Millions of Yuan Sun's Remote Entries to My Body

Why is it that I am able to notice radioactive bottles underneath the dumpster or know that there are radioactive materials in a trash bag. I know exactly where the radioactive materials that Yuan Sun placed and moved around to different locations. The reason I know is because Yuan Sun put Nanos inside of my body. He has millions of Nano particles and had wounded my skin as an entry point in the systems within my body such as organs, nerves, and my blood stream at the push of a button. He is able to switch and use any poison and radiation at his whim in order to achieve his goal.

Not only can Yuan Sun remotely access any computer I use, he can remotely invade my body in the most evil way. He was able to force a Nano Bio-Sensor into my brain and many other Nano advanced materials. He also has millions of tiny cuts and wounds all over my body as his entry point to send his poisons and radiation. He tortures with the intent to assassinate me

These apparently look like pink skin. They are not normal blemishes, nor is it because of sensitive skin. They are Yuan Sun's entries into my body. I know this because I have been fighting to survive Yuan Sun's many attacks every day and every minute.

Oranges, limes, and lemons have assisted me in my fight against the Nerve Agents, including VX, that are being sent to my body. Cilantro, as well as other natural resources, has been able to assist me in my fight against radiation. My flesh is still not able to survive long the more and more poisons and radiation that are being sent to me.

Yuan Sun has put thousands of these Nano particles on my neck, front, side, and back. These tiny dots are entries to my throat and my respiratory system which is linked to my heart. The bio-terrorist spy has been adding more and more each day. The deeper his strangulation is causing me to severely choke as if I am vomiting. Whenever he pushes a button, he is able to strangle me by electronic rope that causes me choke which affects my stomach and heart. This is Cyber Terrorism. Yuan Sun makes me suffer and is trying to kill me. My body naturally reacts and I make a terrible noise as if I am vomiting. It is uncontrollable. Over the years many people have witnessed my daily painful reaction to Yuan Sun choking and strangulation of me.

Yuan Sun use these millions cuts and wounds that are as tiny as Nano particles, as well as cutting dots underneath my breast as the entry point to my organs. They are linked to my stomach, liver, pancreas, and my heart. Many times I have felt my chest area being jammed by gas or poison to instantly kill me. I saved myself by using oxygen water and other items I always carry in my bag.

Yuan Sun has put Nano cutting spots around my buttocks and private area. These are his entries to my body's organs, like my lower abdomen, kidneys, and my woman organs. He also inserts radiation through my belly button and nipples, where there is a natural opening.

Yuan Sun puts these Nano cuts around my legs and knees. These cuts are anywhere and are used as an entry to my blood stream, muscles, and nervous system.

Yuan Sun has put millions of these tiny Nano particle custs on my head and ears as entry into my brain and nervous system. It causes extreme headaches and pain. The most important efforts for him are to damage my ability to think, write, and organize my fight to expose his terrorist activities to our public and bring him to justice.

The red dots on my face are different parts of the cyber terrorist's entry into my eyes, nose, brain, and respiratory system. He can push a button to send poison to my eyes and I will feel the instant pain. Yuan Sun stole my eyeglasses in August 2012. I knew he was there the entire time and then my glasses came up missing. Yuan Sun obtained my prescription from the optometrist and began his plan to blind me. He called this plan "eye trigger" on one of his privacy reports. He has pushed the "eye trigger" many times. I felt as if he could blind me with how extreme the pain felt.

The tiny cut dots on the side of my nose and chin are his entries to my respiratory system. The bio-terrorist has entered poisonous air through my throat, neck, and chest. I felt it was difficult to breathe, but God has given me a secret way to clear the air in my system and I was able to survive another attack.

The bio-terrorist has tried to send me disease and poisons to the side of my nose, around my eyes, and on my neck. The Nanos are the entry into my respiratory system.

Yuan Sun put many more entries all over my body including my hands and feet which are being hit by flying Nanos from Yuan Sun when he drives by. I have paper cuts on my ears which have made them bloody and very painful to touch. The bio-terrorist also put Nanos inside of my joints to cause small and big pain. He put Nanos on my fingernails and toenails to cause torture and extreme pain. Even with the naked eye you cannot see, but under a black light, you can see all of the yellow Nano particles glowing on my hands, joints, and fingernails.

"The Truth Must Be Revealed!
The Spy Must Be Stopped!"