The Telephone Is Not Working

Yuan Sun also has been controlling my phone for 3 years using his computer. He controls the phone of anyone who directly or indirectly tries to expose him. We mailed over three hundred letters to news media with my phone number which is 847-364-0162. When I called my phone number, I get an error message stating that my phone number doesn't exist. Yuan Sun blocked me from checking my voicemail. When I purchased a new SIM card, all of the old voicemails were deleted. Yuan Sun uses my phone as his weapon to attack me. Therefore, I do not carry my phone with me all the time. I instead lock my phone inside of my mailbox. I am unable to reach anyone when I try to anyhow. For a while, I have relied on my assistants' phones to reach other people. At the beginning they were able to reach most of those we attempted to contact. Suddenly their phones began being controlled, almost to the same extent as mine. For example, Tara joined our efforts to expose the spy in December 2012. On her first day she reached a decent amount of people, but the very next day she was only able to reach very few people. She even left voicemail messages and no one returned our call. Thereafter, she would call many places for hours and was only able to reach voicemail services, which I believe to be fake messages. If someone would have received her message they would have returned her call, therefore it couldn't have been real. Our situation to expose Yuan Sun is getting intense. The spy has cut our communication between one another. I have not been able to reach my assistants at times. When I call, leave messages, many of the calls and messages are not being received. I have a report of twenty five pages that discusses the phone problems I have been experiencing. Our efforts are being controlled by the spy.

The Daily News: We went to city hall in search of Daily News to place an ad. We went there because that is the address we received from Google Maps. When we arrived the receptionist stated that Daily News was located at 700 5th Street. My assistant and I went to the address, but the address didn't exist. I asked a firefighter if he knew the address of the Daily News newspaper. He told me that the address is in Woodland Hills, CA. We headed to the address. When we arrived, they stated that the Daily News hasn't been located there for four years. While I was speaking to the man inside of the building, my assistant, Terry, began searching for an address on his phone to see if it was nearby. They spy must have been caught off guard because Terry's phone showed a different address than any of the address we had been told or had already searched. We drove to the new address that Terry found and it was Daily News. It took four different locations, an entire business day, and over 100 miles of driving to locate the actual location of the Daily News.

MeetUps Meetings on Wilshire Blvd.: I received an address for a hacker MeetUp. Both Tara and I saw the address on the internet from her phone. I wrote the address down, as well as the meeting time. On January 15, 2013, Terry and I left before 6:00 PM. We searched and searched for over an hour and a half. We search every building around the block. We also asked the security guard at 707 Wilshire Blvd. where the MeetUp was located and he stated that no such MeetUp had been scheduled.

LA 2600: We have been searching for the local high technology MeetUp ground LA 2600 to share our findings about the security of the World Wide Web and get assistance. In December 2012, we went to a Santa Monica, CA high technology MeetUp. It was explained to me that most of the people at this MeetUp were software developers, not system information. The group leader told me that she knows a group in LS that is for security MeetUps. She told me that their name is LA 2600. The leader of this Santa Monica, CA MeetUp group, Janga, was not quite sure about their meeting time. She took out her phone to verify the exact time and location. She told me that the next meeting would be at Phillipes on the first day of the month. My assistants De'Lisa and Tara went there at the specified time. They did not see anyone who knew anything about the MeetUp that was located at Phillipes. We then went to the next high technology MeetUp in Santa Monica, looking for someone who knew additional detailed information about the MeetUp group LA 2600 since we were unable to obtain any information ourselves about this specific group online. Our purpose was to go to the specified location and find them. Another member of the group told me that this group meets at the Union Station across the street from Phillipes and then goes to the restaurant to eat dinner after their meeting. We went to the Union Station in search of LA 2600, but we were unable to locate them. We also went to Phillipes and sat for quite a bit of time. We still were unable to find them. This is our experience with the information system.

"The Truth Must Be Revealed!
The Spy Must Be Stopped!"