Struggling Hard to Obtain Evidence

Time Magazine

Yuan Sun attacks me 24/7. My health has been damaged and my body has been shocked with different poisons. There is evidence of his crime everywhere, yet to document the evidence is a difficult battle. All of the documented evidence on my website is only a small fraction of the criminal activities of Yuan Sun and his criminal associates. The technology he uses can make my purchased testing equipment such as cameras, not work and damaged. Through the years, I have purchased nine different camera and they have all ended up being damaged or completely controlled. My thousands of photo documentation on this website in the vast privacy reports are only a selection of my best photos. More than half of the photos documentation are barely presentable, have extra lighting, and unwanted light booms with the intent to make the photos unrecognizable in my battle to reveal the truth.

Over the last three years, I have spent thousands of dollars buying different equipment and using them to catch evidence from the air-EMS, Microwaves, Tesla, Ultraviolet, Infrared, Gamma ray, etc. All of my equipment has been damaged after a short period of use. Once I was only able to use my equipment one time after purchase. This even shocked the manufacturer. However, guided by God, I was able to create countermeasures such as copper to protect my equipment and use copper to cover my wrist as well as a copper apron to cover my shoulder and chest to prevent heavy magnetic flow from flowing from my body and causing my equipment and documentation to malfunction.

With his 11 different sound coding and decoding programmer and 11 different image coding and decoding systems, I know that Yuan Sun can hear anything, even a whisper, and knows my every move at every moment and does whatever necessary to interrupt me. Many times I try to do photo documentation quietly so that he is not able to interfere with my efforts, but all of my photos or video documentation show that he has interfered in many different ways. Guided by God, I still get evidence against him here and there, both photos and videos showing the living environment I have been forced to endure with the many hazards.

Many criminal activities, such as manipulating Microsoft software programs though these years are simply not documentable. The original MS settings for reporting the problems does not work in my case because I was forced on Yuan Sun's advanced system which is how he controls my online activities and attacks me through his advanced system. I have tried to report the errors on Microsoft with their error reporting many times but they never get through. By Sept 2012, I accidental discovered these altered MS software on the computer I have been using very often and I decided to take photos to share at : Altered MS programs . These photos show only a fraction of what Yuan sun has manipulated MS programs.

I catch evidence here and there, but as time goes by the evidence can be disguised by a fraudulent computer that is controlling the web and even Yuan Sun's stolen Microsoft library to control his weapon content as his access. Bits and pieces, document any of his activities as evidence against him. The challenge I am facing is that the system being controlled by the spy and because he is controlling everything it is difficult to address the situation and bring notice to the general public. I have been battling to document the truth and how the spy has been using the control of our system to keeping me under his complete control.

In 2010, since I was not able to find any helpful equipment on the computer search, all of my research must be controlled. In April 2010, a friend was searching for me on his computer and ordered some testing equipment on my behalf. Initially, I had been able to use the equipment once it arrived to show friends what I had been doing regarding the affects of the microwave and other radiation inside of my body for my physical health. For 2-3 weeks I had been able to show the results to my friends until the equipment stopped indicating the same high frequency numbers as it displayed initially. I had no idea what had happened, but, I ordered another geo meter in May that I used once before it went completely dead. I then phoned the manufacturer, who naturally was just as surprised as I was. He said that this had never happened before in 30 years of business. I told him of my situation, I was made aware of the long neck sensor feature with this product, which I was told might indicate magnetic frequency that ultimately damages the sensor inside. Two years later, I saw the Remote IP/ ARP running on his computer, he has ways to easily send magnetic, and damage the sensor of the equipment.

I figured that the bigger, more "professional" equipment would be stronger and not damage as easily. I ordered a set of brand name, German-made Spectrum Analyzers that cost me around $5k. Again, after they arrived they worked just fine initially. They both eventually stopped working long before the expiration date of the 45 day return policy. The photo evidence that I took on that meter was the first time I had even taken the analyzer out of its packaging. I also remember the huge magnetic waves coming to me whenever I would try to sort out how to use them. I ended up returning the equipment, losing 15% of my investment in the process.

