan Sun, devices. Below you will find my comments on what I have discovered.

1. I have found that Yuan Sun has 11 sound coding and decoding software programs and 11 image coding and decoding software programs. Not only has he been tracking all of my meetings, conversations, and daily life, he has also been tracking those close to me and assisting me such as investigators and friends. The sound tracking, in particular, is like a contagious disease allowing him to know who is doing what particular task in order for him to react accordingly. I believe he would've been caught already if he didn't have his special skill set to use in this manner.

2. He didn't put any information and left them with big yellow question marks. The "other equipment" section with three question marks translates from Chinese to English as Ethernet Network Controller, Visual Channel Controller, and Visual Channel with VGA Controller. Yuan Sun is able to use his satellite devices through VGA or any television to monitor my daily activities. Yuan Sun has stolen Microsoft files. This is what I discovered a few months after I saw his remote access management computer information. He may have the same Ethernet underground network system or an even bigger one than Microsoft. I believe that Yuan Sun may have stolen all of Microsoft's resources. For three years I have been able to see how Yuan Sun instantly gets into any computer that I use and gain complete control of it remotely. How could Yuan Sun know the exact computer I am using? How does he know the precise computer ID or IP address in order to send his remote control or command prompt to me if knowing this type of information is illegal on a hidden network?

3. MS/OS files have been corrupted and compromised. In the sample photos, you will notice that the MS copyright logo looks smaller and shaped oddly as if it had been altered.

The first time I met Yuan Sun was in 2003 while he was a student working towards his Computer Science degree. I allowed him to take my router with him to network my home and office computer. Since then he began practicing invading my computer. He was able to steal my business data and cause months of error messages on my computer. He continued to try and invade my computer until finally my computer accepted his invasion tactics and allowed him to take over and control all of its functions.

For three years I have seen how he is able to hack into any computer that I use. Whether it is at an Internet Cafe or library he is able to hack them all; ever leaving me alone for a peaceful moment. He is even able to remotely access Target, Wal-Mart, and Walgreens' photo processing machines as well as any copy or fax machines that I might use. He is also able to remotely access and control any camera and telephone. I have seen his command prompt\window system32 appear for a few seconds and then it appears when windows starts up and hide in setting on the library or internet cafe computers. I have also seen computer reminder USB composite devices or USB 2.0 at start up even though I haven't plugged in anything of the sort. It doesn't matter the location, the computer always obeys the command, except if there is an occasional error message. Most computer anti-virus programs don't recognize him as an invader at all. Since Yuan Sun has invaded computers with a camera, he able to see the exact same screen as I do and knows every page that I visit. He knows every photo that I have taken and acts accordingly by interrupting my efforts and taking control. The other software I see is the MS help center symbol in U.S. and China at the bottom of the page, but when it is in the translucent color I am unable to click it open. I believe these are the type of programs that were in my previous laptop when I took photos of his computer information. Yuan Sun may have been using it as network software to gain access to many computers and bypass the normal security measures.

Due to what I have seen and experienced, I always believe that as a software programmer, Yuan Sun must have altered the Windows OS somehow and made them exactly identical to the original in order for them to be accepted and allow his files to establish authority and control of the original system. Yuan Sun is able to invade any computer and electronic devices because of the altered windows32 system driver files with the oddly shaped MS copyright installed onto his computer.

4. In the photos that were taken August 2011, I realized that the photos from April 2012 showed that Yuan Sun had been running HTTP:// system drivers, Remote Access IP ARP Drivers, Terminal Server Mouse Drivers, and TCP/IP Protocol Drivers on his computer system. His computer has also installed MS system files that are not available to the public. Please view attached samples.

c\window\system 32 \drivers\http.sys (p-4)
c\window\system 32\drivers\tcpip.sys (p-11)\
c\window\system 32\drivers\wanarp.sys (p-8)
c\window\system 32\drivers\ndistapi.sys (p-9)

I saw an oddly shaped MS copyright symbol on each of these files. These files are not available to the public and were running on his computer which further explains why he is able to invade any computer and electronic devices. Since he has upgraded his MS Microsoft OP drivers to control other computers, the only way to explain his ability to do so is that he has upgraded the HTTP:// system files he has stolen to control the original World Wide Web. After you have the opportunity to witness thousands of photo documented evidence, I am sure you have the same conclusion that I have. The World Wide Web has been stolen and his being controlled by this deadly criminal, Yuan Sun.

"The Truth Must Be Revealed!
The Spy Must Be Stopped!"