How I discovered that the Spy is controlling our system

...upgraded his stolen MS http system drivers & hidden controls our internet!

The spy has invaded all of my documents and equipment, monitoring and controlling my online activities for many years. He is able to get into any computer that I use, like a virus. I feel that he, as a programmer, must have somehow altered MS's operating system files to make the original computer OP accepts his prompt command. On July 31, 2011, I was actually able to see his remote controlling computer management information in my brand-new laptop. I took some 950 photos in a two-day span.

In April 4, 2012, I photo documented a privacy report from MSN while logged into my Hotmail account. By reading the perpetrator's web address, I understand it better each time because of the addresses associated with my problems online and computer I've experienced because of his antics. I can guess the content by the words or phrases he uses in his links.

I saw He has deleted MSN's security flash and stole many other resources including web browser, all contacts and Windows phone technology. He keeps up with new product releases and tracks their progress.

It was not until April 5, 2012, when I photo documented an MS privacy report, that I knew he had broken into the MS website and stolen its resources. I looked through the photos to determine whether there was anything new that I could recognize. I saw many more Windows 32 drivers with odd-shaped copyright symbols and an odd-shaped MS Corporation copyright symbol on each file photo, not usually available to consumers. I surmised that he has upgraded MS OP files, so he can get into any computer or electronic device instantly bypassing computer security measures. Please see the enclosed MSN photo documented privacy report.

In June and July, I found out the spy also hacked into Microsoft and Bing websites. By my public untrained eye, I see he had reset Web browser to make all his activities unnoticed. I have photo documented both the privacy reports to share with officials and professionals. Please see the enclosed. In August I saw Microsoft Privacy report , Yuan set up his controls by using shared system bi-data retrials, set up his Mapping governing the normal http home page mapping.

In Sept, 2012, I found Yuan sun's transcripts on my yahoo email accounts. The spy has been controlling all my yahoo email, Google email and hotmail accounts. I was able to save the 14 pages transitional scripts, in which, by my untrained eye, has his ways to operate through my yahoo email account also he use Darla timer, a date back to 32 years ago, to hide his criminal and bio cyber terrorist activities.

From MSN report, and from the privacy report I see daily on his http system, I can see the spy has changed the functionality of Adult control to his advanced system control. He has been using privacy management, the adult control to hide his Bio terrorist activities, tracking tags on new American inventions, military secrets and stolen resources, his attacking plans, his reconfigurations and to control the original internet.

As Microsoft copy right symbol has indicated the Http window 32 system drivers running on his computer has been altered, as well as he has altered so many Microsoft Window 32 system drivers. He has upgraded the stolen http system file, and made it working for him is a reality, and I see every time I am on computer, under his supervision and control on his http system. See all the evidence, the selected photos, the privacy reports for yourself!

Yuan sun , the bio terrorist spy has been controlling our system by remote accessing computer ! After August 2011my discovery of Remote controlling computer on my Brand New lab top, I again discovered that Yuan sun's remote accessing computer at the computer I have been suing in the CNC internet Cafe, where I do most of my computing. I was able to take some photos, but this time, I could not get to his files, he disconnected the internet, The spy has been using cloud computing to storage his files, and can disconnected from the computer anytime you find him even I know every time I get in my computer he is there to control to save all my files, to reversely edit my files. But to see al his computer setups is not easy, still I grab something important to share on the photo documentation on Discovered 2012 The spy's Remote Accessing computer management info.

"The Truth Must Be Revealed!
The Spy Must Be Stopped!"