Most of the photo evidence I attached were testing meters I purchased when I learned from trial and error. I realized that the meters could be damaged by magnetic waves so I made a few copper boxes to install the gamma Scott, radiation director, etc. I only took them out when I was conducting a test. Just merely taking them outside for testing, or leaving them in the same state, magnetic waves from Yuan Sun's advanced equipment still left them damaged, making it much harder for me to present the truth of what has been going on. So, in about half-a-year, Yuan Sun had managed to remotely destroy thousands of dollars worth of professional testing equipment after literally only a few uses. This includes a solar light that cost me a LOT of money and was used to test the ultra-violet he had been remitting, since I couldn't obtain larger copper boxes for such complicated equipment and it was damaged in a very short time.

To document the radiation that Yuan Sun sends, I need not only a meter, but also a camera or camcorder. Both of which Yuan Sun can also remotely damage or render inoperable. Over a two year period, I purchased 8 cameras and camcorders that all looked just fine when used for "normal purposes" in Yuan Sun's devious mind. When it was time to document evidence against him, suddenly I was left with a bum camcorder or camera that had been in perfect working condition just a short time earlier. After purchasing a memory card that had been used to take about 10 photos of evidence before that and was otherwise unused, but suddenly my brand new memory card all of a sudden had a "memory full" problem or an "exhausted battery" or even " Right protected". This is what makes me wonder what sort of satellite technology Yuan Sun has at his disposal if he can remotely make my cameras malfunction like that anytime he wants.

In regards to the copper sleeve, I decided to try and use on to cover my wrist as well as a copper apron on my shoulder and chest to prevent the heavy magnetic from flowing out of my body and causing my equipment and documentation to malfunction. With his 11 different sound coding and decoding programmer and 11 different image coding and decoding systems, I know that he can hear any noise, even a whisper, and knows everything that I attempt to do and interferes with it. Many times I try to take photo documentation quietly so that he would not interfere with my efforts, but I have not been successful. All of my photos and video documentation has his mark of interference in different ways.

As a result, most of my conversations and communication are by handwritten notes. As frustrating and time consuming as it may be, it is still a vital necessity in my fight against Yuan Sun and ultimately stopping him. I remain vigilant in my never ending quest to one day see him arrested and face charges of conspiracy and terrorism for being both a bio-terrorist and cyber terrorist.

As it stands now, if I need to document evidence against him with either a photo or video, I have to remember to make copies so that I can present my findings to friends and most importantly to authorities. I am always at risk of having my document or photo sequence of evidence altered or losing my original images altogether. In June 2010 when I was communicating with a "Mr. Turner" in writing regarding DVD evidence and documentation that I needed copies of, all of my hard to obtain evidence that I needed copies of was erased, even the originals and I had only left Wolf Camera for a few hours. Later that year I learned from trial and error what to expect and how to combat it. I began to exchange handwritten notes with allies of my own and only in places where Yuan Sun and his sophisticated equipment were not able to access.

In 2011, I was finally able to meet with Dr. Staninger, the industrial toxicologist, who was able to diagnose the Nano Advanced Materials in my body as well as the surgically removed Nano Bio-Sensor and other Nanos that were inside of my body that began to come out. This is solid evidence of this high technology crime; our government still does not seem intrigued enough to launch an official investigation and the spy is trying to kill before the truth can be revealed. He and his criminal associates have come to Los Angeles not only to remit more Nano materials to me, but also to use my DNA to send associated poison and elephant tranquilizer to kill me quickly. My private investigator and I found copper wires in my building, my vents, and my water pipe line that he uses to amplify the signals. However, at that time, the testing results each time were able to reflect the truth, that there were poisons and chemicals.

Since May, Yuan Sun began sending huge amounts of poisons to me switching between Sulfuric Acid, Mercury, Carbon Monoxide, Gas Nerve Poison, Nerve Agents, and the Bubonic Plague. I have using detox patches up to 50 times per day and have accumulated 60 pounds of detox patches soaked with poison that was drained from my body. The evidence of poison from the patches is so important because this was a time when the spy had already had control over the labs that I asked to extract the poison from the detox patches. The spy finally figured out how to control their library and I saw his setups on how to control high technology libraries as well. He has control of the testing results, but if I can find traditional ways to find the poisons instead of using a computer to analyze the testing results his control of the testing results can be cracked wide open.

"The Truth Must Be Revealed!
The Spy Must Be Stopped!"