Yuan Sun been threatening many Americans

Many people through these years have been helping, trying to bring Yuan Sun to justice. I have been working with Patriotic American heroes who, even facing the threats still continue to join our efforts. Just give a few examples for our public to see the picture of our current situation. To protect our privacy I only use first name initials, but all mentioned names are real if anyone wants to investigate, real names with contact info can be given.

Liz is a college teacher, and had helped me in the writing of proposals, and helped line up helpers and volunteers to help. But then her computer started to act strange, and show Privacy control. Her phone does not function as before, and she knows she is being monitored and controlled. The similar happened to her college D who tried to help with press releases. She felt that her computer had been controlled. They both backed out.

K is a journalist, who promised to help tell me she has High tech connections, and could find someone from Microsoft to help. We also had booked the date and the time we meet. But by the time we were supposed to meet, she called and told me that she did not feel good, and that her migraine headache was bad and she had to go to the hospital, and she would meet another time. At least this happened 3 or 4 times whenever we were supposed to meet, she could not come. She finally probably figured out that she would not be the person to help.

S tried to help me at her Minnesota home, and she also invited a University professor friend to help by typing my journals, and journals and helping to prepare my book. One time I mailed to them my USB drive about part of my typed book to save them time, but then that USB drive may have contained a malicious virus from Yuan Sun. It erased all their files in their computer and al the typed book. S, the professor lost her 15 years of teaching materials and it affected her career tremendously. Both of them backed off from helping me with my book.

D is a 28 year old young woman who joined our efforts for months to help. She was being followed after midnight, and was being attacked sometimes. Her van was remotely installed with radiation and her remote control of her car did not function normally. Her new tires were being cut. She sometimes felt attacked, she felt sick.

T was a 23 year old young man, and joined the effort sometimes. Radioactive materials were put in his car his engine sounded strange, and his newly bought battery only purchased one month before could not start the car. That battery is supposed to last 5 years!!

TR joined the efforts for 2 months, her new tires were slashed, and she had them cut 3 times in 3 weeks. Her new battery was emptied completely until I told her I would take a taxi to the same place. Suddenly the car battery came back to life!! The bioterrorist didn't want me to take a taxi while her car still had radiation for me. While he initially emptied the battery, he may have stopped me from going to the university as I had arranged.

M. is a business owner who joined our efforts for almost a year. His business has been affected, his computer started acting strangely, and his printing machine could not function as it had normally. It interrupted his business.

K only joined our effort recently; he started experiencing being badly attacked.

G is my private investigator, who has done some studies about Nano technology, and copper wired at my vents, at my water pipes, at my apartment and has seen them on electrical lines and more his phone is being controlled. He has decided to help to bring Yuan Sun to justice; not only has he been harassed electronically but he was beaten twice by 3 or 4 gangsters. They jumped on him and had to stay in the hospital twice.

"The Truth Must Be Revealed!
The Spy Must Be Stopped!"